Kong Island APK

Kong Island APK

By: CSCMobi Studios


Rating: 4.7+  Downloads: 371+ Size: 92.3 MB Updated: April 04, 2023.

Kong Island Apk is an isolated island located far from human civilization. It is home to the skull-shaped and fearsome giant gorilla. No one lives here, no phone signal to talk to the animals.

What will the players of the game do when they find out that they are accidentally lost on this island? He is the only protagonist who roams this strange island. Not being able to return to daily life or communicate with friends and family.

Kong Island APK

The only thing Kong Island players need now is survival. Conserve energy because rescuers will find this location. But how to avoid this is a difficult question. They float in the ocean and wander in completely foreign lands.

Kong Island is an exciting adventure game for the brave at heart. Players will be mesmerized by the beautiful graphics created by Kong Island. It can bring the most realistic experience to the game players for every detail. A world with many secrets opens before the player’s eyes and waits to be discovered.

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About Panda Store Apk

Kong Island Apk events begin on the famous island, the main goal of which is to survive.  You wake up on an uncharted island to learn the terrible truth about your situation: you’ve been abandoned.

The challenges have begun, along with the challenges you have to face. You are living alone in this desolate place. Instead of giving up, show your courage and adaptability in any situation. Since you cannot contact your loved ones, you have to start a new life here.

Your main goal while enjoying this game is to create and make Kong Island a livable place. As a result, it is a beautiful tropical island with many resources available. You have to complete many interesting tasks and interact with your environment to create the island of your dreams.

Players should stick with Kong Island as publisher CSCMobi Studio offers a lot of interesting content to explore. It could be untold island secrets, new places waiting to be discovered, and more. To play this game, download it now via Google Play or the Kong Island Apk link provided at the end of the article.

Features of Panda Store Apk

  • Lost on a largely deserted island

The story of Kong Island Apk is inspired by a plane crash caused by bad weather. All the passengers of the plane have mysteriously disappeared and you are one of them. Fortunately, you have landed on a largely deserted island with many natural resources.

This is the right time for you to prove yourself by mastering various skills. Without communication tools, be alone before asking others for help. In addition, mysterious stories about this tropical island will be gradually revealed to provide a more interesting experience for players.

  • Build a farm to get food resources.

Before thinking about other activities, you need to make sure that food is always plentiful so that you can live as long as possible. That’s why Kong Island requires players to build a real farm with many different crops. Here you have to work like a real farmer.

You can grow, harvest and process delicious food. Create your own play style by deciding which plants to plant, which animals to take care of, or which buildings to build. All your decisions directly affect the survival process. So, choose the best option to ensure that everyone always reaches a stable level of development.

  • Build, upgrade, and decorate

Basically, players can freely build buildings on deserted islands according to their needs. Remember that each project will have different implications, so approach your information carefully. At the same time, Kong Island allows players to upgrade buildings based on available resources.

After successfully upgrading the buildings you will get more income. Apart from this, you can also decorate the island through various options. Choose plants and flowers that match the landscape of each island for best visual impact.

  • Discover new uninhabited islands

Kong Island offers players a variety of nearby islands. So you start with some basic Virgin Islands and try to turn it into prosperous places. Once progress is secured you can also think about exploring new islands.

Each island has a wealth of natural resources that will allow you to explore and collect freely. Using these rich resources will help you build buildings to develop the island. You have to calculate, use resources wisely and improve your production performance.

  • Beautiful and colorful graphics

The graphic quality of Kong Island really makes us happy with what it brings. All the details that appear on the deserted island are carefully described, and connected to reality. Due to this, players can quickly feel the excitement through the details that appear on the screen.

Images of characters, agricultural products, buildings, and the surrounding environment represent important scenes. Also, the sound effects of the game will make you feel excited and relaxed while playing the game.

Additional Information About Panda Store Apk latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 92.3 MB

Current Version: v1.3.1

Package Name: com.cscmobi.cana.islands

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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