Afterimage MOD APK

Afterimage MOD APK

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Rating: 4.7+  Downloads: 998+ Size: 3 MB Updated: May 16, 2024.

Afterimage MOD APK will be an exciting game for players who love adventure styles full of dangers and becoming legends. England full of mysteries offers many interesting things for the players to discover and become the supreme god.

A wonderful game that will give you adventures everywhere in this land that you should not stop in the next exploration. After Image, APK will be an exciting adventure game for you to explore every game world and expand your territory.

Aim to create power and immersion in the legend. You can experience many dangers and challenges when you encounter different terrains, such as canyons, volcanoes, deep seas, and natural lagoons in high towers donated by many clouds.

Play with these players as you go on an amazing war journey. You will face many different creatures, we have powers but things are different, you must use your skills to defeat them.

Besides spirits, there are also ghosts in the deep forest. An exciting game in which you need to interact with the game environment to fully fulfill your obligations.

Afterimage MOD APK

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Afterimage MOD APK User Guide:

Afterimage MOD APK is a great adventure game that combines some of the features of action games. During the game, you must constantly explore the map and overcome various dangerous challenges, as well as fight with other characters in the game.

Afterimage focuses on exploring the unknown, solving puzzles, and other forms of linearization, exploration, and interaction; The game also places special emphasis on story development, which will test your observation and analysis skills.

Afterimage’s main element is “adventure”, so the game is essentially “exploratory” and “challenging” in nature, which will also test your ability in “discovery” and “analysis”, which will require you to observe and constantly study the system.

Configuration The requirements and rules of this game to pass the game successfully. For a game with an adventure theme, there’s never a sense of re-experiencing a specific thing, which naturally defeats the purpose of the adventure.

You will not get bored playing this game again and again. It gives you something that constantly stimulates your senses. The game map element is the main part of the game that serves this purpose.

Afterimage MOD APK game is worth experiencing, as all the exploration becomes a spectacular journey and all the traps and enemies are just tickles for you.

Afterimage MOD APK Features

Engage in power struggles

After starting to participate in the game, players will start facing intense battles. You will have moments of exploration in the paradise of new lands. Gives players engaging battle phases, taking the opportunity to chase down the enemy.

Live game environment

Once in the game, players will have the opportunity to compete with their opponents excitingly. The game brings many different environments depending on the location, many of which can feature impressive battles and adventures.

Improve weapons in battle

Afterimage MOD APK’s latest version needs urgent weapons to fight and adventurous battle between heroes. This unlocks the legendary dome weapon after the game. Players can access and explore multiple locations and initiate multiple battles and territorial disputes.

Multiplayer game mode

The desire to offer different game modes to players is intended to allow them to play without getting bored. You can choose any way to start the battle and overcome all the challenges.

Custom features

This is the round of possibilities that you can use in this game. Bring your sense of style to create a lively gaming environment. Create space for players to try to spread out. An interesting battle begins that you should not ignore.

There are many revealing clothes

Offers players the ability to outfit their legendary characters with a limited number of costumes. With several different game styles, you have two character choices to embark on a war journey to claim an empire. Clothes will be a source of energy to increase your strength.

Afterimage MOD APK

Tips To Play the Game

  • Game Update: This will help the players to change the game flexibly and get free games.
  • Turn-Based Battle: This will be an advantage for players who can win if they win the previous turn.
  • Learn about the map: Help the hero figure out where the boss is hiding and fighting
  • Weapon Upgrade: You need to increase the power and skill to win and use the players.
  • Custom Graphics: The graphics offer brilliant 3D performance and can enhance the fighting skills of giants if you want to enhance the experience.
  • Changing the Miraculous World: Strengthens the fighting ability to destroy the enemy and bring peace to that world.

Afterimage MOD APK

What’s new?

The latest Afterimage MOD APK update introduces several improvements and new features designed to improve players’ gaming experience. This version promises to immerse players deeper into its world, thanks to improvements that affect every aspect of the game, from rich storytelling and immersive art to longer play times, a unique soundtrack, and challenging enemies. This is new:

  • ADVANCED CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Delve deeper into the story of Renee and her companions, enriching the game’s rich story.
  • Advanced Immersive Art: Experience the Afterimage world like never before, with more detailed environments and character animations that push the boundaries of immersive art.
  • Extended Playtime: New missions and areas have been added, allowing for longer playtime and ensuring that there is always something new to discover.
  • Unique Soundtrack Reimagined: The game’s unique soundtrack has been expanded, with new tracks added that add more emotional depth and atmosphere to your adventure.
  • Challenging New Enemies: Prepare to face an array of challenging new enemies, testing your strategy and skills in new and exciting ways.
  • Additional Abilities and Abilities for Renee: Renee gains several new abilities, adding layers of strategy and customization to combat and exploration.

These updates promise to make Afterimage not just a game, but a journey that players will want to start again and again, exploring every corner of its beautifully designed universe.


Afterimage MOD APK is an exciting adventure and fighting game that you can enjoy with many characters and monsters. Your main task is to defeat hidden monsters. With many magical colors to enhance the player’s experience and enhance the player’s fighting spirit. An exciting game you must download quickly through the link given below.


Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 3 MB

Current Version: v1.0.3

Package Name: com.aurogon.Afterimage

Rating – 4.7+

Price – Free

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