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Varlens APK

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Varlens Apk uses a DSLR camera to instantly focus every photo you take. What you see in the rear camera viewfinder will be reflected in the picture you take.

The scene you are photographing will often move the mirror into position and enter the camera as light. The action starts in the camera room and then moves to the pentagonal mirror system.

Of course, photography is an ongoing process. After that, many complex operations will take place on your Android device. Data from the Virlens camera is transferred to the camera’s processor, which translates it into a usable format and stores it on the memory card.

This entire process takes very little time. This technique can be done up to ten times per second with a professional DSLR on a phone app.

Varlens Apk

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About Varlens Apk

Varlens Apk is a quality versatile camera. With more than 100 features, it is easy to use and runs fast without limitations. Shortly after its release, it was recommended as a “New App” and voted “Editor’s Pick of the Week” several times.

All Varlens photo editing and post-production features are rigorously tested and tuned to ensure professional quality and results. All modes, parameters, and format names are those of professional photography.

Very suitable for casual photography, selfies, street scenes, street photography, humanity, children, portraits, flowers, pets, food, still life, travel, wedding, and wedding photography.

You can learn photography and enjoy photography by watching articles and videos on the internet. Advanced photography enthusiasts can take advantage of various professional features of Varlens Apk and use their mobile phones to capture the intense light and shadow effects experienced in life.

Varlens Apk

Features of Varlens Apk

Large sensor.

In other words, the sensor size of a full-frame camera is the same as a 35mm film frame. On the other hand, APS-C cameras only use half of 35mm. Full-lens cameras are larger than the smallest DSLRs.

Conventional cameras are bulky and bulky, so you cannot carry them for long periods of time. Thanks to the great and smart Varlens Apk for Android on your phone, you can take pictures whenever you want.

Better photos can be taken in low light.

This is a great tool for low-light photography. The larger the monitor, the more “visible” light in the space. Better lighting will make your photos clearer. When you used your phone’s camera in a low light bar, it didn’t work properly because the sensor couldn’t receive enough light. In such a situation, a DSLR would be a better choice.

Photos with autofocus.

Another feature that sets DSLRs apart from other cameras is autofocus. DSLR cameras have a 15% faster-focusing mechanism than other cameras. Usually, a steady stream of shots works well.

It can take pictures of anything that moves quickly as it records every move of the subject. The build quality of the lens also influences how fast and accurately the camera works.

Multiple lenses.

Switching lenses is one of the best features of DSLR cameras. You already know that there are times when the built-in lens isn’t enough, whether it’s because of the desire to include more in the image or the need to zoom in a bit to get closer to a distant object. Rotating the lens on a DSLR is just as easy. In comparison, Varlens Apk offers a wider selection of lenses.

For photographs of various landscapes and animals, there are wide-angle and super-telephoto versions. Additionally, Varlens Apk creates a blending effect for the large aperture portrait lens background.

Unlock all filters and effects.

You can take photos with 240 expertly designed black and white, vintage, retro film, master, and film art effects and organize them into your favorites. Additionally, exposure, dispersion, temperature, frame, clarity, and grain can be easily adjusted. Alternatively, you can create your own signature, watermark, and image to show ownership.

Mod features of Varlens Apk

Single layer photomicrograph

  • 6 mirrorless camera modes: Auto, Portrait, Time Lapse, Light Trail, Manual, Program
  • A specially designed portrait photography algorithm that simulates large aperture optical bokeh and blurred depth of field, an effect comparable to the telephoto lens of an SLR camera.
  • Smart Blur that effectively eliminates iPhone camera over-sharpening
  • 20x digital zoom, f/1.1 large numerical aperture, 30s slow shutter, ultra-long exposure, 60s ultra-long time lapse
  • Manually adjust ISO, Shutter, EV, White Balance, Focus, Multiple Metering Modes, Focus Lock
  • Image formats: HEIC, JPEG, Live Photo, TIFF, RAW/PRORAW, and HEIC and PRORAW for 14Pro models with 12MP/48MP pixels, 12bit/10bit bit depth settings
  • Reference line, spirit level, tilt angle, histogram, zebra pattern, focus peaking, magnifying glass, mirror front lens
  • Bluetooth lock
  • Supports iPhone, and iPad, members can sync multiple devices

Varlens Apk

Classic filters, homemade extensions

  • Dozens of handpicked black and white and vintage film filters, great classic and art film filters, all carefully crafted and fully restored
  • Can import .cube, .3dl, and other 3DLUT video layer color correction files, homemade filters
  • Filters can independently adjust parameters such as sharpness, exposure, grain, vignette, and photo frame, easily creating unique effects

Professional retouching and color correction

  • Native HSL+ tool, easy one-click partial color adjustment of the image, better than Lightroom and VSCO
  • “Shoot first, focus later”: Photos in portrait mode can readjust focus and aperture later when editing the photo
  • Dozens of settings like aperture, exposure, brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, saturation, hue, denoise, grain, vignette, curves tool, posterization, etc.
  • Full high-definition and high-quality processing of shooting, recording, and image editing, repeatedly replacing the original image without loss
  • Art photo frames that can show camera make, model, and other EXIF shooting parameters
  •  Customized logo

Cell phones play movies and TV blockbusters

  • 3-level anti-shake, you can record stable, movie-level handheld video
  • Real-time cinematic filter for slow-motion videos up to 240 fps
  • Pause, resume recording, single shot, no post-production video editing required
  • Video format: SDR, HDR10, Dolby Vision
  • Video recording: HEVC, H264, ProRes
  • Stereo recording, binaural microphone display
  • Silent video recording

The ultimate experience

  • Rich widgets: Golden hour, photo mode, frequently used filters, and photo editing, can be activated with one click on the home screen
  • Deep optimization of GPU/CPU/NPU performance to save energy
  • Time-lapse photography automatically synthesizes time-lapse videos and light-painting photography automatically saves the light-painting process
  • Left-handed interface, designed for left-handed people
  • Big font size UI, considerate for older users
  • More options in advanced settings

Varlens Apk


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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Varlens Apk latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 155 MB

Current Version: v8.8.2

Package Name:

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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