Super Sup Mod APK

Super Sup Mod APK

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Rating: 4.5+  Downloads: 17,528+ Size: 140 MB Updated: July 05, 2022.

Super Sup Mod Apk gives you the freedom to transform into various characters, including criminals. If you are a good person on a ship, you have to be smart and testify to bring the culprit to justice.

We’ve added Squid game content with brand new quests for crew members in this update, so in addition to choosing an imposter, you’ll need to create more strategies to find the super sauce between us.

Super Sus is designed among us, as the best online multiplayer RPG integrating werewolf and squid. While playing, crew members should be wary not only of cheaters but also of neutrality. These reels come with their unique win-win terms and features.

On the border between light and darkness, everyone fights for themselves – some to kill, some to escape, some just to play.

In each game, you will be assigned a random role. Each map has different rooms that need to be understood. The new squid game mode has more RPG elements!

In Super Sus the actions take place on a spaceship, where all the players are divided into 3 groups – we call it something else.

With strategy, players need to make the right conclusions to reach out to others from different groups. With modified 3D models, we guarantee to bring you to the next level of gameplay.

In Super Sup Mod Apk, you can visit with friends from all over the world. Play classic mode or challenge more players in the ranks!

Chat with other players in real-time voice chat! Live or not, you will make friends from your local area or anywhere in the world! Stop traitors from killing space travelers. You can also share wonderful ideas in a workshop where you are allowed to create your cards and scrolls.

Team up with friends from around the world to join their parties! Share the fun by creating a new world in the workshop! With built-in voice chat, take your time to download AmangChat and Us Us at the same time!

Super Sup Mod APK

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About Super Sup Mod Apk

We’ve all heard of the popular game among us, which is about finding a hypocrite. Super Sup Mod Apk is a strategy game that has been downloaded more than ten million times.

The gameplay is almost identical, but it takes it to a whole new level with its 3D graphics. You can play with your local friends and players from around the world and find cheaters with them.

The spaceship is about to collide, but inside there is a rookie that keeps hitting others. A new game mode called S3 Special Force has been added which offers different skin types.

Before the game starts, you can choose the role you want, complete tasks to improve your skills and take part in finding the impostor.

It was originally developed as an online multiplayer game with squid games, among us, and werewolf themes. You have to beware of scammers and neutral players in it.

You have to complete many roles and tasks to win in the new version. We’ve unlocked all the features so you can choose your favorite.

You have to choose your reason to fight because other characters like to fight, survive play, and have fun.

There are many characters in it, and one is not always a hypocrite. You have a mode menu that gives you unlimited and unlocked features to catch and crush traitors.

There is undoubtedly a novice on your ship who is killing one crew member after another and no one knows about it.

So you have to take matters into your own hands and find them. We also offer unlimited money and many other features for free. Download the latest version of Super Sup Mod Apk now.

Super Sup Mod APK

Features of Super Sup Mod Apk

Super Sup Mod Apk game is a very excellent and interesting game with the most authentic incarnations of the characters in the game. For those of you who have the ability and want to be a talented detective or someone who can help people, you should try this game right away! Because the functions I will talk about below will amaze you:

  • The gameplay is fast, dramatic, and exciting.

The Super Sup Mod Apk game still retains drama and excitement, though it only lasts around 7 minutes. The gameplay is extremely simple and easy to understand, which helps you to get used to the game quickly without any difficulty.

You can choose from 3 playstyles with 20 different situations, and each situation has its own unique ability, so carefully choose the character with your special status to complete it. Super Mode Menu Apk Great mission in an offline game!

  • Flexible ranking mode and quick updates

In addition to working in a small space with 9 players in the game, you can choose other options and take part in other fun games. Not only that, you can also become world-famous by playing well to make your name on the leaderboard. Super Mod APK Game lets anyone join the game from anywhere. So if you put your name on the leaderboard, that’s great! The list of players on the leaderboard is always updated regularly and quickly, so you can confirm your placement.

  • Games with friends

If you’re not good at other languages ​​and are having trouble communicating with players you don’t know, don’t worry because Super Super Mod Apk Game allows you to invite your friends who know you from the same language. . Huh Conversation, In addition, the Super Super Mod Apk allows players to communicate by voice so you can enjoy your in-game discussion. Your friends can play with you wherever you are.

  • No ads during the game

This is really good news for you because there will be no ads in the Super Mode apk game when you play the game to avoid getting annoyed while you are experiencing this game and wasting your time or producing bad effects.

Since the developer used intelligent software in the game to block unwanted ads, you can focus more on the game. From there you will get a really interesting gaming experience

  • Unique features when upgrading to the premium version:

If you download Super Super Mod APK Unlimited Money you will have an unlimited budget so you can deposit as much money as you want in your account. This will help you to buy goods conveniently without much thought. What is special about Super Super Mod Apk Unlimited Money Download is that you can have lots of free items. Update Super Super Mod Apk Unlimited Money now to get more attractive offers.

Download Super Super Mod APK Unlock All Skins: If you are a person who prefers to find all the games in the first game without waiting for time, please download the updated version of Super Super Mod APK so that you can quickly help the characters in the game to help you. Can unlock. This is the privilege you get with this upgrade.

Super Sup Mod APK

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Super Sup Mod Apk’s latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

Current Version: V1.23.25.1

Package Name:

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free


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