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CRUMB APK – Major social networks like Facebook or Instagram focus on posting the most beautiful photos. When you think of Instagram, you think of an abundance of selfies striking all kinds of familiar poses. But what you may not know is that Instagram didn’t start as a social network for selfies, it was an app for creative photography enthusiasts. It was only after the Facebook acquisition that sources of personal cults began to take over the network.

Photo enthusiasts have migrated to Flickr and many similar sites where they can express themselves better. The platform works relatively well, but it’s still a collection of photo albums that you can categorize in different ways and doesn’t really offer anything that differentiates them. But now you can try something different with new crumbs!


What is CRUMB APK?

CRUMB Apk is a photo platform that integrates landscape photos or photos from various locations with geolocation systems and augmented reality. This makes the app completely different and allows you to experience places you have never been before thanks to its photo-sharing system. Thus, you can enjoy a complete view of every corner of the world you explore during your travels.

For example, imagine you are visiting a little-known market in Paris that has a fountain and a garden that you think is beautiful. With this app, you can see if other people have been there and decided to post a photo on Crumb. This way you can see the source in a different context, maybe at night or on a rainy day and with different people in the frame. What a great way to discover each place differently!

A completely unique AR format!

That said, Crumb is an app that allows you to experience a form of augmented reality while traveling or walking around your city. The app’s geotagging lets you open a small window into the past to view other people’s pictures, and you can also post your own photos of different places you’ve visited. Use your smartphone, take a photo of your choice with the camera, and share it on Crumb with geotagging enabled.

Thanks to Crumb, you can also meet fellow photo enthusiasts who frequent the same places as you and test your photo framing skills to find the perfect angle. In each location, you’ll find different images to improve your skills and serve as examples!


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Features of CRUMB Apk

  • Interactive and interesting learning

3D rendering, based on real components With a wide variety of electronics careers available to young and old alike, CRUMB offers an interactive and friendly introduction to electronic circuits.

Designed entirely in 3D, prototyping circuits can be assembled exactly as they are on the bench, without the limitations of final component failures or individual component alignment.

  • Complete list

The combinations and possibilities are endless With CRUMB, you can jump right into circuit prototyping with a variety of starter parts.

You can learn to run basic programs with transistor operation and audio filtering and EEPROM programming.

Beginners can learn and understand the basics of interactive functionality, and enthusiasts can analyze and refine prototypes before building real models.

With the integrated oscilloscope and analysis display, connections between wiring components are clearly visible

  • Community-oriented development

After version 1.0, Crumb will continue to be updated and expanded Additional features and components will be added as a result of community feedback and suggestions

A desktop version is also under development and offers additional features such as tools, in-depth analysis and schematic view, and PCB layout.

CRUMB is always looking for suggestions, so if you have any, feel free to post them on the forums.

Mod features of CRUMB Apk

Application for geotagged images:-

With the CRUMB App, you can post photos that appear to be geotagged wherever you go, so you can see other people’s photos in the same location and share your own.

Find unique photos anywhere:-

CRUMB acts as a veritable window into the past, where you can find all kinds of ideas wherever you go.

Share your experiences with the world:-

This application gives you the opportunity to share your photography skills and your unique way of seeing the world, and you can also explore other people’s eyes.

Experience enhanced reality with moments past:-

CRUMB effectively works as an augmented reality app that lets you explore all kinds of moments from the past and experience real photographic gems.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about CRUMB Apk’s latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 21.5 MB

Current Version: v1.0.3

Package Name: com.VitalGroupLtd.CRUMB

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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