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Rating: 4.5+  Downloads: 1100+ Size: 90.6 MB Updated: July 09, 2024.

Pou Revenge APK is a short 3D game inspired by the popular mobile game Pou. The game starts with the player taking care of Bow, but then things start to get weird.

It offers an exciting adventure in the realm of 3D horror games, combining the essence of a psychological thriller with the beauty of a pet care simulation.

Derived from the classic mobile game, this app transforms the familiar gaming experience into something unique. It cleverly combines everyday pet care tasks with an ever-growing series of terrifying events, appealing to dedicated gamers and tech enthusiasts alike.

Since its release, Pou Revenge has not only attracted a large audience but has also cemented its position in the gaming community thanks to its innovative design and engaging storyline.

Gameplay In Pou Revenge APK, players start by doing seemingly harmless activities like feeding and caring for their virtual pet, Pou Revenge. However, the game quickly changes course, placing players in a survival horror landscape where the ordinary becomes dark and intriguing.

The game focuses on solving complex puzzles that are the key to getting past the increasingly dangerous house. This mechanic not only deepens the mystery but also intensifies the overall horror experience, as players must be alert for unexpected challenges and dangers.

Solving each puzzle and each twist can mean the difference between staying safe and deeper into the game’s dire grip.

Pou Revenge APK

About Pou Revenge APK

All you have to do is take care of your virtual pet Bow. However, as time passes, the environment of the game gradually changes, bringing about a series of disturbing and terrifying events that destroy the player’s expectations.

At the beginning of the game, your job is to take care of the cute Bow: feed him, clean his house, and play with him. Pou Revenge APK’s world is colorful and full of energy and happiness. However, as time passes, subtle changes appear. You will notice some strange sounds, flashing lights, and unusual behavior from Bau.

Gradually, these changes become more obvious and disturbing. The temperature in the room dropped, the shadows on the wall began to move, and Pou Revenge APK’s eyes became even stranger.

You start finding things that shouldn’t be in the room, and even mysterious symbols appear on the walls. As these events unfold, you realize that not only are you caring for a virtual pet, but you’re trapped in a supernatural nightmare.

To survive in a dangerous and ever-changing environment, you have to solve many complex puzzles. These puzzles not only test your intelligence and observation but also require you to stay calm in a very scary environment. Every step is full of unknowns and dangers, and any mistake can land you in serious trouble.

“Pou Revenge APK” successfully creates a sense of dread through excellent 3D graphics and tense sound effects. It is not just a game, but also a highly psychological and sensory experience. You must use intelligence and courage in a dynamic environment to uncover the dark secrets hidden behind it.

This game not only challenges the player’s bravery but also allows people to deeply experience the unique charm of horror games. See if you can survive this nightmare.

Pou Revenge APK

Pou Revenge APK Features

  • Immersive 3D Graphics: Pou Revenge APK features stunning 3D graphics that bring the terrifying world of Pou to life. Players will experience real immersion in the horror world of the game.
  • Scary Atmosphere: The game has scary sound effects, fast-paced music, and a dark and scary atmosphere that will keep players on the edge of their seats.
  • Scary Enemies: As they progress through the game, players will face a variety of terrifying enemies, each scarier than the last. From twisted versions of familiar characters to new monsters, players will never know what will happen next.
  • Challenging Gameplay: Pou Revenge APK’s Revenge offers a challenging gaming experience that will test players’ reflexes, problem-solving skills, and courage. Players will have to think fast and act decisively if they want to escape Bow’s wrath.
  • Multiple Levels: The game has multiple levels, each more difficult and scarier than the previous level. Players must overcome various obstacles and enemies to progress through the game and discover the truth behind Pou Revenge APK’s revenge.
  • Hidden Mysteries: Throughout the game, players will have the opportunity to discover hidden secrets and clues that will shed light on the dark history of Pau’s world and the origin of Bow’s spirit of vengeance.

Pou Revenge APK

Mod features

1. Scary Puzzles: Players must solve various scary puzzles to advance in the game. These puzzles will challenge players’ logic and problem-solving skills, adding an extra layer of tension to the game.

2. Multiple Endings: Depending on the choices players make throughout the game, they will experience one of several possible endings. Each ending offers a different perspective on the story and the fate of the characters involved.

3. Replay Value: With multiple endings, hidden secrets, and challenging gameplay, Pou Revenge APK’s Revenge offers high replay value. Players will want to return to the game, again and again, to discover all its dark secrets and experience all its terrifying twists and turns.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Pou Revenge APK latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size-  90.6 MB

Current Version: v1.1.6

Rating – 4.6+

Price – Free


As we conclude our exploration of Pou Revenge APK, it is clear that this is not just another entry in the mobile horror games category. It is a pioneering combination of psychological depth, engaging gameplay, and constant innovation that the community eagerly awaits each update. Whether you’re excited by complex puzzles, a rich story, or a deep emotional connection, it offers an immersive, immersive experience that goes beyond normal gaming expectations.

It challenges players to overcome their dark pasts, face personal challenges, and ultimately discover their potential for growth and change. With its vibrant community and evolving content, Pou Revenge APK is a great game that promises to deliver a thrill and intense gameplay journey for anyone brave enough to enter its world.

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