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Project Madras Game APK

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What is Project Madras Game APK?

Project Madras Game APK is a storytelling game. Inspired by games like GTA, Hitman, and Watchdogs, Royston said Chennai is the protagonist of the game where players can explore different levels and stories.

However, instead of a Western-style game inspired by Project Madras, the developers returned to its roots in Tamil cinema in all its glory and abundance. A video of the game was shared on their YouTube channel, and Royston took us through a showcase. We are shown two different locations: Marina Beach and another city map.

In the first part of the game, the protagonist is seen walking along the harbor beach. Royston explained that time has passed to capture the changes in light as the sun in the film transitions from day to night. All objects are designed using physics simulations and can therefore be interacted with.

Since the Project Madras Game premium APK is based on Unreal Engine, all the characters we see in the game are Unreal Engine metahumans. Royston revealed that the game currently has over 300 characters in development. Additionally, we see the hero driving a rickshaw, which is currently the only drivable vehicle in the game.

Project Madras Game APK

Features of Project Madras Game APK

  • Know your map: Take the time to look at the map to find out where everything is Project Madras Game APK. When you’re on a mission, finding shortcuts can save you time.
  • Be aware of noise: Listen to the people around you. Sometimes they leave secrets or hints about hidden things.
  • Try all the food: If you find food stalls, visit them. Eating food can bring benefits or surprises.
  • Take your time: Take your time and explore the city on foot or by car. You may find things that you forget when you keep running.
  • Using sunlight: Going to work? See how light and dark interact with the Project Madras Game APK. Stepping into the shadows will help you hide.

Project Madras Game APK APP

Play Project Madras Game like a project

  • Know your map: Spend some time looking at the map and find out where everything is. Finding shortcuts can save you time when you’re on a mission.
  • Pay attention to sounds: Listen to what people around you are saying. Sometimes they leave clues about secrets or hidden things.
  • Try all the food: When you see food stalls, visit them. Eating food may give you some benefits or surprises.
  • Take your time: Take your time and walk or drive around the city. You can see things you might have missed if you were always on the run.
  • Use Sunlight: Going on a mission? See how light and dark play together. Going into the shadows will help you hide.

Explore the heart of Chennai

The best part of Project Madras Game APK is how it takes you to the real city of Chennai. You can take an auto-rickshaw and go to popular places like Marina Beach or Mount Road. It’s like visiting a city in real life! You can also see temples, busy streets, and delicious food stalls. Colors, sounds, and people – all this shows how much care has been taken to make this place seem full of life. You don’t just play; You are putting yourself in the shoes of a Chennai native.

Get to know the Tamil culture intimately.

Chennai is not just a backdrop in Project Madras Game APK; It teaches you about Tamil traditions, language, and friendship. In this game, you can talk to local people, try delicious South Indian food, and even listen to stories about Tamil movies. This is a gift for gamers who enjoy learning about different cultures while playing. Wherever you go, you will find something new to learn about the rich Tamil culture that is thousands of years old.

A beautiful world is felt

The makers of Project Madras Mod APK use Unreal Engine 5 technology to make the city attractive. Think of it like painting with a super colorful brush and lets every detail shine through, like how the light bounces off the windows and how old the walls tell their own stories with cracks and moss. Plus, thanks to clever technical tricks called nanites and lumens, sunlight appears warmer and shadows dance like they do in real life. It takes the whole game to another level of beauty.


Project Madras Game Download APK is an exciting and promising game that offers players an in-depth exploration experience of Chennai and its unique Tamil culture. With impressive graphics, a user-friendly interface, and a variety of activities and tasks, this game promises players hours of fun and meaningful learning.

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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Project Madras Game APK’s latest version.

Requires Android -4.1 and Up

Target: Android 10.0

File Size- 532 MB

Current Version: v2.0

Package Name: com.project-madras

Rating – 4.4

Price – Free

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