Car Dealer Simulator Mod APK

Car Dealer Simulator Mod APK

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Rating: 4.7+  Downloads: 394+ Size: 78 MB Updated: October 21, 2023.

Car Dealer Simulator Mod Apk It’s time to start over and open your own car business, you will have unlimited opportunities in the capacity of a car dealer.

Show that you are an experienced salesperson, buy a car at a low price, make your car sale profitable, or find new deals to trade your old car for a new car in perfect condition. Buy cars, make small but profitable repairs, and sell them for three times their price, gain more experience, and become richer.

Expand your business and find new opportunities for your business. Become a professional in your business, learn new skills, diagnose, and upgrade at the best price. An interesting financial simulator game that will not bore you but will allow you to discover new skills in the field of car dealerships and have a lot of fun.

In 2016, Applecraft released a game called “Car Dealer Simulator Mod Apk”. Due to its uniqueness, the game has since received a warm reception, and from its title alone you can tell that the game is about buying and selling cars.

I am sure most of you have never heard of this type of game and this is one of the reasons that makes everyone different. If the introduction isn’t exciting enough for you, read on to find out why “Car Dealer Simulator” is worth playing.

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About Car Dealer Simulator Mod Apk

Car Dealer Simulator Mod Apk Update game, you play the role of a car dealership owner and try to build a prosperous business empire in the automotive sector.

You start the game with some initial money and a small collection of cars. You need to buy and resell different types of cars to earn money. You will need to stay abreast of industry trends, negotiate with suppliers and customers, modernize your infrastructure, and find new business opportunities.

Car Dealer Simulator Mod APK

What is Car Dealer Simulator Mod Apk?

Car Dealer Simulator Mod Apk is available for free download and offers various business management features including car sales, car search and repair, promotion and marketing, employee management, auto auction, and many other activities. Related to the automotive sector business. industry.

You can find great deals, be it popular or unusual models, and set a high price. Plus, you can upgrade and customize your store, resulting in a welcoming workplace that will attract customers.

It provides a realistic simulation of running a Car Dealer Simulator Mod including dealing with customers, vendors, and finances. With stunning graphics and accurate information about car models, it will also immerse you in the world of cars.

For those who love the automotive sector and want to understand what it takes to become a successful Car Dealer Simulator Mod Apk is the game for you.

Features of Car Dealer Simulator Mod Apk

Buy and Sell Cars: Participate in auctions or buy cars directly from dealers. Find great deals, negotiate low costs, and earn money by buying and selling different makes and models of cars.

Vehicle maintenance and repair require Investment in infrastructure. Shop for the supplies and tools you need to perform vehicle maintenance and repair tasks, from engine upgrades and electrical systems to vehicle painting and technical repairs.

Customizing and changing things like wheels, headlights, paint color and interior will help you create a unique car. Make specific car models to attract specific customers.

Use smart marketing and advertising efforts to attract customers. To reach more potential customers, use advertising media like newspapers, television, radio, and social media.

Financial Management: Tracking the company’s income and expenses. Manage capital, change car sales, and manage expenses to ensure maximum profit.

Business Expansion: Explore opportunities to grow your business by opening additional locations or expanding services such as parts sales, maintenance, and repair.

Negotiate: Negotiate with customers and suppliers to get the best deal. Learn trading strategies and watch market trends to increase your profits.

Car Dealer Simulator Mod APK


When you first enter the game, a guy who looks like a trucker will guide you through a tutorial with clear steps and instructions. Players start at the bottom of their careers with minimal skills and little money. The coach will help you buy your first car on a budget.

As you play, you will see that all the cars have problems, even the cars that the buyer says don’t have problems. Players must buy damaged cars, repair them, and sell them for profit. After that, they can look for more attractive offers in the market.

While playing “Car Dealer Simulator Mod Apk”, you will start to grow your business, earn money, and have the ability to buy more expensive cars. The more you play, the more you learn about the game and how to become a pro.

How to play Car Dealer Simulator Mod Apk?

To make sure you get the most out of it, here’s a breakdown of the main ways to play:

Start visiting the showroom

  • Laying the foundation: Before diving into the bustling world of automobile trading, it is important to set up your showroom. This is where you can meet potential customers, showcase your collection, and close deals.
  • Understanding the Game Interface: Familiarize yourself with the game’s menus, options, and mechanics. This will ensure that you can easily move through the game’s features.
  • Setting up your initial inventory: Start with a few cars, ensuring a mix of luxury, economy, and mid-range options to serve a wide range of customers.

Master the Trading System

  • Customer Engagement: Your showroom will soon see an influx of customers. Connect with them, understand their needs, and negotiate to secure the best deal.
  • The game’s dynamic pricing system:  Car Dealer Simulator Mod Apk is designed to simulate the ups and downs of the real-world car market. Follow trends, buy less, sell more, and maximize profits.
  • Expand Your Showroom: As income and reputation grow, invest in expanding your showroom. Think big! More space means more cars, which means more sales.
  • Adding completely new features: The game introduces new features and mechanics over time. Stay current, adapt, and use it to your advantage to stay ahead in the competitive world of auto trading.
  • It’s not just about buying and selling; It includes strategy, attitude, and the satisfaction of completing an important transaction.


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Additional Information About Car Dealer Simulator Mod Apk latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size-  78 MB

Current Version: v1.4

Package Name: com.rgs.cardealership.jobsimulatorgames

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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