Internet Guard Mod APK

Internet Guard Mod APK

By: SheikhSoft

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Internet Guard Mod APK is an Android application developed and offered for Android users. Internet Guard Mod APK provides simple and advanced ways to block Internet block access – no root required. Applications and addresses may individually approve or deny access to your WLAN and/or your mobile connection. There is no other no-route firewall that provides all these features.

This application only sets the local VPN interface to block network traffic of applications without root. As such, you can trust that it will not connect to a remote server to steal your private information.

Internet Guard APK

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What is Internet Guard Mod APK?

Some instant messaging apps (such as Skype) may use Google Play services to receive incoming messages when the app is not networked. As a result, you may need to block Google Play services to block IM applications from receiving messages.

The battery optimization function of the Android operating system can automatically disconnect the VPN app in sleep mode to save the battery. As such, you may need to whitelist the Net Blocker app for battery optimization to work.

Highlights of Internet Guard Mod APK

  1. It identifies and notifies the user of new applications accessing the web
  2. You can set authorization/block per application
  3. Running multiple applications in the background can be disabled
  4. See what data is used
  5. Dark and light themes for content design
  6. Detect and filter access attempts; Export PCAP files to analyze traffic
  7. Allow or block specific addresses per application
  8. Internet Guard mod app can be configured directly from the notification messages in the new application notification
  9. The notification bar in the status bar displays a graph of network speed
  10. The selection of themes includes light and dark versions of the other five themes
  11. Neither you nor your parents will listen to you
  12. Analytics or tracking not available
  13. Actively supported and developed
  14. Requires Android 5.1 or higher
  15. IPv4 and IPv6 have support for TCP / UDP
  16. Support for tethering
  17. Different tools can be used
  18. You can allow this option while the screen is on
  19. Block roaming
  20. One option is to block system applications
  21. Starts automatically when the device is turned on
  22. Installed apps are automatically validated on your mobile device

There is no such thing as reality. The VPN package is used by the Internet Guard mod app to create a firewall. Whenever data packets pass through the VPN, all outgoing and incoming traffic is attributed to the Internet Guard mod app.

Internet Guard APK

Features of Internet Guard Mod APK

  • Data usage can be reduced
  • The battery can be saved
  • Privacy can be enhanced
  • Apps that keep you in check
  • Just access and block application connectivity
  • You can block background application activity
  • Internet access applications will notify you

Requires Android -4.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

Current Version: v2.27

Price – Free

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