Lovely Plants APK

Lovely Plants APK

By: DigiWards



Rating: 4.7+  Downloads: 450+ Size: 22.6 MB Updated: June 04, 2023.

Lovely Plants Apk is a game-based money-making App that offers a variety of unique quests. Developed by developer DigiWards, this App has managed to attract users so much that it has been downloaded thousands of times on Play Store.

Basically, the game tasks you with planting trees so that they bear fruit. Now, these are fruits that you can later turn into money that can be redeemed in a PayPal account.

Apart from planting plants, of course, there are still many things you can do in this Lovely Plants Apk. Fertilizing your plant requires several steps from planting, and watering before fertilizing to improving its health and producing more fruit. It’s fun to watch your plants grow tall and green.

You can now play this game with beautiful plants and reward your plants by producing fruits. In fact, you can earn money by growing plants. There are many ways to earn rewards with Lovely Plants. The first step is to start the seeds and then make sure they are hydrated by adding enough water.

The seeds will germinate and produce fruits that you can collect to earn points. Fertilize your plants so they produce more fruit. Repeat fertilizing and watering until your plant is well developed and in good condition to sell.

You can redeem points using PayPal, GCash, or Mobile Recharge. Please note that all games, prizes, and activities offered by DigiWards are affiliated with Google Inc. Not affiliated with. Promotion is only supported by DigiWords. Rewards offered are not related to Google products or affiliated with Google.

Lovely Plants APK

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About Lovely Plants APK

Planting the seeds, watering them as they grow, and fertilizing them as they grow and become more productive are all steps in the process of growing your plants. It’s great to see your plants growing tall and green.

With Lovely Plants, you can now replicate this activity and thank your plants by producing fruit. Yes, growing plants can make you money.

In Lovely Plants, there are many ways to earn rewards. A seed must first be planted and well watered. To earn points, you can choose the fruit where your seeds grow. To give your plant more fruit, fertilize it. Continue to fertilize and water your plants until they are ready to sell.

Plant, bear fruit and reap the rewards. There are different steps to making your plant grow and bear fruit: plant the seed, then water it to grow, then fertilize it to keep it healthy and bear more fruit. It’s fun to watch your plants grow tall and green.

Now you can emulate this hobby in Lovely Plants and let your plants reward you by producing fruit. Yes, you can make money by planting trees.

There are ways to earn rewards in Lovely Plants. First, you need to plant the seeds and hydrate them with enough water. Your seed will germinate and produce fruits that you can collect to earn points. Fertilize your plants to produce more fruit. Repeat the process of watering and fertilizing until your plant is large enough and ready to sell.

Lovely Plants APK

Features of Lovely Plants APK

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Lovely Plants Apk Game Edition

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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Lovely Plants APK’s latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 22.6 MB

Current Version: v1.6

Package Name: com.digiwards.lovelyplants

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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