Con La Voce Di Waze APK

Con La Voce Di Waze APK

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Con La Voce Di Waze Apk is a mapping and navigation app with a global community of over 100 million users who selflessly improve the app every day. We will notify you about road closures, speed cameras, traffic jams etc.

Using Waze is as simple as selecting your destination and waiting a few seconds for the app to calculate the best route for you. By default, you will see the shortest route, but the app will show you all possible options.

So if you have a personal preference, all you have to do is choose the option that suits your needs. In the Settings menu, you can also mark the options that interest you the most, such as B. Not displaying routes with tolls.

Another great feature is that Waze will always show you your speed, but not only that, you’ll also see the speed limit for the road you’re on. So if you cross the speed limit, the app will show you a warning. . You will be informed about all events in the area in real-time and with radar.

Con La Voce Di Waze App is a great navigation app for Android that you can use to plan any trip. Providing information is also quick and easy. As long as you are a passenger, you can easily add any traffic incident to alert other drivers.

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What is Con La Voce Di Waze APK?

Con La Voce Di Waze Apk is an alternative GPS navigation application to Google Maps that we have for various platforms such as Android and iOS. Waze intelligently guides you to your chosen destination, taking into account the route used by traffic, shortest routes and other factors.

To guide the user to the chosen destination, Waze not only uses a map with all the clues shown along the way, but also uses a voice to indicate where the destination is. Not everyone likes Waze’s default voice, and if you’re one of those people who wants to change the navigation voice in Waze, read this guide to learn how to do it.

Google Maps and Waze are two GPS navigation apps, only it is different because it uses the community to better guide you to your destination. It allows users to alert other drivers about accidents, speed cameras, traffic jams, etc., making it easier for others to reach a destination using the same app but following selected alternative routes. . Wave All routes take the user to the destination with voice guidance,

but not everyone likes it and some people want to replace it with a more popular route. Fortunately, the Con La Voce Di Waze app has a list of sounds that the user can use as their default sound.

How to change your navigation sound in Waze, The app is capable of supporting multiple languages ​​and depending on it allows the user to select a language different from the default. One thing Waze does well is that the developers periodically add new voices, even celebrity voices.

In the next section we will see how to change the navigation voice in Waze by recording your voice, In addition to the pre-loaded sounds, It allows the user to add new pre-recorded sounds and it is also possible to pre-record your own, someone you know or someone you know. Add from voice. Once a new voice is added, it can be used as voice guidance for navigation.

Features of Con La Voce Di Waze APK

  • If you want to try out Waze and perhaps tune your voice to explore the world’s roads, you can download it here. Here are the cool features of the app:
  • Route calculation based on real-time information about traffic and road conditions generated by the community
  • Alerts submitted by the community to inform about accidents, hazards, speed cameras, road closures, and more.
  • Navigation with full voice instructions
  • Live Maps are constantly edited and updated by the Ways Map Editor Community
  • Automatic route recalculation based on changing road conditions
  • Send your estimated time of arrival and live travel time to everyone you meet
  • Storage of most frequent routes, driving times, and favorite routes
  • Find the cheapest gas station along the way
  • Share information about places you know or have found
  • Add friends by syncing your address book

  • Check the estimated time of arrival of your friends if they have set the same destination
  • Access the Facebook event or events added to your calendar with a single tap on the navigation list
  • Earn points and climb the leaderboards by helping to publish information about road conditions.

Role of Characters:

A set of sounds for the Con La Voce Di Waze Apk with a little more personality than the usual default sounds.

After installing the app, you can install and select the sound you want to hear in Waze. Your turn-by-turn navigation will be heard in a new voice. You can configure multiple entries simultaneously. The first account is free, others can be installed with in-app purchases.

Angelo – Walked the block a few times and talks like a real New Yorker. Not for nothing, but he hates losing as much as you hate losing. So be careful, we don’t have all day.

Zoe – She is a lively little girl who loves to have fun, and sing, but most importantly, knows how to follow directions! Listen and bring the lollipops.

Rivka – Hey, did you eat? Are you eating enough? Hey don’t worry about me, didn’t you know there was a Jewish in the car? Well, as always, she tells you what to do.

Victor – Have you ever dreamed of being held hostage in your car? Now is your chance!

Bernice – You probably remember World War II, but remember how to get there? We can only hope.

Thrax – A terrifying voice rises from the depths of the dream to guide you to your doom. Very nervous

Jean Pierre – What do you get when you mix Pepe Le Pew and Inspector Clause? A big cliché.

This app will come with free updates and more language packs in the future. Contact us to suggest a list or contribute!

How to use Waze on Android Auto?

When you connect your mobile device to your vehicle with a USB cable, Waze will display a streamlined version of the app that focuses primarily on navigation.

You can use search or voice commands for navigation; However, you may not update settings, add or edit saved locations, send reports via voice command, or use social features to share your trip or location while interacting with Wazern on the go. can’t

Before connecting to Android Auto, log in to your account and change your settings (for example, voice guidance, route settings, etc.).

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Con La Voce Di Waze APK’s latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

Current Version: 1.30

Package Name:

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free


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