Matpratishat APK

Matpratishat APK

By: Center of Excellence, MAP_IT


Rating: 4.6+  Downloads: 837+ Size: 60.0 MB Updated: June 12, 2024.

Matpratishat APK is a free Android app developed by the Center of Excellence, MAP_IT. It falls under the category of social and communication activities and aims to facilitate the election process.

The app acts as a trusted partner for accurate election data and helps Election Officers (EOs) to record and report election events.

It allows POs to record the number of votes cast by male and female voters, as well as allows users of the Legislative Assembly (OR) to monitor election events and view real-time statistics on the number of voters and their percentages. The main feature of Madpratisham is the intuitive reporting feature.

The chairperson can easily record up to 15 key voting events, while users attending meetings can track voting events and easily access voting percentages.

The Matpratishat APK also provides an accurate voter count that automatically calculates vote percentage for a segment based on the number of registered male and female voters.

It offers an intuitive dashboard that provides detailed reporting, including details on unresponsive presidents and a breakdown of voter turnout by gender. This allows for a transparent and efficient selection process.

Matpratishat Apk

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What is Matpratishat APK?

Simplify the election reporting process with Matpratishat APK. Your trusted partner for accurate survey data. This app allows you to track Speaker (PO) votes (Male/Female) and Assembly Member (RO) election events and track polling and voting in real-time.

  • Simple Reporting: Speakers can report on up to 15 key voting events, and Caucus users can easily track voting events and report turnout.
  • Accurate voter count: Set the number of male and female voters at different times on the election day and let the Matpratishat App calculate the vote share in that block.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: Access detailed reports including non-responding OPs and detailed voter percentages by gender.

Download Matpratishat APK now and contribute to transparent and efficient elections.

Matpratishat Apk

Matpratishat APK Features

  • Real-Time Price Updates:  Matpratishat provides the latest information on commodity prices and ensures that users have access to the latest data.
  • Historical price data: Users can view historical price trends, allowing them to make decisions based on past fluctuations.
  • Price Comparison: Medcent allows users to compare prices of products across different locations or stores to find the best deals.
  • Location-Based Services: Users can set their location preferences to get information about local prices and shopping tips.
  • Notifications: The Matpratishat app sends alerts and notifications about important price changes or updates, so users are always informed.
  • Categories and Filters: Users can easily search and filter products by food, fuel, and other categories to make it easier to find specific products.
  • Search function: The search bar allows users to quickly find specific items or products they want.
  • User Reviews and Ratings: Some versions of the Matpratishat App include user-generated reviews and ratings for products and stores.


Friendly and easy-to-use interface:

  • Goal: To create a seamless user experience and intuitive workplace.
  • Benefits: Reduces training time, and increases efficiency in reporting polling events.

Effective Election Program Management:

  • Purpose: To optimize the election program management process.
  • Benefits: The presiding officer can report details of up to 15 important polling events, which helps in monitoring events and planning flexibly.

Accuracy in Voter Counting:

  • Purpose: To ensure accurate information about the number of voters and voting rate.
  • Benefits: Record details of the number of male/female voters at different times, supporting accurate calculation of voter turnout.

Intuitive and detailed control panel:

  • Objective: To provide a comprehensive and detailed view of the election situation.
  • Pros: The intuitive dashboard provides access to detailed reports on the percentage of male-female voters and information on non-responding POs.

Matpratishat Apk

Tips and advice while using the App:

  • Understand key features: Before you get started, make sure you understand key features like event reporting, dashboards, and downloads.
  • Focus on Information Security: The security of voter’s personal information and data is a top priority. Use your security settings and update your password periodically.
  • Take advantage of real-time support: Use real-time support to monitor election events, giving you immediate access to the situation.
  • Make a habit of regular reporting: To keep information updated and clear, make a habit of regular and detailed reporting of election events.
  • Engagement and Feedback: Connect with the user and partner community to share experiences and get feedback. This will help improve the functionality of the app over time.
  • Take advantage of the download feature: Use the download feature to store a copy of your data on your device, making it easy to manage and share information.
  • Check regularly for new features: Check for any updates or new features. Regularly reviewing the latest enhancements and features of the app will help you.
  • Read the user manual carefully: Feel free to read the user manual and support documentation to understand the detailed functions better.
  • Contact the Support Team: If you encounter any problems or have any questions, contact the MatRepost support team to get quick and effective help.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Matpratishat APK is the latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 60.0 MB

Current Version: v2.1.4

Package Name:

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free


Matpratishat APK is a powerful election program management tool that offers many benefits to optimize the reporting process and increase transparency in elections. With a user-friendly interface, flexible management features, and the ability to provide real-time information, this application is a reliable partner for those involved in planning election events.

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