Pubg mobile global 1.3 apk

Pubg Mobile Global APK

By: Tencent Games

Rating: 4.2+  Downloads: 1,000,000+ Size: 943 MB Updated: MAR 25, 2021.

Pubg Mobile Global APK is an Android application developed and offered for all Android users. Pubg Mobile Global App is a popular game among teenagers nowadays, and many of us are addicted.

Some government agencies around the world have banned the game and removed it from the Google Play Store. You can now download the latest PUBG Mobile Global Edition, even if it’s banned in your country.

Pubg Mobile Global APK

What is Pubg Mobile Global APK?

PUBG Mobile Global is a battle royale game similar to FauG, Fortnite, Freefire, and PUBG. While PUBG for PC grew more and more, the developers decided to launch a similar version for Android and iOS smartphone users and named it Pubg Mobile Global APK.

Battlegrounds were specially developed for mobile devices. Anytime, anywhere for free. PUBG Mobile offers the Hundred Rhythms global fastest free multiplayer promotion for mobile. Drop-ups, gear-ups, and competition. Epic classic battle with 100 players, payload mode, and fast-paced 4V4 team death and zombie mode. Is the key to survival and the ultimate victory. Fire of desire when on duty.

There are 100 players in the game in this game in a group of 4 each or doubles, or single the last person standing wins. There are many weapons, vehicles, etc., in the game that enable you to kill other players.

Pubg Mobile Global APK

Features of Pubg Mobile Global APK

  • Free in the phone – powered by unreal engine 4. Play quality game consoles on the go. Stunning HD graphics and 3D sound of divers. Adaptation is characterized by mobile control, training mode, and voice chat. Experience smoothest control and real ballistic weapon behavior on mobile devices.
  • Huge Battle Cards – From Orange to Miramar, from Weekend to Sunhawk, take part in this vast and expansive battlefield, size, terrain, day/night cycle, and dynamic weather.
  • Depth and device – From classic 100-player mode to accelerating mode to the lightning-fast arcade and 4V4 team deathmatch mode as well as intensive zombie mode. There is something for everyone! There is something for everyone. Solo, duo, and 4-player squad game.
  • Always on the rise – Daily events and challenges as well as monthly updates with new game features and mods that keep Pubji Mobile bigger and bigger.
  • Shape- The size of the next PUBG Mobile update is indicated in the patch notes. The patch requires 640MB of space on Android devices. The iOS version requires 1.55 GB of storage space.

Pubg Mobile Global APK

Keypoints of Pubg Mobile Global APK

  1. Protective bracelet.
  2. Disruption of music.
  3. Music conversion.
  4. Pop metal.
  5. Richmond Armand.
  6. Sonic scan.
  7. Repeat.
  8. The sound cracked.
  9. Camouflage armor.
  10. Stealth.
  11. Monitoring.
  12. Easy to breathe.

Requires Android -4.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

Current Version: v1.3.0

Rating – 4+

Price – Free

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