Squid Honey APK

Squid Honey APK

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Rating: 4.5+  Downloads: 17,528+ Size: 89 MB Updated: Oct 18, 2022.

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Overview of Squid Honey Apk

Squid Honey APK is a highly entertaining game inspired by the popular Squid Honey. Its gameplay mimics the Squid game but with added features and bonuses.

Players will advance on the gaming platform avoiding elimination. A player is eliminated due to a simple wrong guess or hesitation in decision-making.

So, you must be eager to listen to the commands given by the game. That way you’ll stop when you need to and avoid taking a pill! This is the only way to get your hands on the generous prize pool and earn the coveted Horned Points.


Intense gaming fun

Your alertness and quick thinking will be tested in this game. Can you beat and outperform other players? Or will you join them and work as a team to survive?

Either way, the challenge is real and the stakes are high.

It starts with simple commands but gets more complicated as the game progresses. You’ll need to be alert and think fast to avoid elimination and secure your place in the prize pool.

There are beautiful women in the game, which can be very distracting. Therefore, players must constantly remind themselves to stay focused and not slack off.

However, these ladies can also help you get attractive grades to increase your overall score. You need to know the right strategy to get the most out of it without compromising your gaming performance.

Very spacious environment

If you’ve played a Squid game before, you know how important the environment is to create an exciting gaming experience. The game does not disappoint as the environment is highly detailed and visually appealing.

Gaming platforms are dynamic and constantly changing to keep players on their toes. It adds to the challenge and excitement of the game. Each level offers a new and unique environment for players to navigate.

Players also have the option to customize their avatars with various costumes and accessories. It adds a personal touch to the gaming experience and allows players to express themselves.

Follow the directions

In front of the players, a woman gives very charming instructions. These instructions must be followed to avoid elimination and secure your place in the prize pool.

But don’t let that distract you from the game! Concentrate and listen carefully to his commands to ensure your victory.

It requires discipline, focus, and quick thinking. Are you ready to accept the challenge? Download Squid Honey APK for Android now and prove your mettle in this intense game!

A very immersive sound system

The game relies on voice as it gives important instructions and warnings to the players. Any missed details can cause the player to lose their place in the game.

As such, Squid Honey APK has a very immersive sound system to ensure that players do not miss any important information during gameplay. It adds to the overall gaming experience and immerses players in the intense world of squid gaming.

Besides, captivating music and sound effects keep you engaged with the game and make it more exciting. It adds a sense of adventure and urgency to your every move.

Features of Squid Honey Apk

  • Simple and easy controls.
  • Stunning and realistic graphic quality.
  • Free-to-play game
  • A new game based on the concept of the famous web series Squid game.
  • Different and unique gameplay.
  • Some games are available.
  • Attractive prizes.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Squid Honey Apk’s latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

Current Version: v1.0

Package Name: com.squid-honey

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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