Tour de France 2021 APK

Tour de France APK

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The official game of Tour de France APK is the new phase of the cycling sport. You have to make a good strategy to succeed in each stage of the famous bike riding competition.

By successfully combining the positions of your cyclists and creating good attack sequences, you will gradually overtake your rivals and cross the finish line before anyone else.

In the official game of Tour de France APK, your mission is to build your team of cyclists to try to win the yellow jersey at the end of the race. You can achieve this honor only if you build the best team of “house heads” and leaders.

In any situation, you will always receive recommendations from your team leader to know what strategies you should follow. At every stage, we need to put every runner in the pits.

This allows you to attack your rivals or protect your team from their fast pace. Additionally, there is an image at the top of the screen that shows the slope of the terrain ahead and also shows how many races you have completed.

Tour de France App Official Game is an amazing cycling game that lets you experience the sport right from your smartphone. As you guide the strategy of each group of cyclists, you will be able to defend yourself from other cyclists to lead the group and win the race.

Tour de France APK

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What is Tour de France APK?

Tour de France APK has a multiplayer race option where you can compete with your friends or other people around the world. You can participate in face-to-face tournaments or online tournaments.

With its smart and realistic graphics, players can experience real bike racing in the game: you will experience the fatigue of riding in bad weather, height effects, and interactions with other cyclists.

Tour de France App is the best mobile racing game for game lovers that makes you feel like a professional cyclist and gives you an amazing and authentic Tour de France experience.

Tour de France APK

Features of Tour de France APK

  • Join the Tour de France: Tour de France APK is one of the most important cycling races in the world. You can participate in parallel races with professional cyclists.
  • Team selection: You can compete in races representing one of the recognized teams in the Tour de France.
    The right to manage your team includes choosing riders, developing strategies, controlling resources, and changing teams according to each stage.
  • Various Obstacles: The game has various challenging obstacles in different terrains like hilly roads, flat roads, countryside, and cities.
  • Altitude and Weather Changes: When you ride your bike, you will experience the effects of altitude and weather. It affects your running performance and endurance. The multiplayer racing mode lets you compete with your friends or other people around the world in online races.
  • Realistic Graphics: The App includes dynamic and realistic graphics that accurately depict the rider and racing environment.
  • Resource Management: To maintain the health and endurance of runners during the race, resources such as food, energy, and water must be managed.
  • Improve your skills: You can improve your riding skills by training and upgrading equipment to improve your riding performance.
  • Realistic Experience:  Tour de France offers an authentic cycling simulation with sounds, feels, and emotions similar to real races.

Here are some key features of the Tour de France APK. You can explore and enjoy many additional features of the game on your smartphone.

Graphics of Tour de France APK

Tour de France APK is designed with vivid and realistic graphics. The game recreates stunning locations and landscapes across France. You will see different landscapes, from busy city streets to mountain passes and green fields. Every detail is meticulously taken care of to give the players the best visual experience.

Tour de France APK graphics take advantage of lighting and shadow effects to create a deeper and more detailed sense of the environment. Sunlight, tree silhouettes and riders silhouettes are realistically rendered, creating a colorful and dynamic space.

The game uses motion graphics and realistic physics to recreate the feel of a bicycle race. You’ll see riders move, move, and react to their surroundings in a natural and realistic way.

How to Play Tour de France APK?

  • Team selection: Before the start, you will be able to select one of the official Tour de France teams. Each racing group has its own advantages in terms of drivers, strategy, and racing style.
  • Squad Management: You are responsible for managing your squad. You can choose riders from the available list, improve their skills, and establish the right strategy for each stage. Your decisions about structures and strategies will affect your performance and career achievements.
  • Take part in the stages of the race: This game will take you through the different stages of the Tour de France race. You will find a variety of terrains including mountain roads, flat roads, and country roads. Each stage has its own challenges and you must use your strategy and racing skills to overcome them.
  • Resource Management: During the race, you must manage important resources like drinking water, energy, and food. Make sure your rider is always healthy and strong to complete the stage and maintain a good record.
  • Improve skills and equipment: The game allows you to improve your rider’s cycling skills by upgrading training and racing equipment. By upgrading, you can increase your racer’s speed, durability, and climbing ability.
  • Multiplayer Racing Mode: In addition to the single-player mode, Tour de France APK offers a multiplayer racing mode, which lets you challenge your friends or other players online. You can compete directly with each other or participate in online races to compete and see who is the best driver.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Tour de France APK the latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 95 MB

Current Version: v1.6.8

Package Name: fr.playsoft.tdf2020

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free


Tour de France APK is an exceptional mobile racing game that offers an exciting Tour de France racing experience. With vivid graphics, various career modes and the ability to manage squads, the game promises to provide players with hours of entertainment and challenges.

In short, Tour de France APK is an exciting bicycle racing game for mobile devices, which gives players a real bicycle racing experience and the feeling of participating in the Tour de France race.

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