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Hey Banco APK is a 100% Mexican digital bank that primarily serves young customers who are digital natives. Hey Banco value proposition redefines banking by providing a comprehensive, highly convenient, and personalized banking experience in a single application.

As a fully digital bank, Hey Banco has no physical bank branches. This helps translate operational savings into higher interest rates on interest-based products, but maintaining relationships and communicating with customers is not without its challenges.

The App places great emphasis on personalization as part of its value proposition and this extends to the appearance of its bank cards. It is a brand support company focused on integrating commercial brands in Latin America.

Brand and People led the creative and design direction of the bank’s communications strategy and launched Hey Banco APK design collection as part of the brand’s call to awaken, to your finances and find your financial freedom.

With this appeal, the brand aims to help people understand, control, and improve their financial situation, reversing the long-standing tradition of viewing personal finances as a burden.

Hey Banco APK

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What is Hey Banco APK?

Hey Banco APK is a new app that lets you pretend to be rich and deposit any amount of money you want. Show your friends how much money you have. Tell them you’ll let them take as much money as they want. Or pretend to pay them.  Show Hey Banco on your Android device to open it. Show how much money you have.

Tell them you’ll let them take as much money as they want. Or pretend to pay them. Create events to impress your crush or stream them in-app to seduce them. After you thank them, tell them they were cheated by this app and laugh together!

If you don’t have friends to share these funny jokes with, you can use them to motivate you to work harder. Millionaires are made to act like millionaires. Set aside five minutes every day and run the Hey Banco App to inspire yourself to become a millionaire in the future

  • Create your bank account at Hey Banco APK.
  • A more realistic bank account and transaction application.
  • Transaction ‘history’ details such as deposits, transfers, and withdrawals.
  • Our fun app is very easy to use and use.
  • This fun game works on any Android device be it a phone or tablet.
  • Get inspired to earn real money without pretending to be rich!
  • A balance check is editable Hey Banco.
  • Adjustable savings balance.
  • The possibilities are endless and many fun goals can be achieved.

Hey Banco APK is designed for entertainment and harmless jokes or pranks between friends. Don’t try to fool others or you’ll be in big trouble with law enforcement!

Hey Banco APK

Features of Hey Banco APK

  • Choose your currency: The app supports currencies from all countries. You can choose your country’s currency in settings and show your friends more money and bank transfers. You can add 100 million to your account Hey Banco APK.
  • Money Transfer: Send money to anyone with your prank transfer and they will show you the real answer. You can also track the list of transactions. Add real and fake accounts to transfer money.
  • Fake Earnings: You can schedule payments to show fake earnings or salary and notify you at specific times. You can double your income and add some points to your account.
  • Lock screen:  Hey Banco also includes a lock screen and pin lock to make the money transfer process realistic.
    You can change the pin lock by going to settings. If your lock screen PIN is wrong, the app won’t open or the money won’t transfer.
  • View Transaction List: You can track and view all previous transactions in the transaction history section. You can transfer money to others or schedule payments into your account for others to see.
  • Realistic feedback: When you send money to someone, a real banking app will show you instant feedback that a certain amount will be sent to that person. Hey Banco APK only provides an interface to prank your friends.
  • Get credit alerts: You can preset credit alerts when you open the App to show your debits and credits.

Hey Banco APK

Highlights of Hey Banco APK

Hey Banco APK is a 100% digital bank. It combines all the products you would expect from a traditional bank into a single application. Hay allows you to manage your debit cards, credit cards, savings, investments and more from your mobile phone at any time.

Open your account from your mobile phone and manage your money with the help of IPAB Secure Bank. Always invest at a higher interest rate and get a virtual card for interest-free credit cards, cash rewards and more protection.

Plus, get the tools and information you need to make better financial decisions, whether it’s building or improving your credit history, developing savings habits, or taking a deep dive into your investment vehicles.

Open your account in minutes from your mobile, wherever you are. There is no minimum opening amount or monthly income for your Hay account and you can:

  • Transfer 24/7 wherever you are,
  • Shop online with your virtual card
  • Block or unblock your card in the app
  • Get a uniquely designed double card

Hey, credit cards

You can apply for a subsidized credit card and have no income from your cell phone.

  • Preferential price
  • Life is not annual
  • Financial reward
  • Interest-free monthly purchases
  • Virtual card for online shopping
  • Access to special promotions

Hey, save!

Develop good savings habits by planning your Hay savings via your mobile phone and get better returns with the security of IPAB support. By saving weed you can:

  • 5 Set savings goals
  • Schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly deposits
  • You always get a good answer.

You can allocate a percentage to your savings that corresponds to your expenses and manage the results of your ant spending.

Hay invest

Grow your money by investing in 7 days and benefit from even higher interest rates when using your debit or credit card. Reinvest, upgrade or withdraw your investment from your mobile phone.

Grass funds and grass capital

Invest your money in diversified funds from these banks or build your own investment portfolio. Your investments are integrated into your Hay account and can be managed from your mobile.

Hay insurance

  • Get Chubb Guaranteed Insurance in minutes from your mobile phone.
  • Car insurance
  • Cell phone insurance
  • Virtual hospital care and medical advice
  • Protection against theft, fraud and accidental death

Hay Credit

  • Get the money you need to achieve your goals.
  • Automatic credit
  • Personal loan
  • Each other

Hey Banco APK


Mobile users are in emergencies and are looking for online platforms to get instant loans. Therefore, in this context, we recommend that these candidates install Hey Banco APK. Here the app offers instant loan services with flexible payment options for mobile users.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Hey Banco Apk is the latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size-51.2 MB

Current Version: v10.62.0

Package Name: com.hey-banco

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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