SIPK Polri Go Id APK

SIPK Polri Go Id APK



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SIPK Polri Go Id APK is attracting a lot of attention from the Indonesian police, making many people wonder what it is and how it works. This step-by-step guide describes the app’s main features, explains its potential benefits, and answers any questions you may have about using it.

It a mobile application of the Indonesian National Police Personal Information System (Polri). Its purpose and nature are still not fully understood, raising questions about its potential. There aren’t many official details, but the name and purpose of the app suggest a few options.

This can be a way for police to track personal information, access training materials and operate safely. It can also provide services to the public, such as the ability to report crimes and find out what the police are doing.

SIPK Polri Go App can be a game-changer for both employees and the public with these potential features. It will help police work better, communicate better and be more open.

It can build trust between the community and the police by facilitating access to information. However, there are concerns about data security, possible misuse and the app’s lack of transparency. These issues must be addressed in order to successfully develop and use the application.

SIPK Polri Go Id APK

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What is SIPK Polri Go Id APK?

SIPK Polri Go Id APK is a law enforcement game and offers an entertaining gaming experience. In the game, players control a police officer who is responsible for maintaining law and order in the city.

At the beginning of the game, the basic idea and gameplay of the game are briefly introduced. Players are tasked with responding to various scenarios, including car chases, hostage situations and robberies. The game’s top-down approach allows players to move around the city with ease.

One of the key features of SIPK Polri Go Id App is the huge selection of vehicles and weapons that players can choose from. Depending on the situation, players can be equipped with assault weapons, rifles, pistols and even sniper rifles.

Players can also use various patrol cars, motorcycles and helicopters to track down criminals and protect citizens. In addition to the main tasks, the game also includes side missions and challenges that provide additional rewards and experience points. Additionally, players can compete online with friends or other players in multiplayer mode.

With this in mind, SIPK Polri Go Id APK offers an exciting and addictive gaming experience that allows users to fully immerse themselves in the world of law enforcement. Action game fans will love this game because of its realistic graphics, complex storyline, and variety of weapons and vehicles.

SIPK Polri Go Id APK

SIPK Polri Go Id APK Features

Alert in case of any emergency.

It is one of the main features of SIPK Polri Go Id APK. Through the App, users can immediately report emergencies like crimes, traffic accidents, or missing persons to the police. Alarms will be automatically sent to relevant authorities, ensuring a timely response.

Crime reporting.

Using SIPK Polri Go Id APK, citizens can directly report crimes and incidents to the police. Users can provide complete details about the crime such as location, date, time, and any supporting documents. A real-time report will be sent to the police, so they can respond immediately.

Found and lost.

The App also has a lost and found feature. Users who report missing items, including phones, wallets, and keys, can contact the police. Others can check if missing items have been found using the app, which will display a list of reported items.

Official contact.

Users can directly contact the police using the SIPK Polri Go ID APK. People can contact the police 24 hours a day to report an emergency, ask for help, or give comments. To make it easier for locals to contact the appropriate authorities, the app also has contact details of nearby police departments and stations.

Updates and news.

The App also provides the latest news and updates from the Indonesian National Police. Users can stay informed about security advisories, crime prevention campaigns, and important updates.

SIPK Polri Go Id APK

Highlights of SIPK Polri Go Id APK

Reporting crimes:

Users can easily report a crime through the app by providing details like location, description, and witnesses. The App ensures that reports are sent directly to the concerned authorities securely.

Emergency assistance:

In case of emergency, users can seek help from the police through the app. The app allows them to indicate their location, provide incident details, and request immediate assistance.

Public safety warnings:

SIPK Polri Go Id APK provides users with real-time updates on public safety incidents, such as natural disasters, road closures, and criminal activity. Users can stay informed and take necessary precautions.

Contact Information:

The App allows users to access the contact information of various law enforcement agencies, making it easier for them to seek guidance, file a complaint, or report a crime.

Location Tracking:

It has a location tracking feature that allows users to share their real-time location with emergency services. This allows them to provide accurate location information in case of an emergency.

Security and Privacy:

SIPK Polri Go Id APK prioritizes the security and privacy of its users. The Application uses encryption and other security measures to ensure the security of personal information and the confidentiality of reports.

SIPK Polri Go Id APK

A gateway to greater efficiency.

Its full name is “Sistem Informasi Personnel Kepolisian Republik Indonesia”, which means “Information System for Indonesian National Police Personnel”.

This mobile App is a central hub for many features and information required by police officers. Officials can access their personal information, track their careers, manage their licenses and permits, and receive policy news and important announcements through SIPK Polri Go Id APK.

This digitization eliminates the need for paper-based processes, saves time and resources, and makes the overall force more efficient.


With SIPK Polri Go Id APK, the modernization efforts of the Indonesian National Police have taken a major step forward. It is expected that this new application will help everything run more smoothly, communicate better with each other and ultimately provide better public services.

The SIPK Polri Go Id APK has the potential to completely transform the way Indonesian police work and interact with the public. However, continuous improvement based on user feedback and new features is required.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about SIPK Polri Go Id APK is the latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 12 MB

Current Version: v1.0.17

Package Name: superapps.polri.presisi.presisi

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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