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A ReLens MOD Apk photo experience on your mobile device, complete with a wide aperture and true bokeh.
Both large aperture effects and DSLR-quality background blur are supported by the professional photo editor ReLens. Using sophisticated photo algorithms and artificial intelligence, ReLens allows you to perform countless edits on images stored on your mobile device. These edits include refocusing the image, resizing the aperture, and resetting the depth of field.
When you shoot with ReLens MOD with your mobile device, you’ll feel like you have a high-end Canon SLR or the latest iPhone with portrait mode, because of the true optical lens effect and more. A classic DSLR lens. Unbelievable? It is precisely in this aspect that the appeal of computational photography lies!

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Overview of ReLens MOD Apk

In this day and age of computational photography, you can take pictures comparable to those taken with a DSLR using just your fingers. It only takes one tap to convert your shot to Apple Portrait mode. Your best option to solve the problem of finding the Focus Live app or the ReLens MOD app on the Android platform. ReLens may surprise you!


Portrait Mode – Focus image

The ReLens MOD mobile camera gives you the feeling of having a Canon professional SLR camera on the go or the latest iPhone with portrait mode. Is it real? Computer photography works like magic!

Capturing DSLR-like photos for computational photography has never been easier! With just one click, you can convert your photos to Apple Portrait mode. You may be in for some surprises with ReLens!

Outstanding Features of ReLens MOD APK:

The smartphone supports an f1.4 aperture, shallow depth of field, and bokeh effect. Auto Blur makes it easy to create circular bokeh and blur the background after focusing. No need to look for Focus, Focus, Focus, or Tada SLR for Android.

  • Blur effect on DSLR camera. A wide range of classic SLR camera lenses with various optical effects including a 50mm f1.4 fixed focus lens, mirror (reflex lens), anamorphic lens, and rotating bokeh lens.
  • Depth of field can be calculated using artificial intelligence and photos can be taken with the bokeh effect. The focus should be adjusted after shooting.
  • Lens effects such as eclipse, blur, flare, blurred rotation, radiation, scatter, distortions, etc.
  • Simulate the shape of the shutter blade, pentagon, hexagon, circle, waterdrop, petal, rhombus, heart, etc. with rich bokeh dots.
  • A precise field of focus can be achieved by adjusting the depth of field annually.
  • Visualize the depth of field of your portrait orientation images with professional 3D rendering and depth maps.
  • Smart segmentation to edit the different depth of field levels without affecting the rest of the image, such as B.
  • Foreground or background blur. With an all-in-one tone mode and preset filters, you don’t need to open Polarr,
  • Lightroom, Tdda SLR, or VSCO later to edit or enhance your amazing photos.
  • More realistic SLR bokeh photography effects. Fox Live.

Classic multi-camera lens

The ReLens MOD is a derivative of the Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM lens, a favorite of many photographers. It’s great for portrait mode and wedding photography thanks to its large, smooth f/1.4 aperture.

The Canon RF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS USM lens is the inspiration for the Canon RF. The points of light have a classic oval shape. This type of lens is used to simulate a blurry elliptical dot in some widescreen anamorphic films.

Minolta RF250 The Minolta RF convinces with the Rockcore 250mm f5.6. Sweet bouquets attract many people.

The Sweet 50 optic is part of Lensbaby’s Composer Pro II. It surrounds your focus point with a dreamy, blurred background, making it easy to grab attention.

The Petzvall was inspired by Lomography’s Petzvall 55mm f1.7 Mark II, with its big, beautiful bokeh swirling around the focus.

Due to the dark image produced by the Sigma MF 600mm, Sigma is inspired to create a dreamy image. Your attention may sometimes be diverted from this cake.

For both foreground and background blur, the Sony STF draws inspiration from the Sony FE 100mm f/2.8 STF GM OSS, offering smooth blur and subtle sharpness.

It is based on the Lomography Petzvall 85 Art lens. That swirling obscurity and

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about ReLens MOD Apk’s latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

Current Version: v1.5.1

Package Name: com.relens-mod

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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