Tornado Play APK

Tornado Play APK

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Rating: 4.7+  Downloads: 596+ Size: 13 MB Updated: October 06, 2023.

If you start your journey with a small storm of Tornado Play Apk. You can only use it to explode small objects. To become a giant tornado in a short period of time, it needs to go to areas with lots of objects like trees, cars, and houses and swallow them quickly.

The first suggestion is that you should go to the forest because there are many large trees that will swallow you and quickly turn into a huge tornado. Tornado Play Apk Play wants to do it as quickly and cleanly as possible. If you delay, it will only get worse.

As your tornado gets bigger, you can blow up larger targets like warships, buildings, or planes. So don’t waste too much time on trivial matters. All you have to do is fly above them and hit the bigger targets with Tornado Play Apk. The game has a simple control scheme where players navigate their boat in the desired direction by beating the storm.

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About Tornado Play Apk

Tornado Play Apk is a fun arcade game where you play as a Stormtrooper and destroy everything in your path. However, at each level, you have to achieve a certain goal.

Holding the phone vertically, all you have to do is turn the Twister from side to side with one finger. So try to collect everything you see along the way. However, you should remember that you can only move objects that are smaller than your tornado.

In full whirlwind! Depending on your size, you will get two types of wallets Tornado Play. Most levels require you to try to collect a certain number of items, e.g. B12 burger, seven bars, or nine ice creams. On another level, you have to chase vehicles that try to run away from you.

One of the really cool things about this game is that you can collect different skins and combine them into the original Tornado you start with. You can buy fruits, water, candy, etc. When you play with coins you win.

A fun arcade game with precise touch controls and amazing graphics. Tornado Play Apk and most importantly, this game has more content that you can unlock while playing.

Tornado Play APK

Everything explodes:

If you start your journey in a small storm. You can only use it to blow up small objects. To become a large tornado in a short period of time, you have to cross an area with many objects such as trees, cars, and houses, and swallow them quickly.

The first suggestion is to go into the forest because there are many large trees that swallow you and immediately turn into a giant tornado. You need to do it as quickly and cleanly as possible. If you wait, it will get worse.

Once your tornado grows, you can blow up larger targets like warships, buildings, or even airplanes. So don’t waste too much time on small things. All you have to do is attack really big targets by flying over them. The game has a simple control system where players touch the storm and move their ship in the desired direction.

Multiple Game Modes:

Apart from the normal Tornado Play Apk! Offers a variety of game modes for you to choose from. Each of them will help you unlock unique skins for your Tornado. In the first game mode, you go on an adventure and try to destroy everything yourself.

In hunting mode: You must storm to collect everything and grow. However, the main goal you should prioritize is hunting all the slimes. If you find green slimy, you can eat it. Also, you should avoid red color as it can make you look pale. As you get older, some of the red gummy will turn green and you can eat it. You can still eat the things you grow.

In Multiplayer Mode: This mode is preferred by most of the players due to its high level of interactivity. In this mode, the gameplay is similar to the previous two modes. However, you will be competing and fighting against other players from around the world.

At the beginning of the game, you should avoid fights as much as possible. Instead, you should focus more on upgrading your Tornado. If you’re big enough, you can enter other people’s tornadoes and attack them to prevent them from getting too big.

Moreover, it is very easy to know the storm status of other people. You can see pointers and arrows on the map. You will be able to access the exact locations of other players instantly. However, it should be considered that you have to swallow a lot and choose a path.

Tornado Play APK


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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Tornado Play Apk latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 13 MB

Current Version: v1.5

Package Name: loij.koi.tornadoplay

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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