Rijden Zonder APK

Rijden Zonder APK

By: Rijden Zonder LLC.


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Rijden Zonder Apk is a mandatory inspection of your car in the Netherlands. This inspection checks whether your car meets the environmental and safety requirements of the Netherlands.

You will receive a letter before the expires. RDW will ship it to you 6 weeks in advance. Timely inspection of your car is always your responsibility as a car owner. A TÜV indicates whether a car needs to be serviced or not.

However, your car may be not registered on time, even if you brought your car to the workshop for inspection before the deadline. Luckily something was created for such cases: § 11 of the Motor Vehicle Ordinance.

This article aims to give you more leeway in case your Rijden Zonder Apk inspection is delayed. According to this article, you can park your vehicle on public roads for up to 2 months after the APK expires.

Rijden Zonder APK

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About Rijden Zonder Apk

If you take your vehicle out onto the road after completing the ridden Zonder Apk, you are taking a high risk. If you cause an accident after the CT expires, the insurer may declare you uninsured.

You will then have to bear all the costs of the damage yourself and your premiums are likely to increase quickly. You can also get a fine from the police and RDW. Are you looking for more information about the Rijden Zonder app or do you want to check your car? So don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you with the right advice!

By regularly checking your MOT expiration date, you can easily avoid fines for driving without an MOT. With our free number plate check, you can quickly see how long your TÜV is still valid. You can find this information under the APKs and History heading. the expiry date can also be found on the APK test report.

It is important to download the APK again before the expiration date. Driving is not permitted without TÜV. RDW will send you a reminder six weeks before your MOT is due. You will receive this message by post or digitally. Despite this reminder, you as the owner are responsible for checking your car regularly. It is advisable to complete the MOT before the expiry date.

Will driving without MOT harm you? In this case, you are not insured and have to bear all costs. Car damage can be expensive and your insurer will usually cover it for you. It’s still very important to have your car inspected!

Rijden Zonder APK

Features of Rijden Zonder Apk

Never drive without a valid APK check.

Cars are divided into several categories for the Rijden Zonder app. In some categories, cars need to be inspected less frequently or not at all. For example, old cars powered by new gasoline or electric cars. You can check it closely on the National Road Transport Agency (RDW) website.

Does your vehicle require an inspection? So you are only allowed to drive on the road with a registered car. Then calculate the severe penalty. If your car suffers accidental damage as a result of poor car maintenance, you may not be able to claim it through your car insurance. Then meet up with a reputable APK company in time.

Rijden Zonder APK

Check your car’s MOT expiration date.

Is your car in the technical Rijden Zonder app? Thereafter, each inspection must be carried out on a fixed date. You will receive a reminder from RDW about 6 weeks before this due date. This date remains unchanged. So if you get your car checked 1 month before the expiry date, the expiry date will be the same next time. You can check your car’s MOT due date on the RDW website.

Get tested as soon as possible.

You can get Rijden Zonder Apk months before the expiry date. It has many advantages. Since the MOT expiration date does not change, your car is valid for 14 months. You don’t have to worry about long APKs. Another benefit is that if your car is eventually repossessed, you will have more time to fix it. And you have more time to find a better or cheaper address.

What you can do yourself before Apk.

Areas where cars are often rejected: under-treaded or under-inflated tires, broken or inadequate headlights, bad windshield wipers, and brake problems. Brake issues aside, these are all issues that you can check or fix yourself.


All 4 tires on your car should have a minimum tread of 1.6mm. Nowadays you can check this yourself with a commercially available wear indicator. These are small blocks in the main groove of the tire. These should be significantly deeper than the tread. are they the correct Times for new tires?

Every tire loses air. This lowers the tire pressure. You can check your tire pressure yourself. You can find out what the tire pressure for your car should be in the owner’s manual or in the door. You can find a pump at almost every gas station that you can use to inflate your tires to the correct pressure.


Check your headlights, turn signals, reverse lights, and brake lights. Don’t forget the license plate light.

car wiper.

Check the front and rear windshield wipers and washers. You can easily and inexpensively replace the wiper. Also, check that there is enough washer fluid in the tank.

Rijden Zonder APK

What are the penalties for driving without a TÜV?

Two months after your MOT is due, you will automatically receive a fine from the jurisdiction’s Central Debt Collection Agency (CJIB). Even if you don’t drive your car on public roads,

you’ll be fined if you don’t meet the Rijden Zonder Apk requirements. The amount of all fines for (minor) administrative offenses can be found in the fines database of the public prosecutor’s office. The penalty for an overdue check-in in 2020 is 140 euros. There is also an administration fee of €9. So in total, you lose €149 if you don’t check your car on time.

You can check when your car is due for MOT on the RDW website. In this way, you can make an appointment to check the APK again in good time. Avoid fines because your MOT has expired. It is possible that you do not want to have your car inspected, for example for financial reasons. In this case, unhook your car.

The APK binding will remain closed for the duration of the suspension. The suspension has one downside and that is that you are not allowed to use your car. Your car may not be parked on public roads. Once the ban ends, you will have to take the technical exam again. Access to the garage is permitted for vehicles without a valid TÜV. It is only allowed after investigation.

Was the vehicle not inspected in time?

Did you wait sometime before or after the Rijden Zonder app was ready? This can make your vehicle inspection temporarily out of date. This can happen, for example, if your vehicle’s MOT was incorrectly extended during a random inspection and your vehicle needs to be checked again. Don’t worry: Section 11 of the Vehicle Ordinance states:

1. A motor vehicle or trailer may be parked on a street for two months, after which Section 72(1) of the Act applies without an inspection certificate being issued for this vehicle. which has not yet expired.

2. A motor vehicle or trailer may be moved two months after the period of validity of the MOT certificate issued for the motor vehicle or trailer has expired, provided that the MOT certificate issued for the motor vehicle or trailer expires without an expiry date

In short: Even if your car is not integrated in time, it may not be parked on public roads for a maximum of two months. During this time you can also inspect the vehicle without penalty.

Note: Clause 11 applies to immobility only. Vehicles may not be driven on public roads without a TÜV.

At the time of the Apk appointment, it is only possible to drive the vehicle to the APK inspection center without an APK around the time of the appointment. Make sure the car is WA insured, take the shortest route, and make a fixed appointment. More information about this exception can be found here.

Rijden Zonder APK

Stop the vehicle:

So if you can’t view the car, you should abandon the vehicle. This way you avoid APK-related penalties. If you deregister your car, you no longer pay TÜV liability, compulsory insurance, and vehicle tax.

Your car no longer needs TÜV approval, but you are not allowed to drive or leave your car on public roads. After the suspension expires, the car has to meet the APK requirements again and thus be integrated. So you can take the car to a Rijden Zonder Apk center for inspection.

Then the car insurance must be taken out on the same day. If you drive a car, you must be able to prove with an appointment confirmation that you are going to the APK test.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Rijden Zonder Apk is the latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 3 MB

Current Version: v1.1

Package Name: com.rijden-zonder

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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