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Guzheng Master Apk is the best music App for fans of Chinese plucked zither instruments. It is an innovative device that allows users to enjoy the brilliance of traditional Chinese musical instruments on their mobile devices.

This advanced app features the complete 21-string guzheng with different playing techniques for each hand, left and right. With the App, customers are easily distracted; And quickly play riffs, tablature, and chords without holding any physical instrument.

The app also features a tutorial mode for continuous learning, video game tracking for practice, and the ability to simultaneously record audio. Additionally, Guzheng Master Apk offers the ability to play over 650,000 songs from the songbook, making it an essential tool for both beginners and expert players.

It supports multi-touch, drag, and swipe gestures and has a flexible Guzheng view that allows easy panning and zooming with drag and pinch gestures. With its progressive and exciting features and easy-to-use interface, Guzheng Master Apk is a must-have app for anyone exploring the realm of traditional Chinese music.

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About Guzheng Master Apk

Guzheng Master Apk is a revolutionary Application for all those who love to learn and play music and want to play a traditional Chinese musical instrument called Guzheng.

This innovative application has changed the situation in the field of virtual musical instruments. It has a realistic and immersive digital guzheng-playing experience, making it the perfect app for both expert guzheng players and beginners.

One of the outstanding features of Guzheng Master Apk is its ability to provide a complete 21-string Guzheng simulation, including techniques for all right-handed and left-handed players.

Users can learn and practice unique playing techniques such as plucking, tremolo, harmonics, pitch slide, small vibrato, large vibrato, and tap pitch, making it a very flexible and useful tool for aspiring performance players. Guzheng.

In addition, the app has several game modes and training modes, designed to help players exercise and improve their skills in a friendly and easy way. With the app’s Track Game, customers can dare to play over 650,000 songs from the Track songbook, while Practice Mode provides easy and intuitive controls to discover how to play the device.

It has a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface with multi-touch and swipe support, allowing users to navigate and operate the device without any hassle. Users can also submit their audio while playing, so they can share their performance with friends or review it to improve their performance skills.

In conclusion, Guzheng Master Apk is one of the best virtual music apps that takes traditional music playback to the next level. With its innovative features, immersive gameplay, and intuitive interface, it is a must for anyone who wants to learn and master the art of playing Guzheng.

Guzheng Master APK

What is Guzheng Master Apk?

Guzheng Master Apk is the best virtual Guzheng tutor for mobile phones and tablets. Every week we add new tabs to the app with tons of songs and easy lessons! Now it’s time to play!

This App is a Chinese who lived around 500 BC. Lived before this story. Guzheng Master Apk instrument has a rich history as a musical instrument. With the right hand, the artist breaks the thread with the nails, while the left hand pushes the thread to create floats, slides, and other decorations.

This Application, a stringed instrument, also known as Guzheng Master Apk, is an ancient national instrument of the Han people. Iguana Love Gujang can really help you solve this problem. This software is specially designed for Guzheng and includes various methods and fit tests.

Unlike regular software, you can organize channels for individual songs. , you can use different ear training tuning methods to improve each person’s pronunciation and recording accuracy, so that everyone can fully learn guzheng.

Guzheng Master Apk or advanced tutorial, users can choose the relevant tutorials to learn according to their needs. Also, the app has unique learning features that are not available on other platforms, which help in gaining knowledge never learned before.

Guzheng Master APK

Features of Guzheng Master Apk

  • Guzheng Master 21-string full string.
  • Right-handed playing techniques include strumming, sliding, tremolo/auto tremolo, and harmonics.
  • Playing techniques for lefties include pitch slide, short pitch, high pitch, and pitch strike (dian yin).
  • Easy learning style with lessons.
  • Play with the music of Guzheng Master.
  • Be able to record sound during playback.
  • Play with over 650,000 songs from the songbook.
  • The fretting technique is played automatically as the finger moves horizontally across the string.
  • Support for scrolling and multitouch of Guzheng Master.
  • Guzheng Master view is customizable using drag and pinch motion on the height slider and is easy to scroll and zoom.
  • To create a dian yin sound effect, press the pitch slider after plucking the strings.

Guzheng Master APK

Gameplay of Guzheng Master Apk

The software called Guzheng Master Apk allows users to learn and play Guzheng, a classical Chinese instrument. The software provides a range of tools and resources, such as lessons, tutorials, and virtual tools, to help users improve their guzheng skills.

Tutorials and lessons.

The app includes a series of lessons and exercises on the fundamentals of guzheng playing, such as hand position, finger skills, and music theory. These tools are designed to help users of all levels improve their gaming skills.

Virtual devices.

Users can practice playing guzheng on their mobile devices thanks to the app’s virtual instrument. To make the game experience more realistic, virtual devices have various configurable parameters, including mood and sound effects.

Music compilation.

For users to learn and practice guzheng, the app also has a library of traditional Chinese music songs. The music library’s variety and difficulty levels allow users to choose tracks that match their music preferences and skill levels.

Share and save.

People can record their guzheng performance and post it on social media through the app for others to see. Users can show their gaming skills using this tool and other users can give feedback.

Monitor progress.

App users can track their progress and see changes over time thanks to the feature included in the app. To help users achieve their musical goals, the app provides feedback and support.

Guzheng Master APK


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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Guzheng Master Apk latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

Current Version: v5.1

Package Name: com.sensornotes.guzhengmaste

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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