Static Shift Racing APK

Static Shift Racing APK

By: Timbo Jimbo


Rating: 4.5+  Downloads: 20, 910+ Size:46.7 MB Updated: September 11, 2023.

Static Shift Racing Apk is an onslaught not only from cars but also from the environment, which is unusual for smartphones. The developers have created a free city. It’s just a pity that you often have to drive with bots, although the developers write about races with real opponents, and the sound when drifting is very bad.

Also, don’t expect super-realistic physics and damage systems. The game has different modes that you still have to enter. Traffic signs and many other objects can be knocked over, and smoke can get under the wheels when drifting. The creators of the game offer players the to create a collection of legendary cars from the 80s and 90s with hundreds of customization options.

So the main difference between Static Shift Racing and other car games like Grid Autosport is that in this game we can spend hours making our vehicle unique in some way through hundreds of options and different variables. and private cars.

The game has amazing gameplay where the difficulty of the races can vary greatly depending on your upgrades and driving strategy. It has a real physics system that allows you to affect the environment and damage the car, so you have to be careful while driving.

It is a game that you can play for free by downloading it and installing it on your mobile device. Suitable for all audiences, this car game developed by Timbo Jimbo offers in-game purchases to upgrade your car quickly, although it can be earned by playing the game.

However, the Static Shift Racing game can be found on the web where you have unlimited money and unlock everything to make your experience more rewarding.

Static Shift Racing APK

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About Static Shift Racing Apk

Static Shift Racing Apk is an exciting game that will give you hours of fun and entertainment. Its realistic physics and dynamic tracks make it one of the best racing games. Download now and enjoy an experience like no other.

If you unlock your cars with the App, you can turn them into powerful machines. The game offers a lot of customization options that you can use to make your car more powerful.

These include engine upgrades and performance enhancements. It is important to speed up your car and improve its handling. This allows you to make sharp turns, sharp turns, and other complex tasks with ease.

Competitions take place in a dynamic environment with realistic physics. Your strategy should be tailored to the terrain and weather conditions. This feature makes static shift racing Android apps more fun and challenging.

Racing games are popular among gamers due to their fast pace and competitive nature. This App is exciting because it is a complete track with stylish vehicles and dynamic tracks. It adds depth to the game that will keep you entertained for hours.

You will always feel in control of your car. The city environment and amazing cement roads will make you feel the speed. Most importantly, the game has a variety of driving mechanics, from drifting to exploration. Then you can choose the best game according to your style and needs.

Static Shift Racing APK

Features of Static Shift Racing Apk

Improve your car. At the heart of Static Shift Racing is vehicle customization. Its extensive modification possibilities allow you to build and drive the car of your dreams.

  • Browse a long list of unique upgrades from rims, bumpers, side, body kits, spoilers, hoods, and more.
  • Customize your car with a custom paint job.
  • Adjustable suspension and camber allow you to customize your car’s position.
  • Install upgrades to improve your car’s performance and dominate your rivals.

Face real opponents. Compete against real opponents in fierce races, prove your driving skills and win great prizes in a variety of exciting races:

  • Experience high-speed circuit racing
  • Work hard in a sprint race
  • Test your drifting skills in Drift Sprint
  • Get the highest score in Draft Attack
  • Enter the claws of the mark hunt

Static Shift Racing APK

Highlight of Static Shift Racing Apk

challenges. Challenges spread around the world will let you prove your driving skills, from driving challenges to time trials. A unique mix of stationary racing activities will keep you entertained.

The stock of cars is growing. Static Shift Racing’s car catalog continues to grow. Unlock legendary cars from the 80s and 90s and drive them to the limit. Each car has hundreds of customization options so you can create a truly unique car. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming cars being added to the game.

Nice graphics. Static Shift Racing has stunning graphics to bring you an unrivaled mobile gaming experience. Drift, drive, and race in a carefully designed open world and enjoy realistic racing scenarios on your mobile device.

open world racing. The game offers a huge open world with realistic and varied terrain. You can explore the city and its surroundings to find shortcuts that will give you an advantage along the way. However, be careful not to collide with other drivers or obstacles.

Play against real players. The game has a multiplayer feature that allows you to compete with other players from all over the world. It allows you to show off your talents and show off your skills. However, you need to prepare for some tough competition as other players want to win.

Innovative customization options. You can change bumpers, body kits, rims, side, spoilers, hoods, and more to give your vehicle a unique look. Also, you can improve the car’s performance with engine upgrades and other parts. Beautiful 3D graphics and authentic atmosphere.

The game has different neighborhoods with different locations. You can traverse industrial areas, pass through forested mountain passes, and get into the tight corners of the city. Whatever you choose, you’ll love the detailed graphics and realistic atmosphere.

Many popular cars. The game features many famous and classic cars, each with its own performance-enhancing parts. You can enjoy 80’s and 90’s muscle cars, modern sedans, and other high-performance supercars. You can also unlock new models as you progress through the game.

controller support. The game supports external controllers, which allows for more precise driving. This allows you to make fast turns and tight maneuvers on the track. Best of all, the touchscreen controls are very responsive, so you won’t miss a turn.

Different Game Modes The game has multiple game modes including Draft Racing, Time Trial, Elimination Round, and more. You can also participate in high-speed circuit races to ensure you have something new to play every time you open the game.

Realistic sound effects. You will enjoy almost realistic sound effects while racing, drifting, and crashing into other cars. This brilliant sound system lets you feel the power of your vehicles on different surfaces. Be it the sound of the tires or the sound of the engine, you will not be disappointed.

Static Shift Racing APK


What really sets Static Shift Racing Mod apart from other racing games is its realistic game mechanics. The vehicles respond precisely to your commands, allowing you to take sharp turns with ease.

Also, it has authentic cities with other vehicles. So you always have to avoid collisions and other obstacles to make sure you finish the race in one piece. It also has a day/night cycle which adds to the realism.

You will enjoy a night’s drive while driving around the city. Even better, the day/night cycle affects the weather and other game dynamics, so every run is different, ensuring you never get bored.

When you finish the race, you collect coins and rewards. Make sure you do your best as it will affect the rewards you receive. With enough coins, you can buy new vehicles and unlock customizations, giving you more flexibility in races.

Overall, It is an interesting game that will provide you with hours of fun and entertainment. Its realistic physics and dynamic tracks make it one of the best racing games. Download it today and enjoy an experience like no other.

Static Shift Racing APK


The fast pace and constant competition of racing games make them popular among gamers. With modern vehicles and dynamic tracks, the Static Shift Racing App offers a more realistic take on the genre. Because of the depth of this game, you will spend hours playing this game.

You will feel like you are in control when you are in your vehicle. Experience the rush of speed as you drive through realistic city environments and breathtaking asphalt tracks.

In addition to various driving mechanics, the game offers exploration and flow. That means you can choose the gameplay as you, please. While you’re there, make sure you have as much fun as possible.

Console-level graphics.

Static Shift Racing App is based on the popular Unity engine. Offers high-quality graphics. It also has drawbacks that you may need for better customization. Advanced devices get very hot even when playing at high graphics settings.

The graphics are just amazing! In addition to the quality of the environmental representation, we would like to highlight the lighting system. Headlights and headlights are very bright. The map is also impressive. It has a satellite image format that players can zoom in and out on. Everything looks very attractive.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Static Shift Racing Apk latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

Current Version: v57.6.4

Package Name: com.timbojimbo.SSR

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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