SCP 1471 APK

SCP 1471 APK

By: Kevin Tu


Rating: 4.5+  Downloads: 19, 990+ Size: 5.4 MB Updated: September 09, 2023.

SCP 1471 Apk – All mobile devices with SCP-1471 installed will be seized and scanned for possible connections with other potentially affected devices. Once the batteries are removed from the affected devices, they will be assigned a designation (such as SCP-1471-#) and placed in Storage Unit-91 at Research Site-45.

All online mobile application stores will be monitored to prevent accidental sales of SCP-1471. Self-downloading malware is used to disable suspect devices until detected by field personnel.

Online application stores offer a free 5.4MB application called “MalO ver1.0.0”. When no developer is listed, SCP-1471 bypasses the application approval process for direct distribution. Other program manager applications also cannot be removed.

It is not possible to create icons or shortcuts after installation. After that, SCP-1471 will begin sending text messages with individual images every 3-6 hours. A will be present in all images, both background and foreground. A appears to be a large humanoid figure with a dog’s skull and black hair.

Mobile devices receive images of locations frequently visited by the subject during the first 24 hours after SCP-1471’s installation. Photos taken at recent locations will be displayed on the mobile phone after 48 hours. A will appear on mobile devices after 72 hours with a real-time image of the subject.

After more than 90 hours of continuous exposure to these images, individuals begin to see SCP-1471-A in their peripheral vision, reflective surfaces, or both. If contact with SCP-1471 continues beyond this point, A will be irreversibly and permanently possessed.

SCP-1471 Apk has been reported to attempt to visually communicate with individuals at this level but is unable to perceive or understand its target. To reverse the effects of SCP-1471, subjects should not be exposed to these images for 90 hours after installation to reverse the effects. A has never been reported to have antagonistic activity.

SCP 1471 APK

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Features of SCP 1471 Apk

  • Generate photos of objects from Google Street View based on your location.
  • Take a selfie of SCP-1471 with Malo inside.

SCP 1471 APK

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about SCP 1471 Apk’s latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

Current Version: v1.1.0

Package Name: com.scp-1471

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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