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Klimateller App is an android application developed and offered for android users. The Klimateller App application was developed in a joint project by Nehhaft EV and Grantable EV in collaboration with Eternity.

Quickly and easily calculate your food’s CO2 emissions from the Klimateller app on your desktop or tablet: you enter ingredients and their amounts and get real-time information about how much the dish emits.

What is Klimateller App?

Klimateller App was developed in a joint project by Nehhaft EV and Grantable EV in collaboration with Eternity. The calculation is based on a database from the scientific point of view of our associated partner eternity. It is currently the most common of its kind in the world.

The project was funded under Grant No. 03KF0084A / B for Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Security as part of the National Climate Protection Initiative (NKI).

Klimateller App

How does our diet relate to the Klimateller?

Klimateller change is noteworthy: heat waves, heavy rains, floods, and hurricanes have become more common here. This is due to high emissions of greenhouse gases and deterioration in greenhouse gas limits. With 21% greenhouse gas emissions in Germany, our diet contributes significantly to this. They are produced on-site with every process and every transport in the kitchen.

Klimateller change has a significant impact on our food supply: crop failures, delays, and deterioration in quality harm the economy and health. To guarantee supply, open-air catering is based on affordable, high-quality food. And to maintain it, a good atmosphere is important.

Klimateller App

Menu of Klimateller App

  • Get climate-friendly food and create a healthy climate plate.
  • Use the ClimaTeller app to calculate the CO2 footprint of dishes on your menu (free until the end of 2019).
  • Surprise your guests with a climate-friendly kitchen and make an effective contribution to the sustainability of the company.
  • Our channels Benefit from our presence on online channels, in newspapers, and in press releases.
  • Promote sustainable, environmentally friendly food and talk to your guests.
  • Get a free gastro kit with door stickers, table display, and information materials to communicate with guests.

Klimateller App

Some necessary point of view of the Klimateller App

  • Avoid meat and dairy products more often

According to a comprehensive study from Oxford University, those who have more animal and vegetable-based foods such as vegetables, potatoes, grains, and lemons have the largest contribution to weather protection on their plates. The lowest (8%) of animal products (meat, fish, milk) is due to the diet of vegetables.

  • Organization than traditional

Climate balance is better in organic farming: without chemical-synthetic fertilizers, more CO2, area-based animal husbandry, and rich soils that bind agricultural or regional feed production will be able to avoid many greenhouse gas emissions. You can identify materials from organic production and animal husbandry using organic seals.

Delicious climate protection

Around a fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions in Germany are caused by diet. This includes above all the areas of agriculture, processing, trade (including transport), and consumption. With each KlimaTeller you save at least half of the emissions compared to an average dish.

Requires Android -4.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

Current Version:v2.1

Price – Free

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