Layla APK

Layla APK

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Rating: 4.7+  Downloads: 510+ Size: 6 MB Updated: March 13, 2023.

This application is a free scene skin that allows you to use the skin in mobile legends but only for one scene. The purpose of this application is that players can buy skins that they use.

Layla Apk is a free skin provider application for Android smartphones and is currently not available for iOS devices. The iOS version will be available soon for your confirmation. Please wait. It contains many hidden features for you to discover and implement in your next game.

It is developed by the famous developer and owner of Enh Gaming Tejas. He also created the Ag Injector, which is only used to unlock skins for Mobile Legends heroes. However, Layla has some great features to perform more tricks.

I really like this app UI made with Google Material Design. If you get such a tool, you will get the best user interface.

Another interesting feature is that the server is an online server that caters to the needs of the user. The main reason is that the size of the app is smaller than others. A request is created based on the user’s request.

Layla APK

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About Layla APK

Layla Apk is a mobile skin-unlocking tool for legends by Aneha Gaming also known as Tej Lit. We have improved many things here and added some cool features that will benefit your game. The user interface in particular is an important aspect and it is inspired by Google Material Design.

We can say that this app is an enhanced version of AG Injector for Android devices. You can learn more about these apps and how they work by subscribing to our YouTube channel. If not, don’t worry because we’re going to show you how Layla works on your Android device.

My favorite hobby is sports and I am also addicted to it. So there are many people like me, I hope, and there are. This happens when players become addicted to a certain game, usually, they fall in love with objects in the virtual world.

However, this game has a special content called Skins. These play an important role and belong to the same category we just talked about. Many people are crazy about their favorite heroes while others are looking for ways to get them for free. Any ideas on how can we get free skins? If your answer is no, then our Layla App is your best choice to unlock mobile legends skin without any restrictions.

Layla APK

What is Layla APK?

This is a mobile application that allows Layla Apk players to add free skins to their game characters to give their game avatars a unique and personalized look. Stand out from the crowd with a casual outfit.

The popular mobile legends game Bang Bang, also known as MLBB or simply ML, is the most played mobile video game. In this game, you and your company take part in a 5v5 MOBA showdown of strength and power.

Here you can choose your favorite hero or character and become an unstoppable force with your battle buddies. This ten-minute intense action game features lanes, brawls, team fights, racing tricks and more with a dynamic eSports feel. To stand out from the crowd, you need a look that will stand out from the crowd.

This is where Layla Apk can help you. The character customization, the avatar you wear, is one of the game’s best features.

Features of Layla APK

Online Server: The server uses an online line server to distribute Layla skins and other mods. Internet access is therefore required during use.

Small: The application is easy to use and does not require many resources on your Android device.

Anti-Ban – This is mandatory for every program promotion and every affiliate. For more security, we do not recommend using the mod as it can activate the lock system.

Update: We update this app based on official mobile legends. This is necessary because Munton is trying to connect to the system so we can provide you with a seamless experience.

Skins We have unlocked all types of skins including Premium, EPIC, Elite, Lightborn, Special, Star, Legend, Zodiac, and more.

Types: We support all hero types like Assassin, Mage, Fighter, Marksman, and Support.

Super UI It has a very nice UI to offer the best UI.

No Ads – At this point, we haven’t decided if we want to include ads. But in the future, we might change your mind to make a few bucks out of it.

Layla APK

Additional Features of Layla APK

  • It’s free for all types of Android users
  • An anti-Ban version of the app
  • All effects are provided in-game
  • New skins are available as mentioned above
  • The drone view feature is available in the app
  • Each hero has a battle effect
  • Unlock all character customizations
  • Delivers fast and efficient results
  • User-friendly and responsive interface
  • Its size is very small and takes up a lot of space on your device
  • More updates are in the works.

Map skins and mods for Mobile Legends:

Layla Apk offers users the ability to browse different categories in which each character’s skin is sorted. All you have to do is browse the catalog and access what you want so that you can download it by pressing it for a few seconds.

Here are some of the heroes you can customize including mages, assassins, and warriors: Alice, Euphora, Lilia, Karina, Nana, Sabre, Lancelot, Xilong, Tigrill, Akai, Bane, and Sun…

But the application also allows users to download modded maps with different effects and themes: Brawl, Western Palace, Celestial Palace, and Imperial Sanctuary… There are many mods with such impressive features:

  • background effect.
  • Effects of Battle.
  • Theme
  • memory effect.

Layla APK

Highlights of Layla APK

Once you get Layla Apk on your Android phone or mobile device. All skin and map options are available for you. You can browse different categories of heroes and characters. These are divided into different categories to help the user search and find options quickly.

After selecting an app avatar or skin. All you have to do is click the download button under each category and choose your gaming platform. Most characters can be customized using the Layla. These include wizards, warriors, and assassins including Alice, Akai, Bane, Sun, Lilia, Karina, Nana, Lancelot, Zilong, Saber, Tigrel, and others.

The converted maps that you can download come with a variety of themes and effects. These include Brawl, Celestial Palace, Western Palace, Imperial Sanctuary, and more. you can also use dozens of MOD options. These MODs give you abilities like battlefield effects to help you in your actions and tasks. Background effects give the gameplay a new attractive atmosphere.

Themes that change the overall look of the arena and your surroundings. Last but not least, it aims to help you with reminders. What more do you want? If you think about it, don’t miss all these features that come free with Layla Apk. So why stop? Download it now for your smartphone.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Layla APK’s latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 6 MB

Current Version: v1.4

Package Name:

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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