Micro Survivor APK

Micro Survivor APK

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Rating: 4.5+  Downloads: 20, 960+ Size: 61.3 MB Updated: September 15, 2023.

Micro Survivor Apk Mobile adventure on Android. According to the plot, scientists conducted an experiment that reduced the main characters. As a result, they end up in a certain area with grass where they have to hide from spiders and fly over dandelions.

Despite being an early release, the game feels more adventurous than a mobile survival simulator. This means that the interface is clean with buttons and other indicators, and the player independently controls the character, he pumps and enjoys the video installation,

it’s a pity that there is no sound. Micro Survivor doesn’t have an open world, at least not initially; Instead, the player simply goes on a mission and is accompanied by a light trail icon.

Micro Survivor APK

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About Micro Survivor Apk

Micro Survivor Apk is an Android game that offers the best horror games for gamers. Here you have to defend yourself against cute and deadly animatronics. If you neglect your looks, you won’t make it happen overnight.

As you know, several versions of a horror game called Micro Survivor App are already available on the internet. However, the most common issue is that players cannot move characters in this build. So we are all on the latest version of the horror game.

A strategy game for Android in which you have to explore the amazing and wonderful world of microorganisms. In the game, you can enjoy beautiful music and amazing gameplay. The desire to be in control gives you the ability to see many strategic moves.

It game gives players the ability to control their own character, allowing them to roam the mall and create their own identity. The basic story of the free app follows the same pattern of animatronics setting up as security guards in a company. The rear guard was killed and the police found nothing.

That is why stories about different types of murders come to light. It will continue and try, which may be difficult for some users. Discover all the horrors of United in the latest release.

Scary Night of Micro Survivor App Challenge reminds you to buy extra items to survive the night. Your protection starts at midnight and lasts until the 6th, so you’ll need to be active for six hours to survive and win the challenge.

Micro Survivor APK

Features of Micro Survivor Apk

Encounter sky-sized blades of grass, fearsome spiders and other creatures, and raindrops like cannonballs, and embark with your friends on a journey of survival from an unknown microbe.

To sit at home.

A blade of grass, a pot, or something else can be part of your shelter. Unleash your creative side and build a unique and safe base camp in this miniature world. In addition, you can independently collect decorating materials for your home and plant mushrooms for the festive kitchen. What’s the point of being alive if you’re not alive?

Train insects in battle.

Most animals you encounter think you’re at the bottom of the food chain, and spiders and lizards consider you a delicacy. But you can control insects like ants, craft weapons and armor, and fight evil creatures with your friends. Never give up! A new adventure has begun, your survival in this microscopic world depends on your actions!

Build a safe house in the world of monsters.

Similar to Minecraft, MicroCraft 2018: Survival Free places the player in a vast open world to explore and exploit. During the day you can examine the land for useful items, e.g. B. a house for your character. It would be a good idea to get weapons to fight your enemies in the dark or build a strong house so that you can stay safe.

Minecraft’s close cousin.

Players familiar with Minecraft won’t find anything new or surprising in MicroCraft 2018 Survival Free, and for that reason, those who already own Minecraft will want to miss out on this title. However, for players who are new to the world of sandbox crafting games, this will be a good introduction to the genre of the free game.

Micro Survivor APK

Nice survival game for Android

The game offers various activities for players including hunting, fishing, farming, and caving. In addition, it is possible to build a variety of structures, from simple tents to large fortresses, to protect the character from the dangers of the island.

Another interesting feature of Micro Survivor Apk is the ability to trade with other players through the in-game currency-based economy system, which allows players to buy or sell goods and resources with other players, which is very useful for surviving in adverse situations to be useful. environmental world,

In short, It is a fun and challenging survival game for Android that offers a variety of activities and opportunities for players. If you love survival games and are looking for a new challenge for your Android device, It is worth trying.

Micro Survivor APK

Study of microorganisms:

It’s an odd but familiar nuance you’ll encounter as you wade through puddles like puddles, flakes of grass like sky, and raindrops like cannonballs.  Build your shelter out of blades of grass, tin cans, or whatever you can find.

Use your creativity to build a unique and safe base camp in this miniature world. In addition, you can collect materials to create interior decorations and grow mushrooms to hold festivals for free. After all, life without existence is meaningless.

Most of the animals you encounter see them in the eyes of spiders and lizards as a delicacy. With the help of your friends, you can control insects like ants, craft weapons and armor, and fight evil creatures. Persistence is the key! This subtle is waiting for your actions. Whether you live or not depends on what you do!

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Micro Survivor Apk latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

Current Version: v1.0.4

Package Name: com.game.lproject

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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