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BLACK RUSSIA APK is an Android launcher that allows you to play CRMP (Crime Russian Multiplayer) on your mobile device. Developed by Kirill Fitenko, this free game belongs to the category of role-playing games and offers a unique mod pack with Russian and foreign cars, a full map, and a thoughtful game mode.

Black Russia Launcher lets you experience the thrill of CRM on your mobile device. The launcher is easy to use and ensures a smooth gaming experience.

The modpack is well designed and the inclusion of Russian and foreign cars adds realism to the game. The large map allows you to explore every corner of the game and discover new locations.


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BLACK RUSSIA APK is an exciting open-world action game, compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices. The game offers a varied and realistic experience in the criminal environment of Russia.

With exquisite details and high-definition maps of many cities, players can enter the virtual world to make their dreams come true. Each role is designed in detail and has a realistic appearance, allowing you to interact with the virtual world in a real and believable way.

With a wide selection of cars and the ability to customize everything from paint to suspension, you can create your style. Indoor and outdoor maps are specially optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a smooth gaming experience and high image quality.

If you are a car enthusiast, you will love parking with famous cars like Mercedes, BMW and Ferrari. It is not only a game but also an opportunity for you to show your class in the automotive world.

By connecting with thousands of other players, you can build relationships, socialize, and create a unique virtual life. Ships of the BLACK RUSSIA is a place where you can express yourself, fulfill your dreams, and experience a virtual crime environment on your mobile phone like never before.



Open world and HD maps:

  • BLACK RUSSIA APK offers an open world with detailed and varied maps, covering many different cities and regions in Russia.
  • High-quality HD maps help players experience real-world game environments.

Car Customization and Tuning:

  • The game offers a wide range of cars that can be purchased and customized according to individual tastes.
  • Players can adjust many elements of the car, including tints, neon lights, vinyl, headlight color, and even the suspension.

Parking and Car Reputation:

  • The game features parking with famous cars like Mercedes, BMW and Ferrari.
  • This is where you can display, customize, and showcase your range with unique cars.

Social interaction and player community:

  • BLACK RUSSIA APK allows players to interact with thousands of other players on the network.
  • You can participate in social activities, build relationships, and create a unique virtual life.

Internally and externally mobile optimized:

  • The interior and exterior parts of the game are specially designed and optimized for mobile devices.
  • This ensures a smooth playback experience and high picture quality on your mobile phone.

Diverse and Exciting Experiences:

  • With many different roles, features, and activities, BLACK RUSSIA APK offers a diverse and exciting experience for players.
  • You can complete missions, participate in virtual life, and create your own story in the criminal world of Russia.



RPG realism.

BLACK RUSSIA APK immerses you in an authentic Russian environment where you have to navigate with skill and determination. Every decision has weight and paves the way for your fate in this challenging parallel universe. With an emphasis on realism, players must strategize to survive and thrive, making Black Russia more than just a game – it’s a simulation of life on the edge.

Adaptability and strength.

Create a character that represents your vision. Are you a quick-thinking strategist or a fan of brute force? As the game progresses, your avatar also evolves and gains subtle skills and attributes.

The same attention goes to your vehicles: tune and modify your dream car to make it an extension of your in-game personality. But it’s not just about looks; It’s about engine noise and grip on the racing asphalt.

Group leadership and adrenaline.

Establish yourself as a gang leader in BLACK RUSSIA APK. Earn honor and fear by engaging in thrilling gunfights, nail-biting street races, and intricate criminal conspiracies. These elements are the lifeblood of the game, making them addictive and satisfying the need for the thrill that only high-adrenaline action can provide.

Strategic board games and their influence on happiness.

With a detailed map of BLACK RUSSIA APK, you are not alone. Interact with over 10 million players, each with their background. Form alliances, negotiate skillfully, and use social illusions that can seal your fate. Your decisions are reflected throughout the entire gaming experience and influence the course of the story and its outcome.

Vision and mission.

Beneath the rugged exterior, you’ll find stunning graphics that bring the dark reality to life. Discover a variety of skins that allow for extensive customization and ensure that no two criminals are the same.

The missions are as varied as they are challenging, paving the way for an unparalleled experience that will keep you coming back for another heist, another run, and another power play.

Become a crime tycoon.

In this way, you become a monster of illegal trade and shadow administration. This is where your journey begins, from the base of the streets to the top of criminal enterprise.



BLACK RUSSIA APK offers a varied and exciting experience in the virtual world, allowing players to customize their characters, participate in various activities, and interact with other players.

With detailed maps, cars, and the ability to customize various missions, the game promises players a sense of realism and inspiration to explore and create their own virtual lives.


Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 76.8 MB

Current Version: v14.6.0

Package Name: com.launcher.brgame

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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