OroBlassFire APK

OroBlassFire APK

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You probably know that if you’ve been playing OroBlassFire Apk for a while, sometimes you come across players who seem invincible. They finish you off on their first try and move around the map incredibly fast.

It looks like they’re doing something to give them an edge, so don’t worry right now, because the answer is obvious: they’re using outside help to win. So you should be able to count on the same help!

FF Tools Pro and Panel Only Red are two of the most popular apps used to compete on equal terms in Free Fire. OroBlassFire has many tools to help you improve your aim and win more games, but they are both very old so some versions of OroBlass may not work with them.

The new OroBlassFire Apk is brand new and has a sophisticated anti-detection system, that’s why we’re bringing it to you today.

OroBlassFire APK

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What is OroBlassFire APK?

This app works like most free fire helper apps, the only difference is that it’s newer than some of the apps we’ve already talked about. By using OroBlassFire Apk, you will be able to adjust the accuracy of the game to be able to kill all your enemies with a single shot. Free Fire players love this feature called the auto headshot feature.

Initially, Garena was able to detect the use of these apps because all the headshots they performed during the game had the same characteristics: they hit the app’s enemy in the middle of the head. The level of accuracy was so incredible that it was impossible to believe and because of this, all the players using these apps were banned from playing.

To avoid this, several variables have been added to OroBlassFire to further improve it. In the first case, you won’t always hit your enemies in the middle of the head, because headshots always diverge. The first Garena Free Fire app was mathematically heavy, so you’ll find that it behaves more naturally when you swipe slightly up, sideways, or slightly down.

You need to add another variable where you can set the maximum headshot percentage for your shots. As a result, you will sometimes fail with this OroBlassFire App. Having a 100% headshot percentage and topping all the leaderboards as MVP might sound tempting, but wouldn’t that be a little cheesy? Using this app will be safer as it has a micro success rate of 92% or 93%.

OroBlassFire APK

Features of OroBlassFire APK

Free fire rescue app:- With this application, you can take advantage of the aim assist system in OroBlassFire to shoot more efficiently during your matches.

Automatic headshots:- OroBlassFire can instantly detect the silhouettes of your enemies and place your reticle exactly where it should be so you can shoot them straight in the head and finish them off.

A target system with random variation:- OroBlassFire is all about covering your butt with minor tweaks to make your headshots look human and natural.

Anti-detection system:- In addition, you can set a maximum success rate during matches so that OroBlassFire is not obvious that you are using an external help system in the game.

OroBlassFire APK

Mod features of OroBlassFire APK

The latest version of OroBlassFire APK has the following features:

  • The aim assist system in Garena Free Fire allows you to shoot more effectively during your matches with the OroBlassFire app.
  • He can line up your enemies and place his crosshairs where they need to be, so you can shoot them in the head.
  • OroBlassFire transforms your auto shots with small tweaks that make them look human and natural.
  • In addition, you will be able to set a maximum success rate during matches so that it is not obvious that external assistance is being used.
  • With this application, you will be able to enjoy your Garena Free Fire games, thanks to its automatic headshot system! Multiply your skills and climb the OroBlassFire leaderboards like never before!

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about OroBlassFire APK’s latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

Current Version: v1.3

Package Name:

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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