Alight Motion 5.1.1 APK

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Be a part of this movement! With Alight Motion 5.1.1 APK, you can create professional-quality animation, motion graphics, visual effects, video editing, and video compositing right on your smartphone.

  • Graphics, Video, and Audio layers
  • Vector and bitmap graphics support (edit vector graphics directly in the app!)
  • You can combine over 100 basic modules with effects to create sophisticated visual effects
  • All systems support keyframe animation
  • Create your time curve or choose from presets for smooth motion
  • Alight Motion uses groups and masks
  • Customize and customize colors
  • Alight Motion blur due to speed.
  • You can export MP4 videos to H.264 and HEVC, animated GIFs, PNG sequences, and more.
  • Sharing project packages allows users to transfer projects between devices or send them to other users in an editable format.
  • Colors, gradients, and media fills.
  • Effects like lines, shadows, and many borders.
  • Ability to customize fonts Alight Motion.
  • Save your favorite elements to easily reuse them in future projects.
  • Cross-platform: Works on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Alight Motion 5.1.1 APK is free to use with basic functionality and watermarks on videos. Upgrade to a paid subscription to remove the watermark and access premium features. This includes subscriptions that automatically renew until you cancel.

Alight Motion 5.1.1 APK

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What is Alight Motion 5.1.1 APK?

For those who love video editing apps and are looking for Alight Motion 5.1.1 APK No Watermark, you will find the app in this article. Are you looking for a file-downloading app like the app but are bothered by too many ads? Don’t worry because you can download from here without any links or spam.

In the Play Store, the premium version of the app is paid but here on our website, we provide the premium version of the Alight Motion app for free. unlocked for Android, so you can download the Alight from our website. The premium features of this app will be discussed later. One of the best video editing apps for Android devices.

This is the best app if you are interested in animation and graphic design. There are visual effects that make the graphics more attractive. Keyframe functionality of Alight Motion 5.1.1 APK is its best feature.

This allows you to manipulate the speed frame by frame. Each frame can be customized in size and shape. In Objects, you can customize the colors of specific objects and more.

Alight Motion 5.1.1 APK

Features of Alight Motion 5.1.1 APK

Keyframe animation.

This is one of the best and most interesting features of Alight Motion 5.1.1. Keyframes are stop-motion video animations that you can manipulate frame by frame. You can add custom elements and edit frames while the video is being animated, meaning you can edit the animated video in detail.

The app has many elements that you can add to your animated video frames. The position of objects can be changed from one image to another. It gives you complete control to edit the entire animated video.

Visual effects.

Effects on animated videos give your videos a new look, so Alight Motion 5.1.1 has built-in visual effects that you can use on animated videos. Warm colors, exposure, color matching, highlights and shadows, clouds, and many other visual effects are available in the store.

You can easily use these video effects in your animations. It will make your animated video look beautiful. Match Colors Video Animation helps you match colors. You can also control exposure in videos by using all these visual effects.

Mixed method.

Blend mode in video allows you to merge multiple layers and adjust the size and shape of the layers. The Alight Motion app allows you to add multiple layers with blending mode options.

This option is used to merge layers. You can also change the opacity of the layer, changing it to your liking. There are many mixed-mode presets available in the app.

Vector graphics.

Vector Graphics helps you create animated videos with vector graphics. Vectors are simple and cool images that you can animate in Alight Motion.

These are sketch images in 2D or 3D that you can add to animated videos. You can animate vector graphics into video graphics. Create your custom vector and animal images into animated videos.


Alight Motion provides more than 2000 in-app fonts that you can use as text layers in your videos. Add text to videos in motion graphics Easily animate text at any size.

Many fonts can easily beautify your text fonts. There are thousands of fonts available, but if you want to use your custom text font, you can also add your text font.

Export format.

One amazing thing about Alight Motion is that you can export videos to various formats. You can also export specific frames from the video. There are many video and animation formats to export your animated videos. Available formats are MP4 (Video), GIF, XML, PNG, JPEG, etc.

You can easily export your animated videos in these available formats. You can easily share these files on any platform in various formats.

Alight Motion 5.1.1 APK

Mod features of Alight Motion 5.1.1 APK

  • Add multiple layers to your animated video with blending options
  • More than 2000 built-in fonts are available
  • Adjust the aspect ratio of the video Alight Motion.
  • You can also add your custom fonts to your videos
  • Customize the look of your video by matching colors
  • Keyframes help you manipulate video frames through animation frames.
  • There are many visual effects you can use for animated videos.
  • You can also create your vector animations on videos
  • Export videos to various formats like MP4, GIF, etc.
  • Your video will not have a watermark Alight Motion.

Alight Motion 5.1.1 APK

Supports several points

  • Graphics and audio and video layers.
  • Supports vector and bitmap graphics (edit vector graphics right on your mobile device)
  • Color correction and visual effects
  • All settings can be animated using keyframes.
  • Animations for spontaneous movements: Choose from presets or create your own time curves
  • Based on speed
  • You can export MP4 video or animated GIF
  • Filled gradient and solid color effects
  • Shadow and border effects
  • Get levels
  • You can save your favorite items for easy reuse in future projects.


In the vast universe of mobile video editing, Alight Motion 5.1.1 APK is a giant that casts a long shadow over many of its contemporaries. An eclectic mix of innovative features and intuitive design provides a wide, colorful canvas for the seasoned artist and budding enthusiast alike.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Alight Motion 5.1.1 APK is the latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 23.6 MB

Current Version: v5.1.1

Package Name: com.alightcreative.motion

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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