Wall of insanity APK

Wall of insanity APK

By: Ray Spark


Rating: 4.7+  Downloads: 889+ Size: 562 MB Updated: April 16, 2024.

Wall of insanity APK is continuous and endless madness. Everything will be solved only when you start cleaning up all the bad things. We are going to a place full of horrors and horrors.

Destroy them all with all the weapons at your disposal. Then we will get many unique benefits. Something that will help you find a way to survive.

Not only that, we also train our conscience. It adapts to all conditions, even the most difficult. From there, become a warrior ready to face all challenges and overcome all dangers.

Wall of insanity APK

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About Wall of insanity APK

Wall of insanity APK is an exciting RPG shooting game. Since its release, it has received rave reviews from users worldwide, not only for the quality of the support but also for the depth of the story.

This motivates the players to always move forward. Its terrifying bias will drive fans of the genre crazy. You can see many scary scenes that will amaze you.

Activate your inner survival instinct in crazy battles. Can you survive to get out of that hell? Or will we be eaten by the strange creatures of this place?

The makers of the Slaughter game series have released a new game, Wall of insanity APK. It has an interesting plot, with a deep story, intense action, and a mysterious journey through a world of death and burning.

Wall of insanity APK

Wall of insanity APK Features

  • Active fighting with guns: To survive, you must be alert, react quickly, and use your weapon accurately. Escape from this scary world by using objects from the environment.
  • An adventurous journey into a world where fear, sadness, and madness reign. You will face a desperate and carefully crafted environment, full of mystery and danger. What dare you?
  • There are many traps and enemies around every corner. Take a good look around you. Don’t take unnecessary risks.
  • You should study your enemies: Ammunition conservation requires a careful selection of tactics. Life and death are at stake.
  • Your arsenal can be replenished and expanded by exploring the world. Weapons and useful items must be maintained. You will be able to overcome all obstacles by finding secrets, documents, and solutions.
  • In addition to simple controls, Wall of Insanity supports gamepads, has great customization, and allows users to customize its graphics.

Wall of insanity APK


Your quick, accurate reactions and alertness will determine your fate as you enter this desolate place. During this time fighting, survival, logic, and all skills of connecting objects should be used to their full potential.

As you explore the abandoned house, use your mind to decipher the terrain for shelter, weapons for protection, and mysterious objects and events.

There is nothing complicated about playing Wall of Insanity. The game is a third-person shooter that features a single-player campaign. In keeping with the genre’s tradition, there’s a health bar on the bottom right, a navigation cluster on the left, and weapons, ammo, and on top.

There was a lot of commotion at the Wall of Madness, all the soldiers showing big backs. It’s nice to look at but can clutter the screen, especially in scenes that require a lower resolution. But in other words, the shape of this TPS mobile game is superb.

Wall of insanity APK

Play challenges

You can’t expect a smooth ride when you reach the Wall of Insanity, so you have to learn the gameplay slowly by overcoming many challenges in the background.

After completing each level, you will be taken to a new location with more obstacles. In addition to items, you also have many new weapons and increased damage to instantly kill zombies.

Additionally, more challenges will increase the number of zombies and increase their power. As a result, you will be the only one against the invading zombie army at any time. Make sure they are all destroyed before you become their delicious dinner.

It’s always great to see fans supporting a zombie-themed game. Wall of Insanity is one of the well-designed zombie games with excellent features. With an engaging story, exciting gameplay, and best-quality graphics, this game promises to be a great experience.


Wall of insanity APK  is a game that you will surely love to play. And the more you play, the more involved you become in the game in general. If you already own the game, maybe now is your chance to download the latest version of Wall of Insanity to enjoy all the new futuristic features it has to offer.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Wall of insanity APK is the latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 562 MB

Current Version: v1.4

Package Name: com.VenomizedArt.WallOfInsanity

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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