Pakapow APK

Pakapow APK

By: Varisoft Co.,Ltd.


Rating: 4.7+  Downloads: 646+ Size: 429 MB Updated: May 24, 2023.

There was a warrior called by the king of Pakapow Apk, and you are that warrior. The king has asked you to defeat the demons wreaking havoc in the region to restore peace to the Bagapo kingdom.

The king summoned many knights and you are not the only one! As you travel to the land of ghosts and help the villagers along the way, you must do the following:

Defeat the enemies of the Pakapow Kingdom by collecting all the weapons and gold you need. Fight with other heroes to stay on top. If there is only one warrior above who can slay the devil, the king will bless him to return to his world.

Pakapow Apk is a board game that allows players to travel around the world by moving a compass. So you can choose where you want to stay. Each location has its own special events happening all the time. You will undoubtedly enjoy exploring the Kingdom and raising your hero in hopes of becoming the best hero in this world.

Pakapow APK

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What is Pakapow Apk?

Pakapow Apk is an RPG released in the market and produced by well-known game makers. But this game is unlike any RPG you’ve ever played. It offers players a completely different experience from regular RPGs. The game has an interesting mix of RPG and board game genres, which is a very new combination for players.

The player is an ordinary person in this world, but one day, the player is called to a mysterious world to start a new journey. When the players wake up in this world, a king informs them that he is the hero called here to save the world. But you are not the first; Many people have been invited here to Pakapow. But no demon can defeat the master until you appear, you are the hope of this kingdom. Only players can do this, so let’s destroy the demon lords.

Players cannot freely control characters like in other role-playing games, but players use rotation to move around. On this wheel, the player’s moves are represented by numbers one to six. If the player moves a square that matches the number of dots they moved, such as a six-dot square, the player moves six units. There will be many locations on the map that players can visit. Each point on the map has a monster that the player must destroy to continue the game.

The game is structured in the familiar turn-based style of many RPGs, so it doesn’t take long to get used to Pakapow Apk. Players and monsters take turns attacking to destroy each other, and if one dies, the other wins. When players fight monsters, players will use options like running, attacking, and defending. Depending on the case, players can choose the right option to use it.

apow Apk latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 429 MB

Current Version: v1.63

Package Name: com.varisoft.pakapow

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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