Hyenas Game APK

Hyenas Game APK

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Rating: 4.7+  Downloads: 766+ Size: 10 MB Updated: September 08, 2023.

Hyenas Game Apk is an exciting adventure game where you explore the jungle as a hyena. Experience the thrill of the hunt, the thrill of the chase, and the satisfaction of a successful kill. This realistic simulation game is perfect for animal lovers and fans of open-world adventure games.

As a Hyenas, you must find food, avoid predators, and protect your herd. Explore the vast open world and experience many different environments, from savannahs to deserts, grasslands, and forests. Each environment is full of challenges and opportunities, so be ready for anything!

In the app, you have complete control over the hyena’s movements. Use its powerful jaws and sharp claws to hunt and protect itself from predators. You will also have the opportunity to interact with other hyenas and create a pack to help you on your adventure. With realistic graphics and intuitive controls, the Hyenas Game Apk is a must for animal lovers and adventure seekers.

Hyenas Game APK

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About Hyenas Game Apk

Hyenas Game Apk is an exciting and unique cyberpunk action game that takes players to a mysterious future where technology and society face terrifying challenges.  The game will take players to a cyberpunk world full of tall buildings, neon lights, and advanced technology. Diverse and detailed landscapes, from busy streets to modern slums, create a colorful and complex world.

Hyenas Game Apk is multiplayer, allowing you to compete and cooperate with friends and other players around the world. Experience dramatic online encounters and interactions with other players, where intelligence and strategy require skill and coordination.

The game reflects the social situation of the future, especially the issue of social inequality and the conflict between the rich and the poor. An intriguing story with elements of philosophy and science fiction awaits players to explore.

This is a unique and challenging game that takes players to a futuristic world surrounded by social inequality and advanced technology. Get ready for a cyberpunk adventure like you’ve never experienced before and join the fight against inequality in the future!

Hyenas Game APK

Features of Hyenas Game Apk

Here is the detailed list of key features of Hyenas Game Apk:

  • Unique Cyberpunk World: Immerse players in a modern cyberpunk world with diverse landscapes including tall buildings, neon-filled streets, and unique urban areas.
  • Online Play Mode: Hyena allows players to engage in online battles with other players, including one-on-one and co-op modes. Skirmishes with other players require tactical skills and shooting skills, while cooperative mode requires coordination and teamwork to complete missions.
  • Deep Art Plot: The game is set in a future where technology and social inequality are on the rise. Players will participate in the war between the rich and the poor and explore the philosophical and scientific aspects of the future.
  • Daring Heist Adventure: To increase their status and gain wealth, players pillage Mars and loot valuable artifacts. The “loot” of the Mars spacecraft is a place where you can do bold and strategic experimental projects.
  • Varied Character Selection: Hyenas Game Review APK offers players a variety of characters to choose from. Each character has their own special abilities, with unique personalities and abilities that add variety to the game.
  • Perfect 3D Graphics: The game uses beautiful 3D graphics to recreate the colorful cyberpunk world very well.
  • Weapon System and Defense Equipment: Players have the option to use a variety of weapons and defense equipment, such as machine guns, hypersonic guns, laser shields, and more, to deal with environments full of threats and powerful enemies.
  • Multiple Missions and Challenges: The game offers players a variety of missions and challenges ranging from action-packed adventures to secret missions and more.
  • Character Development and Progression: Players can customize and improve their character by collecting and upgrading equipment, skills, and special abilities.
  • Multi-Language Support:  Hyenas Game Apk supports multiple languages, allowing players from all over the world to participate in this cyberpunk adventure.

Hyenas Game APK


  • Adventurer: You start your adventure in a cyberpunk world and your mission is to engage in activities like robbery, protecting important facilities or raids, and special service missions.
  • Character Selection: Before each mission or game, you can select the character you want to use. Each character has their own preferences, skills, and equipment.
  • Using Weapons and Abilities: During battle or missions, use your character’s weapons and abilities to destroy enemies, complete objectives, or defend yourself.
  • Collect Money and Experience: You can collect money and experience by winning missions and tournaments. You can use the money to buy new equipment and upgrade your character.
  • Cooperation and Conflict: Depending on the game mode you choose, you can cooperate with teammates or compete against other players to complete mission objectives or fight in dramatic battles.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Hyenas Game Apk is the latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 10 MB

Current Version: v1.0

Package Name:

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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