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Amrit Brikha Andolan APP Apk is a unique and powerful App, developed by the Assam Government of India to promote tree plantation and environment conservation. Launched under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Hemant Biswa Sharma, the initiative has set a major goal: to plant one billion giant trees in Assam’s beautiful landscape.

It is not just a simple app, but a movement, a community call to action as well, inviting everyone to participate in this important cause. This App is an important tool to help connect and motivate people who want to plant trees and contribute to protecting the environment

With a simple and easy-to-use interface, the App enables people of all ages and backgrounds to easily participate in the initiative. Signing up and joining is easy with just a few taps, and users have the opportunity to follow and participate in tree planting through this app.

It offers many useful features such as an interactive map, which helps users track the growth of plantations in Assam. It also provides real-time updates on reforestation activities, giving everyone a chance to get involved and see the positive change they are making.

Amrit Brikha Andolan APP Apk is not only an informative app but also a medium that takes people on a journey across frontiers to create a greener and more sustainable future for future generations.

About Amrit Brikha Andolan APP Apk

Amrit Brikha Andolan APP Apk is an App that focuses on protecting the environment by helping people identify and plant the best trees for a particular habitat.

Sometimes we face problems liken’t knowing which tree to plant in a particular land which creates many problems, if a tree needs a lot of water it cannot be planted in desert land where the water supply is less.

So, this is where this app comes in handy and lets you make the right decisions to help people fight climate change through sustainable methods instead of talking about how bad climate change is.

It helps us to provide all the necessary information about the particular tree species. We were shown pictures with detailed descriptions of the plants we were looking for. Amrit Brikha Andolan App Download is here to save us.

Every tree is very important and has great importance. You have managed to find this application on our site, but now the responsibility is on your shoulders to share it with others so that they too can play their part in this initiative.

Each tree is planted differently. Some trees don’t require you to dig deep holes, while others do, so keep this in mind when starting work. Amrit Brikha Andolan APP Apk is a government-owned app. As you know, our government is very serious about introducing ways to save life on earth, especially forests, as they are home to millions of living things.

The initiative has been successful so far and has played its role in assuring millions of people about sustainability. If you care about your country, be a part of this mission and help the government achieve this milestone.

Amrit Brikha Andolan App Apk

Amrit Brikha Andolan App Apk Features

Here are the details about the Apk features from the official website of Amrit Brikha Andolan APP Apk:

  • Easy Registration Process: The App allows users to register easily and simply. With just a few taps, users can be a part of this initiative to plant trees and save the environment.
  • Interactive Map: A prominent feature of the app is the interactive map, which provides a visual representation of plantation growth. Users can see increasing inexperience with every new tree planted in Assam. This facility creates transparency and promotes teamwork among members.
  • Event Updates and Sharing: The app is a hub for all information related to Amrit Brikha Andolan APP Apk. Users will receive real-time updates on reforestation activities, ensuring they can actively participate and see the changes they can make.
  • Real-time interaction: It provides real-time updates on the progress of the plantation and related activities. It helps users follow projects and participate in their development, creating a dynamic and inspiring environment.
  • Accessible Participation: The App’s simple and intuitive interface ensures that everyone, including those without technical skills, can easily participate. This helps ensure inclusiveness and engagement within the initiative.
  • Community Involvement: Interactive maps and event updates foster a sense of belonging to the larger community. Users feel part of a larger movement and they work together in the common goal of protecting the environment.
  • Ability to measure and track progress:  It provides the ability to measure progress on a percentage basis, allowing users to view their contribution and how well the project is progressing in tree planting.
  • Geographical Limitations: The Amrit Vriksha Andolan project is mainly targeted at Assam, which may limit the direct participation of people living outside the state.
  • Technology Dependency: Apps have a level of technological accessibility that may exclude people without a smartphone or network connection.
  • Environmental Variation: The achievement of tree growth can be influenced by environmental factors such as weather conditions, surface soil, and other environmental variables, which can affect the overall results.

Amrit Brikha Andolan App Apk

Amrit Brikha Andolan Mod Apk features

  • Tree Plantation Program: The App lists various tree plantation programs organized across the country. People can register to participate in these programs.
  • Information about trees: The application contains information about various types of trees, including their identification, use, and care.
  • Track Contribution: The app helps people track the trees they have planted.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Amrit Brikha Andolan App Apk is the latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 30 MB

Current Version: v1.0.0

Package Name:

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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