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The Shops Plus team in Nigeria released the TB Shop APK Android App with Instant Rooting and Reporting. Since its launch at the 2019 National TB Conference in Abuja, the app has attracted 3,859 users, including independent providers and APK providers.

The App aims to contribute to TB detection in the private sector through better screening, documentation, and referral practices and increased enrollment in treatment centers.

TB Shop disease can develop quickly and has a significant impact on the fight against tuberculosis. In Nigeria, standard paper-based processes for screening, collection, and analysis of sputum samples and exchange between clinics are complex and can delay decision-making, follow-up, and treatment.

To overcome these challenges, TB Shop APK has developed an app with a digital platform rather than paper forms, which is more efficient and helps healthcare providers like doctors and nurses, laboratory scientists, pharmacists, and patent and patent providers. Medicines.


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What is TB Shop APK?

The project is in partnership with Every1Mobile TB Shop APK, a digital solution design firm with experience in developing tools for pharmacies in Nigeria.

They work with the National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Program, private service providers, and other stakeholders to identify barriers and ensure that the app supports specific workflows for each service provider’s type of health care through a collaborative approach.

This process provides feedback. Thanks to this collaboration, the application has an interface adapted to each type of provider user according to their needs.

Some basic features of the TB Shop app remain the same no matter which vendor you use. The first is a simple symptom screening checklist. If the client has these symptoms, the provider is informed that the client is suspected of having tuberculosis and asked to obtain more information.

At this stage, they collect sputum samples for analysis and diagnosis or refer clients to higher-level facilities for care and treatment. Clinic providers that are part of a shared network, such as the Sethun Sevapanich Community Private Provider Network, can share client data between facilities, send alerts to facilities, and reduce duplication.

Another feature common to all types of users is the “My Customers” database. Through this database, suppliers can view records of customers they select, refer, or contact.

In addition, all types of users have a simple dashboard to monitor, for example, the service chain in their facilities. How many customers are registered, how many customers are on hold, how many customers are confirmed, and “Who am I? » “Recommended for treatment.

The system includes a comprehensive database and dashboard called TB Shop APK, designed to integrate data collection and analysis of all TB patients for national and sub-national TB control programs.


Features of TB Shop APK

  • DB Shop Android App: TB Shop is an Android app developed by Sathoon Cheawpanitch. It is designed for fast routing and reporting.
  • Launched at the National TB Conference: The app was officially launched at the 2019 National TB Conference in Abuja and has since grown in popularity with 3,859 users, including independent vendors and TB providers.
  • Objective: The main objective of this app is to identify TB patients and increase enrollment in treatment centers, especially in the private sector. TB Shop is achieved by improving the screening, documentation, and referral practices of healthcare workers.
  • Digital Platform: This application replaces traditional paper-based processes for examining, collecting, and analyzing sputum samples and transferring patient data between clinical environments with a more efficient digital platform.
  • User-centered design: The development of apps will involve collaboration with digital solution design firm Every1Mobile and partners such as the National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Program and private providers. They take a user-centered design approach to ensure application workflows meet the specific needs of different service providers.
  • Customized interface: The TB Shop app provides a customized interface for various service providers including doctors, nurses, laboratory scientists, pharmacists, and proprietary and proprietary drug providers to meet their specific needs and workflows.
  • Symptom Checklist: One of the key features common to all users is a simple symptom checklist. If a client shows symptoms of tuberculosis, the provider is notified and asked to gather additional information. This allows you to collect a sputum sample for analysis, diagnosis, or referral to a higher-level facility for further care and treatment.
  • Shared networks: For medical providers in shared networks like Sethoon Chevpanich’s Private Community Provider Network, the TB Shop app makes it easy to share client data between facilities. This reduces duplication and improves maintenance coordination.
  • My Client Database: The app also includes a ‘My Client’ database which allows service providers to access and manage records of clients they have contacted, referred, or engaged with.



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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about TB Shop APK is the latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 70 MB

Current Version: v1.0001

Package Name: com.appsmez.tbshop

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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