Monster Legends APK

Monster Legends APK

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Rating: 4.7+  Downloads: 885+ Size: 197 MB Updated:  October 11, 2023.

Monster Legends Apk is a challenging and strategy game where the player controls a kingdom using the monsters he has collected. The goal of the game is to build your own perfect defense by training monsters and throwing them into the battlefield.

In Monster Legends Apk, players can test their strategy and mental skills while fighting in a challenging world. There are over 900 monsters to collect and train, each with unique abilities and powers. Players must carefully select their team of monsters to face various challenges.

The game features beautiful 3D graphics and an immersive gaming experience that keeps players hooked for hours. So if you are looking for a game that is both challenging and fun, be sure to download Monster Legends Apk!

Monster Legends APK

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What is Monster Legends Apk?

Monster Legends Apk is a simple game where our goal is to collect and tame all kinds of amazing creatures that we can also evolve: red fire dragons, giant monkeys, giant sea serpents, and many more.

In Monster Legends, players must create the perfect habitat for their monsters to survive and evolve naturally. This means that you not only need to create places for monsters but also buildings that provide resources and food (both important for your monsters’ growth).

Monster Legends features over 50 unique monsters, including original creatures and their more evolved counterparts. Undoubtedly, the evolution system is similar to the Pokemon saga; That is, as they level up, your monsters can change their appearance and gain new abilities.

As always in this type of game, we will be able to face our monsters against players from all over the online world. In these matches, you can try to climb the international leaderboard.

Monster Legends is a social game with a fun aesthetic and premise reminiscent of Pokemon. There is no doubt that it will find its way into the pockets of many young players around the world.

Monster Legends APK

Features of Monster Legends Apk

Build your monster city

Start with a selection of islands in Monster City and explore the weather. Build a farm and release monsters from it. Get hatchery eggs and breed them. Raising a monster requires increasing food for its reproduction. So more demons were born. Get them to fight to defend the farm and repel enemy attacks.

Monsters with unique abilities

The game introduces new and different monsters. Everyone has their own unique abilities. The game has provided you with more than 900 monsters to enjoy like Maler, Lumuna, Pandaken, Our the Brave, Metlisha, and many more. By training and raising them, they can fight. In the game, you can see new monsters every week. In addition to all the limited events at this time, you can also find many unique and remarkable monsters.

RPG development and strategy.

To win the battle in the game, monsters must have power so that they can protect their farm. You also need to level up monsters at each battle level so that you can defeat any monster. Also, empower your monster to benefit greatly from runes, relics, beasts, and talents. Combine tanks and monsters in battle to create better strategies to win battles better.

Multiple battles in real-time

This game presents you with some of the best multiplayer features. Here you can challenge and defeat professional monster players online. Take part in live dual challenges and defeat monstrous opponents. Try to reach the top of the league and win trophies and gems. Also, fight and reach the climax of the Era Saga dungeon story.

Join a team

In sports, you cannot win every match by yourself. You have to choose a team that will help you a lot and you can save yourself and enjoy the battle and marathon by participating in exciting events. Chat with your teammates to plan any match.

Monster Legends APK

Gameplay of Monster Legends Apk

Monster Legends Apk is the most exciting and exciting game in the world. You will be given various powerful and awesome monsters. Build a residence on the island. Buy and breed monsters. Food is necessary for reproduction. Grow food so that there is no shortage of food and you can improve your monsters.

The game consists of various objectives that need to be completed. There are various rewards for completing these objectives, including gems, gold, and lots of food. In addition, there is also a long list of monsters, one of which is to select your race and army eggs. It lays its eggs in the field and then turns into a monster. Likewise, by growing and growing food, you can make your farm impressive and powerful.

Protect the farm by fortifying and preparing the most powerful monsters for battle. Choose the strongest monster in the battle and achieve victory by winning the battle in Monster Legends Apk on different islands.

Collect and breed different monsters:

  • There are over 700 different monsters to collect. Also, more creatures are constantly being added to keep the game fresh and relevant. Each monster has an element and rarity to determine how good it is. Aiming for the best is a myth.
  • You can create different combinations of items and rarities to get interesting results.
  • Follow the limited-time events to get special and unique creatures than others.

A fun and strategic game:

  • Most monsters in the Monster Legends can be tamed into more powerful versions of themselves. Level up and prepare your collection for future battles.
  • You can give runes and relics to strengthen your various units. Organize a complete composition of teammates.
  • Therefore, team building plays a very important role in war. Create a unique team with a balance of attackers, healers, and tanks.

Online Multiplayer:

  • Check out the Live Duels mode to use different monster teams that you don’t already have. Here you can try and develop many different strategies for future teams.
  • Plus, you can engage in full PvP against players from everywhere. Every season rewards the best players. So, work hard to earn your spot and win big!
  • Join a group of other players. Develop strategies together in team chat. Also, you can join Team Wars to compete with others and even buy special monsters in the Team Shop.
  • You can rest even from heavy and heavy battles. Just play friendly matches with your friends using the live-friendly battle mode.

Create habitats for monsters:

  • Create a special house for all your monsters to evolve. These areas will become your sanctuaries, which you will need to fill with many different resources.
  • Along those lines, there are also some key areas that you will need from your monster paradise. These different locations will help increase the power and utility of your monsters in battle.

Monster Legends APK


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Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 197 MB

Current Version: v16.0.3

Package Name: es.socialpoint.MonsterLegends

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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