Clocksync APK

Clocksync APK

By: Sergey Baranov


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In Clocksync Apk, your device’s computer clock is synchronized with Internet Atomic Time via NTP (Network Time Protocol). Useful when the provider doesn’t support NITZ, sends at the wrong time, or has a clock drift in the device/ROM.

As technology develops, so does the need for accurate time synchronization. New technologies such as 5G, IoT, and edge computing depend on the smooth running of the program. In addition, as cyber threats become more sophisticated, Clocksync can play an important role in improving network security. The application of quantum technology may bring new challenges and opportunities to this App.

For example, Clocksync Apk quantum computers have the ability to break existing encryption methods, highlighting the need for robust security protocols based on quantum-resistant algorithms, so there is sufficient time scale to support these protocols.

Clocksync APK

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Features of Clocksync Apk

  • Automatic synchronization with configurable interval.
  • Accuracy is 1-20ms depending on your connection and NTP server.
  • Statistics (Average Daily Productivity, Total Shifted Hours).
  • Root is required due to Android security limitations (time cannot be set by user Clocksync apps).
  • Automatic atomic timing with configurable intervals.
  • Notification when offset exceeds the user-defined limit.
  • Simple manual synchronization with a timestamp to set Clocksync.
  • Precision between 1 and 30 seconds (because Android doesn’t allow you to specify seconds).
  • One-second precision takes a few seconds when resetting the device (most Samsung devices and some HTC devices).
  • Greenwich mean time synchronization is supported when the device is reset in seconds.

Clocksync APK

Mod features

  • Customizable NTP/SNTP servers and timeout.
  • Displays the current date or time since the last sync.
  • NTP Server Details dialog Clocksync.
  • 3 color schemes (dark, light, default).
  • 12-hour or 24-hour format Clocksync.
  • Search and adjust time zones based on your geographical location.
  • Change the system time zone to a custom offset.
  • Time zone management (time zone information) based on the latest Olson Dees database.
  • Optional haptic feedback and sync notifications.
  • Clear and intuitive interface (use gauges or touch screen menu).

Can’t or won’t root your device? You can use Clocksync as a more accurate time source to set a clock or other clock, check your phone’s time accuracy, or manually set the time in rootless mode.

Move to SD is disabled because auto-sync (timer) doesn’t work when moving apps, the app size is too small, and since not all files are moved to SD, it still takes more than 50 KB.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Clocksync Apk is the latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 246 KB

Current Version: v1.2.6

Package Name: com.useinc.ss501k.clocksync

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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