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Yeager Hunter Legend APK



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Yeager Hunter Legend Apk is an ARPG where you must travel to a mysterious planet called Akers. Here you will meet a hunter who guides you through a series of exciting journeys. In this world, you can think of dozens of powerful creatures that try to block your progress while challenging you in epic battles.

you can customize your warrior with your favorite physical attributes before taking to the Acres. After that, you will be ready to meet many dragons that will not be easy for you to survive. On the left side of the interface is a joystick to move the hunter, while on the right side, you operate by tapping buttons.

It gives you the opportunity to create combinations of attacks so that you can reduce the age of each dragon more effectively. Anyway, during the game of Yeager Hunter Legend, you will increase your hero’s experience and unlock new attacks and resources, which will be of great help to you.

Yeager Hunter Legend Apk has a very interesting background that shows the entire evolution of your actions through 3D graphics. You have to be careful with every move you make in this realistic environment to catch lots of dragons.

Yeager Hunter Legend APK

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What is Yeager Hunter Legend Apk?

As you hunt down monstrous monsters with a menacing presence in the strange planetary world of Yeager Hunter Legend Apk, you’ll collect weapons of incredible destructive power.

It has a unique battle system design that is different from other action RPG games. You can use 5 different weapons including Hunting Sword, Force Hammer, Fury Blades, Flux Blaster, and Eidolon Spear. Each weapon has its own characteristics.

In order to find and use the right weapon against the right type of monsters, greatly weakening their power and dealing damage, you must understand the nuances and master each type.

The final death blow was passed easily. On the other hand, if you don’t use the right equipment, you’ll be distracted, unable to block attacks at the right time, and make the fight last longer, draining your character’s power.

Yeager Hunter Legend Apk monstrous creatures in this world became heavy and difficult to handle.

Along with learning how to use weapons, you need to improve your strength and fighting skills in two ways:

  • Updated weapons. You will need multiple clans to increase the power of advanced weapons. You have to kill monsters to get a stone.
  • Combine weapons to create different types of attacks and attack creatures.
  • Collect power-ups to make your heroes more durable and stronger Yeager Hunter Legend.

Using disciplined movement strategies and innovative combat techniques, you’ll have the ability to slay gigantic monsters, including bosses, lurking somewhere in the jungles and vast valleys of this world.

Focus on work when meeting superiors Yeager Hunter Legend App. Bosses have unique fighting skills that set them apart from normal monsters and are adept at blocking your attacks. So be very careful in handling it.

Yeager Hunter Legend APK

Features of Yeager Hunter Legend Apk

Ultimate Showdown:- Yeager Hunter Legend will hold its first Ultimate Showdown. Players will take part in 1v1 Hunting Races to compete to be the best Hunter!

Primal Calamity:- From Monday to Thursday, challenge a different Primal Beast each day and aim for maximum damage! Deal more damage to earn better rewards!

Perilous End:- Join a Yeager Hunter Legend Squad to take part in the challenge and earn weekly bonuses!

Gladiator’s Battlefield:- Team up with other members of your Alliance in a large-scale, 40vs40 competition.

Advanced Sigil Exchange:- You can now dismantle Legendary Sigilites and Union Sigilites in your inventory. The currency obtained from dismantling can be exchanged for Sigilites of the same type at the Sigil Exchange Shop.

Weapon School Recommendation:- Yeager Hunter Legend can now view recommended setups for the different Weapon Schools. Collect the items necessary for the setups to get progress rewards.

Hunter’s Trial:- Clear the Hunters’ Association trial to raise yours to Hunter Rank. When you raise your Hunter Rank, you unlock more titles and features. It will also be easier for you to hunt Beasts of lower Ranks.

  • New Event:-

Ruins Exploration: During the event (March 21 – April 11), explore the ruins and Yeager Hunter Legend for treasures!

  • New Map:-

Skelerode Marsh: On Tallinn’s request, the Yeager Hunter Legend ventures into the deserted swamp area and encounters new Beasts.

  • New Giant Beasts:-

Mysterious Beasts of the Skelerode Marsh: Swamp Roach, Basilisk, Parasitic Mudvine, Fen Devourer, and other monsters.

Yeager Hunter Legend APK

Additional Information About Yeager Hunter Legend Apk latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 622.2 MB

Current Version: v0.0.11

Package Name:

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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