Street Fighter Duel APK

Street Fighter Duel APK

By:  Tencent Games


Rating: 4.7+  Downloads: 588+ Size: 1.3 GB Updated: October 10, 2023.

Street Fighter Duel Apk is a mobile fighting game with RPG elements. That is, players, collect rare characters, create teams from them, and participate in battles. Note that this game is only available in Western countries and only in certain countries.

At the same time, according to the information received from the official website, this publication. The developers promise a mix of combatants with real-time PvP and smooth animations. Additionally, successful pre-registrants will receive a reward upon server launch.

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What is Street Fighter Duel Apk?

Street Fighter Duel Apk is an RPG based on the most popular fighting game franchise in history. This is a new Street Fighter adventure developed by Tencent, where you can fight with the most iconic characters of the saga in the most entertaining 3v3 strategy battles.

M for world domination After Bison’s last attempt, it’s up to you to team up with Ken, Ryu, Chun-Li, and other fighters to save the world once again. This title is a bit different from the titles you are used to in this franchise.

Street Fighter Duel challenges you to short fights; A style very common in passive RPGs. Create combos using their characters’ special moves by tapping their icon whenever their health bar is full.

This App includes a number of characters you can add to your team through a campaign mode with a unique raw recruitment system. However, during battle, you can only choose between three characters and one as a backup. Then consider their level, power type, and relationship with other heroes.

The game is based on the typical RPG system of advantages and disadvantages, just like Pokemon, so it is necessary to build a balanced team to defeat all enemies. Plus, you can build them up to higher ranks and get each one new special powers.

Street Fighter Duel Apk is a great RPG, similar to SNK Allstar. It has great production values and all the charm of this great fighting game saga. It is a game that has an extensive campaign and an amazing PVP mode where you face off against fighters from all over the world.

Features of Street Fighter Duel Apk

Make a combo: You can design a unique BO MBO and reveal your opponents brutally. Just hit your character (when energy is the full bar) to tall this combo and see your enemies see your enemies in a short time.

I will put your characters: Never compromise the status quo. Instead, try to update your team by constantly training your warriors to strengthen your warriors better and better.

Competition with events: The game claims that many cups of -day-to-day missions and limited-time competitions, including many cups of competitions. Participate in these events to conquer powerful elements and characters as strong elements and characters as unique rewards.

Many awards are waiting: This will reach a click where you can get treasures in the game. These may include coins, gems, special characters, and articles that will promote their influence. Be sure to click constantly and collect your award.

Lots of game modes: To remove boredom, the release of the Street Fighter Duel Apk offers many game modes. Cup -Player Vs. Player (PVP) and Player Vs. The environment in the battle (PVE), while drowning yourself in a guaranteed story of his favorite character with history mode.

Beautiful graphics: Each fighter has a unique look and style, which contributes to the attraction of the overall game. Surprisingly, be ready for a top-level game trip with wonderful and complex scenes that will definitely give life to the Street Fighter universe.

Awesome -mental effects on sound: The wonderful effects of sound, it is not new in the fight. The sound of blows, kicking and other attacks offer real-life experience that intensifies sports sessions.

Highlights of Street Fighter Duel Apk

Fighting game

In Street Fighter Duel Apk, players lead their team in one-on-one combat with their opponents. In particular, the original story mode takes players around the world to defeat the forces of darkness and offers the option of role-playing or real-time auto-combat.

Players can challenge their friends and other players from around the world in real-time matches. Remember that the game is automatic, so choose the right team for the best results. If necessary, you can deactivate the automatic mode directly control your battles, and effectively use your skills in individual situations.

famous characters

There are over 40 characters to choose from, each with their own fighting style and moves. Then you will immediately recognize the existence of names like Ryu, Chun-Li, Bog, and Gil. On the other hand, players can customize their fighters to suit their play style.

Character customization options and an upgrade system add depth to the game. Not only that, you can also use new skins to help your character in battle. They strengthen warriors

Each fighter in the team has different combat skills. Then you need the necessary tools to increase your power in the game. Street Fighter: Duel allows players to collect and upgrade equipment, armor, and more.

The order in which each character appears affects their strength and fighting style. Therefore, the data must be carefully analyzed to suggest the best development path for each character.

Create your own strategy

Although it is a role-playing game, the strategic element plays an important role in Street Fighter: Duel. Of course, players have to constantly find new strategies to beat other players around the world.

They are all seasoned players with strong personalities. Please note that the characters in the game are completely different and can participate in battles. You need to collect all the characters with different abilities to make the most effective battle strategy.

Flexible activities

The game also features daily and weekly events with special prizes and advanced tournaments. This is a new mobile action role-playing game experience for fans and new players of the series. The element of interaction between players comes out through the Internet.

Therefore, the game would not be complete without daily and weekly event modes. This creates a sense of community and players can compete for special prizes.

You can also join ratings to get special benefits and private chat servers. The clan system is a great way for players to play together. Don’t forget to participate every day and win great prizes.

Classic interface

Street Fighter Duel Apk has drastically changed the graphical quality compared to Street Fighter, but the essential magic still remains. Experienced people can enjoy different battle environments with real fighting experience and the amazing skills of powerful warriors. In addition, we promise you an unforgettable moment with realistic sound effects.

If you want to increase your basic attack, use support fighters to improve your unit’s basic stats.

If you reach Chapter 4, you will get the first EX move (Shin Chan). This is an extra attack that occurs after performing a combo in battle. Many losses have to be borne.

Like other passive games, it has an indoor dojo where you can bring materials to build your own “city”. Check out our other offers. You will get gems every time.

If you don’t like PvP, you can disable it. Free match twice a day. Even if you are not a fan, you should join because every day you will get more gems.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Street Fighter Duel Apk latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 1.3 GB

Current Version: v1.2.3

Package Name: com.tencent.vega

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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