Waven APK

Waven APK

By: Ankama Games


Rating: 4.7+  Downloads: 545+ Size: 681 MB Updated: September 26, 2023.

Waven Apk is an immersive action RPG, a mix of adventure and turn-based strategy. Players must take strategic action through deck-building mechanics, collect valuable items, and defeat each ferocious monster. Master the elements, summon powerful spells and legendary allies, and battle your enemies for loot.

Waven Apk is a free MMORPG game which is the latest game developed, published, and distributed by Ankama Games. The world of Waven is set in the mysterious world of Bar, a similar setting to other Ankama, Dofus, and Wakfu games.

The bar world is being hit by a rising tide. The world’s population seeks refuge in the dimensional heaven. You take on the role of one of the beloved dofus races covering dimensional refugees. Choose your character, choose your partners, and explore the world of bars!

Waven APK

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About Waven Apk

In a flooded world, where only a few islands have survived the rising tide, you play the role of an adventurous sailor searching for answers to this great crisis. Once upon a time, gods and dragons ruled the world. Now, magic remains but what about the mythical creatures of the past?

At the beginning of a new era, choose your hero, cast your best spells, and go on an amazing journey. Jump from island to island in a vast world full of colorful creatures, gain power, improve your strategy, and discover the secrets of the wandering world.

Waven Apk is a new accessible, fun, and immersive gaming experience. It combines adventure and turn-based strategy, with deck-building mechanics and valuable items to collect, inspired by the best strategic RPGs. It can be played online for free on PC, Mac, smartphone, and tablet.

Alone or with friends, face many tough monsters. Master the elements, create powerful magic, summon legendary allies, and fight your enemies in close combat or from afar and defeat them and earn tons of loot!

Gain experience to upgrade your heroes and prove your worth by entering the gates of the “Colosseum” to challenge other players and become a legend!

Waven APK

Waven Apk Features

Travel the world like no one else

Only a few islands have survived the increasing flooding of the world, and you are a researcher looking for ways to solve this serious problem. Once upon a time, this world was ruled by gods and dragons.

There’s still magic, but what about the mythical creatures of the past?

Take part in fierce strategic battles.

Master the elements, create powerful magic, and summon legendary allies to aid you. Each of these has its own way of doing things. You can battle your enemies up close or from afar in legendary, fast-paced, turn-based tactical battles as a single player, duo, or group of three and earn all kinds of rewards.

You can change and change your character.

Travel to distant places through role-playing games. You can complete epic quests by entering caves and fighting terrifying monsters. Collect valuable items to gain power, level up your hero, and improve your plan.

Each battle will be more difficult than the last, so use all your skills

Your character, your plan

You can choose your class, your attack items, and your spells from a list of over 300. You can also choose your weapons and allies who will fight against you.

Because there are so many different ways to play, no two adventurers will be the same. Choose your friends carefully if you want to defeat the tricks of the creatures and beware of them if you want to thwart the plans of your enemies.

Play as a pro

You can only earn spells, equipment, and companions by achieving in-game achievements and you will continue to earn rewards.

Use the different items and skins you can unlock to show off your epic and unique style.

The outcome of each game depends on how good each individual is.

Let’s play with people from different parts of the world.

Bring your friends and meet other players! Join groups whose spirit of cooperation and unity will help you reach the top. Waven Apk breaks the rules of strategic RPGs by working on both mobile and PC platforms. This means that all players, no matter how they play, can join in.

Waven APK

Highlights of Waven Apk

Experience tactical role-playing in simulation

Waven Apk Free to Play offers players a truly visually appealing battle system. Since this is a strategic entry game, you will need to prepare strategies to complete the game with a high level of concentration. To win you have to overcome some challenging scenarios involving mythical monsters. A strategy to promote a new age on Earth.

Exciting battles based on turn-based strategy

Anime allows everyone to develop their own unique play style. This way you will be dealt cards and one conflict after another will be resolved. Therefore, to have any chance of winning, you must develop an effective strategy.

Play according to your play style so you can combine different elements including supplies, equipment, and magic to create an exciting battle.

A full complement of game modes

When players download Waven Apk, they have the ability to experience various game modes. It offers player versus environment (PvE), player versus player (PvP), and island defense experiences that give players the chance to fight monsters, get tons of gear, and collect resources. Along with your attitude, the support you get will help you compete against many other players.


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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Waven Apk is the latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size-  681 MB

Current Version: v0.12.5

Package Name: com.ankama.waven

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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