Afad Acil Cağrı APK

Afad Acil Cağrı APK

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Rating: 4.7+  Downloads: 450+ Size: 18.3 MB Updated: February 12, 2023.

Afad Acil Cağrı Apk mobile Application of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Turkey has a version compatible with phones and tablets. In case of natural calamities, transactions can be done easily on the app related to people’s needs and wishes.

TR mobile Application for emergency calls of Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency of the Ministry of Home Affairs. In case of disaster, you can view meeting places and make emergency calls.

Afad Acil Cağrı APK

We have developed the Afad Acil Cağrı Apk to meet the needs of our citizens before, during, and after disasters. If you are an iOS or Android user, download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Afad Acil Cağrı Apk is developed by the Ministry of Interior to reach more citizens in emergency, life-saving, and disaster situations, it is different as a local and national application. With an intuitive design, the Afad Acil Cağrı App has very easy-to-access features like one-touch emergency calling, nearby meeting points, and educational disaster videos.

After downloading the Afad Acil Cağrı App on the phone, make sure to enter the phone number. Once the password is entered and the phone number is verified, activate the app by entering the TR ID number and giving access to the location.

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About Afad Acil Cağrı APK

The Afad Acil Cağrı Apk, developed by the Ministry of Home Affairs, stands out for not experiencing more casualties in disasters and for helping citizens quickly. It offers life-saving features with an easy-to-use design and the ease of making an emergency call with a button.

To use the App, which draws attention to disaster areas with various functions, such as nearby meeting places, and emergency training videos, it must first be downloaded to the device. Then the phone number is entered and phone verification is carried out using the received password. TC ID number and location must be activated after authorization.

Developed to prevent miscommunication, one of the biggest problems in natural disasters like earthquakes, the Afad Acil Cağrı App provides a solution to this problem with its “One Touch Emergency Call” feature. It provides services like location service and the exact location of the caller through internet calling.

The App, which has also shown success in preventing congestion caused by GSM lines, shows locations that will allow people to gather in safe places away from dangerous and dangerous areas in the first hour of a disaster. All assembly constituencies can be easily seen on the map. The address is also supported.

Afad Acil Cağrı APK

Features of Afad Acil Cağrı APK

Operations that can be performed on the Application:

  • Voice emergency call initiation
  • Start an emergency call with a message
  • Check meeting places
  • Disaster Awareness Training Video
  • Download Afad Acil Cağrı APK

One-touch emergency call

A major problem in disasters, especially earthquakes, is the disruption of communication systems. This problem can be solved with the one-touch emergency call function of the Afad Acil Cağrı Apk Emergency Mobile Application.

The Application allows you to make emergency calls over the Internet and locate the caller using location services, thus avoiding congestion on GSM lines.

Through the 112 emergency call center, Afad Acil Cağrı emergency users can report their situation and send requests for assistance to disaster areas. Citizens who cannot make voice calls during a disaster can also communicate through messages using in-app messaging.

Nearest meeting place

A collection area is a place where citizens will gather during a disaster. On the main screen of the Afad Acil Cağrı Apk Application, immediately after the disaster, the meeting places where our citizens can gather safely from fear and danger are shown on the map. Using the App, our citizens can find the nearest meeting place and get directions to get there.

Afad Acil Cağrı APK

How to install the Afad Acil Cağrı APK on your Android device?

  1. Using your browser, you can download the APK file directly to your Android smartphone or tablet.
  2. Tap on your browser’s application file to download it.
  3. You will then see the download in the top bar of your device.
  4. After downloading the APK, tap the file under Downloads and confirm your decision by tapping Yes.
  5. A new application will be installed on your device.

Please contact us if you have problems installing the app.

What is the Plus point of the Afad Acil Cağrı APK?

  1. From a third-party website, you can download the latest version of Afad Acil Cağrı APK. You can move most versions around in the app store.
  2. You won’t see the verification method on it, it downloads immediately, unlike the Play Store.
  3. While downloading, a file is placed on your memory card or system storage. As such, you uninstall and reinstall them when not downloading them.

What is the Minus point of the Afad Acil Cağrı APK?

  1. Sometimes Google doesn’t verify the installation of apps from third-party sources. As a result, your phone may suffer damage.
  2. There are viruses in files that can steal information from your phone or damage it.
  3. There may be times when your apps cannot access the Google Play Store, making it impossible for them to update mechanically.

The most frequently asked questions

Q: How much does Afad Acil Cağrı APK cost?

A: You can use it for free and it has unlimited possibilities. Paying for business mode can be expensive. However, you can get the APK for free here.

Q: How do you download the Afad Acil Cağrı APK from Apkfreeload?

A; There is nothing complicated about it. In this article, I have shared this software for free so you don’t have to go anywhere else. You can download it for free from Tell your friends and family about your experiences.

Q: What is the Afad Acil Cağrı APK?

A: This is one of the most useful apps for Android.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Afad Acil Cağrı APK’s latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 18.3 MB

Current Version: v1.0.13

Package Name:

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free


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