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Nusaresearch APK

By: Macromill South East Asia


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Nusaresearch Apk may sound familiar to you about people who have become successful through the Internet. It can be said that the Internet is a storehouse of wealth, in this modern age, almost everything is connected to the Internet.

Becoming a publisher, or YouTube influencer is one of the many very promising jobs. But did you know that we can earn money by completing the surveys that are currently being talked about, for example, the Nusaresearch Filling out surveys that answer some of the questions asked becomes a way to earn money online. But of course, you have to choose safe and reliable platforms.

Making money on the internet is indeed a very attractive option, especially in these tough times. Nusaresearch Apk paid online survey app will make our money source. For more information about this app, you can listen to it below.

Nusaresearch APK

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What is Nusaresearch Apk?

Nusaresearch Apk is an application that offers surveys to its members. We will get points by completing the given survey. You can then redeem these points for e-wallets available in the app like DANA, GoPay, Paypal, and more.

This application is created by a company in Japan and is also a pioneer in online search in Indonesia. The company name is Macromill Southeast Asia. But if you want to complain or do something else, you don’t need to worry because this company is headquartered at Jalan Asia-Africa Lot 19, Jakarta.

Before registering and how to use it, we will try to inform you whether Nusaresearch is safe or not. You should know that this app has been around for a long time and people who have given testimonials on Nusaresearch have tested it positively. This means that they pay their members to answer certain surveys.

Indeed, when we register to be a member of Nusaresearch, we are asked to enter some personal data. For example, your date of birth, KTP number, etc. to enter. So, people who protect their privacy are doubtful about the security of this platform.

This application is not only available for Android devices but also for other smartphones like iPhones. Unlike cheap apps that often deliver scams not found in official apps like the Play Store, this app exists on that platform. That way you don’t have to worry about which files to download and install.

If you are installing from a Nusaresearch Apk file, make sure the downloaded file is the latest version. The reason? If you are using an old version of the application, you will be prompted to update later. This is one of the conditions from which the application can be opened.

Nusaresearch APK

Features of Nusaresearch Apk

  • View the latest polls and answer questions.
  • Earn points for every survey Nusaresearch completed.
  • Redeem your points for various attractive rewards at face value.
  • Invite friends to join you for bonus Daptin of Nusaresearch Points.
  • Initial auctions can meet the needs of your favorite visitor center.
  • Follow us on social media to see the latest news and quizzes we host.
  • Help Center We are always ready to help Nusaresearch.

How to get your news search score

As mentioned above, Bintang Friends must first complete a survey to earn points. Here are some tips you can use to earn points:

Invite friends.

The Nusaresearch first is to invite friends to join us. Sobat Bintang earns 10 points when a friend registers, then 50 points when a friend reaches 100 points. Remember, you must use the Star Friends referral code!

General Census.

Reward points for this survey range from 1 to 20 points. Tagged friends can follow on their respective pages. Every poll will be closed if there are too many participants, so check first if the poll is new or has been open for a long time.

Please choose.

For closed surveys, the bonus points offered are very lucrative, i.e. 100-500 points. Unfortunately, only members who received an email invitation from Newssearch can participate in individual surveys.

The number of points you get depends on the surveys you complete Nusaresearch. Complete all surveys to earn 500 points.

Personal inquiry.

Unlike in-person surveys, only members who receive an email invitation can participate in in-person surveys. Celebrity friends can also view it through their page and don’t have to open the email and click on the link.

Items collected in this survey range from 20 to 40 items.

Quick vote.

Instant surveys are available to all members along with unlimited surveys per month. Attention, however, each user can answer a maximum of 5 surveys or questions per day to earn 5 points. In other words, each question is worth only one point.

The way to earn points on Nusaresearch is to exchange them every month for various attractive rewards ranging from top-ups, coupons, and e-wallet credit. Download now from the Play Store and earn points.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Nusaresearch Apk’s latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

Current Version: v2.20.3

Package Name: com.superpeachman.nusaresearchApp

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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