MixGames APK

MixGames APK

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Rating: 4.7+  Downloads: 839+ Size: 19 MB Updated: April 16, 2024.

MixGames APK is an Android application that allows users to play a variety of games on their smartphones and tablets. This app offers many interesting and addictive games, each with its own gameplay and challenges. Players can choose their favorite games or discover new games while enjoying a fun gaming experience.

Each game has its own objectives and achievements, and players can earn points by completing certain tasks or reaching certain milestones. The more points players collect, the more chances they have to unlock special rewards or advance to the next level. MixGames encourages players to explore different genres and game types, so there’s something for everyone.

From action games to puzzle games, sports games to strategy games, these apps offer a wide range of options. Gamers can directly access their favorite games without downloading multiple apps. It also provides social services. Players can connect with friends, challenge games, and compare results. The app allows users to participate in leaderboards where they can see how they compare to other players around the world. It offers an immersive and intense gaming experience to players of all ages and interests.

With a combination of addictive gameplay and scoring opportunities, it offers a fun way to entertain and challenge players. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a competitive gamer, MixGames APK is worth checking out.

MixGames APK

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What is MixGames APK?

MixGames APK is a free collection of more than 10,000 games in one app that you can download in one click and play without annoying ads. This is not an ordinary game app, it only allows you to play one game and takes up a lot of space on your phone. All New Games is a gaming app that lets you play over 1,000 games. permissions and takes up less than 8MB of space.

This app has online mini-games for everyone and we keep adding new games so you won’t get bored. If you want to add your favorite games to the app, send us an email or leave a review. With MixGames you can download the most popular free games, offline games, online games, fun games, and more. This app offers many trendy games for free.

MixGames APK plays all kinds of online games in one app. We often add fun new games, so you’ll never get bored. With one app you can enjoy all the sports in the world. Many games are already available so you don’t need to install more games on your phone.

Many games manage your device’s memory and time. Instant Games work like all offline games. So once you load your favorite game, no more internet is needed. All the fun games offer great graphics and an easy-to-use experience.

MixGames APK

MixGames APK Features

  • A collection of all kinds of games for different interests.
  • Enjoy amazing animations and beautiful game themes.
  • Lots of retro games with intuitive graphics.
  • Enjoy the best games and 1000+ games in one app.
  • Many popular games are available in one app.
  • Added offline mode to all games.
  • All popular games work well with MixGames.
  • Automatic horizontal and vertical adjustment.

MixGames APK

What’s New?

The latest version of MixGames improves the gaming experience, introducing new elements that engage players with more addictive gameplay, advanced competitive features and more colorful graphics. This update isn’t just a facelift; It’s a massive overhaul designed to engage players on a whole new level. Here’s the news from MixGames:

  • Improved Gameplay Mechanics: The game now has refined controls and smoother gameplay, ensuring a more immersive experience for players.
  • Expanded Game Modes: MixGames introduces new modes that offer different challenges and keep the game fresh and exciting.
  • Improved Graphics and Visuals: The game now features more colorful graphics, enhancing the visual appeal with rich environments and character animations.
  • Enhanced Competitive Elements: New competitive features have been included, sharpening the game’s competitive edge and giving players more opportunities to test their skills.
  • Enhanced Soundtrack and Audio Effects: The game’s listening experience is enhanced with new soundtracks and sound effects, which add depth to the game’s atmosphere.
  • Improved Multiplayer Experience: Improvements to the multiplayer aspects of MixGames make competing with friends and other players more intuitive and fun.
  • Regular Updates and Bug Fixes: To ensure that the game remains at its best, regular updates and bug fixes are done keeping the game smooth and bug-free.

These MixGames updates not only enhance the already addictive gameplay, but also add layers of depth and excitement, ensuring players get a constantly changing and engaging gaming experience.


MixGames APK is a unique title in the mobile gaming sector. The combination of exciting gameplay, competitive spirit and colorful graphics make it an attractive download for any gamer. Whether you are a seasoned arcade enthusiast or new to gaming, It offers an experience that is both challenging and rewarding. Its constant updates and different modes ensure a refreshing experience every time you play. For those looking for an exciting gaming journey on their Android device, MixGames is the perfect choice to download and dive into.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about MixGames APK is the latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 19 MB

Current Version: v9.8

Package Name: mixgames.aplidvi

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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