Tarisland APK

Tarisland APK

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Tarisland Apk is an MMORPG for Android devices inspired by World of Warcraft. In it, you travel a vast world with your friends and defeat all kinds of powerful enemies.

In you will have different classes and races at your disposal, so you can play as you like and enjoy the main story that takes you through this colorful world. The main focus of Tarisland is exploration, but there is also fighting. Battles take place in real-time and your fighting skills are at your disposal. You must cooperate with other players to defeat the most powerful enemy bosses. In this way, Tarrisland creates a social experience where participation in the community is valuable.

The world of Tarisland Apk is unusual, colorful, and imaginative. It’s clearly inspired by Warcraft, albeit with its own twist. The settings and characters are full of personality, making it a great place for any MMORPG fan. Of course, there is a social element to it, but you have to do a lot on your own. In fact, you’ll often encounter NPCs who need your help, giving you endless opportunities to explore and level up the environment.

Tarisland APK

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What is Tarisland Apk?

World of Warcraft inspired Tarisland Apk, an MMORPG for Android. In it, you and your friends travel through a vast world and fight against many powerful enemies.

In Darisland 1.1.2 you can choose between different classes and races, so you can be the person you want and follow the main story that takes you through this colorful world. Darisland is mostly about exploration, but you can also fight. Battles take place in real time and you gain fighting skills.

You must cooperate with other players to defeat the most powerful bosses. Therefore, It has created a community program where being a part of the community pays off. The world of Tarisland is beautiful, bright, and full of new ideas. It’s clearly influenced by Warcraft, but also has its own style.

The settings and characters have a lot of personality, making it a really fun place that MMORPG fans will love. There is so much to do with others, but so much to do alone.

In fact, you’ll often find NPCs who need your help. This gives you many opportunities to learn more about your environment and improve your position. Here you can get to Tarisland Apk and find your way.

Tarisland APK

Features of Tarisland Apk

Tarisland App is a non-P2W PC/Mobile MMORPG where legends are real, ghosts exist, and magic is undeniable. In this huge open-world playground, you can choose from different races, each with unique skills and abilities, and embark on an epic adventure full of mystery and danger.

Square and various buildings.

Choose from a number of fully customizable classes and create your own character. Each class offers two types of specialization, each with over 40 skills, so you can choose the character that best suits your preferences and playstyle.

Challenge dungeons and bosses.

Tarisland is a world of danger and reward. Fight monsters and bosses for loot and team up with four other allies in dungeons. You can also create a team of up to 10 players to challenge the most powerful raid bosses in Tarisland. As in App, your choices determine your fate.

Explore a huge world.

Adventure awaits all who set foot in Tarisland. Explore and discover different civilizations and races, each with a unique culture, history, and character style. Tarisland rewards the more adventurous with random puzzles and mini-games.

No cost to produce.

The developers aim to create a sustainable, high-quality gaming ecosystem in Tarisland, where attribute-enhancing items are not sold.

New content every season.

The progression of Tarrisland is based on a seasonal system that offers new PvE content and new PvP challenges. Players can catch up between seasons, allowing everyone to take on a mission together at the start of the season.


Tarisland provides full two-way connectivity between computers and mobile devices. The PC version also offers a customizable interface.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Tarisland Apk the latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 134.2 MB

Current Version: v1.1.2

Package Name: com.ld.trssjhw

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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