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NCT Home Apk is an Application that allows fans to watch and interact with the movements and movements of NCT members. With this App, fans can choose which NCT members they want to watch and track their moves live by touching the screen of their Android or iOS smartphone.

At NCT Home, fans can feel the presence of NCT members up close even when they are in faraway places. Interested in the app download page? There are NCT Home Apk that can be downloaded to cell phones. Unfortunately, to download the apps, users will have to shell out 229,000 for each App.

This App is perfect for K-pop fans who want to have an up-close experience with their favorite artists. The features of the app are as follows. NCT Home Apk app has recently gone viral and is being demanded by citizens, are you curious? Check the full download link of this app in this article itself.

NCT is a world-famous South Korean boy group. This music group has many members from other countries and many fans. NCT recently launched an App called NCT Home that allows fans to meet and interact directly with NCT members. So, are you an NCT fan curious about this app? Before downloading it, do you know what is NCT Home Apk? Let’s see the details below.


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About NCT Home Apk

The group participated in the NCT Home Fan Display, immersing viewers in the world of NCT. The unseen interview tapes gave NCTzens a chance to learn more about the group, but an AI-inspired poster featuring all the members fueled debate about K-pop idols being “weird” and owned by corporations.

Visitors to the exhibition are greeted by an interactive screen that resembles a sort of rotating billboard. A fan blinked, winked, and smiled as if his fingers were pointing at the channel right there.

Another video shows a fan shaking Johnny’s head as if he were doing it himself by sliding his fingers across the screen. Although this did not upset the audience, the fact that the members’ depiction of AI was so realistic sparked debate among fans from other countries.

One mentioned to NCT Home Apk that the interactive poster reminded them of the dystopian Netflix series Black Mirror and garnered support from thousands of fans. He wasn’t the only one worried about it.


What is NCT Home Apk?

NCT Home Apk is a new exhibition featuring NCT members where you can experience the idols’ lives through various rooms on display. The exhibition is located in Seongdong-gu and is a great place to visit for NCT fans.

The room

The concept of NCT Home Exhibition is to make you feel like you are a guest in a group home. Hence the name, NCT Home. You’ll be accompanied by an adorable pet golden retriever, who will guide you through never-before-seen clips of the group.

Inside the exhibit, you can interact with members’ AI posters. The exhibit has six rooms, an entrance hall, and an area with ticket and photo booths.

According to official information, the rooms are in the following order: Entrance, Ticket and Photo Booth, Romantic Garden, Room, Corridor, Room, Home Party, and MD Zone.

Starting from the romantic garden, you can watch the display using the members’ faces to set the right mood to enjoy the performance.

The living room offers you a beautiful set of brick walls, hanging pictures, and a cozy fireplace. Many ornaments with baby names can be found here. Photo card machines are also located here, as well as costumes worn by members.

Through a star-studded corridor, you will be led into a room. There, you can watch videos of members fighting with bunk beds, telescopes, and pillows.

At Home Party, you’ll find places to sit on fake grass while cast members interview never-before-seen big-screen projects. And finally, MD Zone takes you to a money-making video and deli with some cool neon signs and a vintage vibe.


Features of NCT Home Apk

  • Free to download.
  • No registration is required.
  • Easy to use.
  • Multiple languages are supported.
  • No third-party ads.
  • Night mode.


Additional Information About NCT Home Apk’s latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 49.6 MB

Current Version: v3.0

Package Name:

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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