Gene Brawl APK

Gene Brawl APK

By: Supercell


Rating: 4.7+  Downloads: 748+ Size: 245 MB Updated: April 04, 2024.

Gene Brawl APK is a private server for nostalgia fans. It is based on the old 27th edition of Brawl Stars that was released two years ago. The server is running an older version of the game, so it has all the fighters and skins available at that time. old loading screens and battle templates; Legacy maps and external game modes such as interceptions and steals.

Starting a battle and finding gems in the game is very easy because the server has a big box of free bonuses. In the original game, one of these boxes was awarded at the end of the first season of the Gene Brawl. On private servers, you can open chests with season finale and victory tokens. One registration is opened for every 500 tokens.

Additionally, the Gene Brawl APK server also has the option to join a club. All new players are automatically added to the server’s official club, where administrators can talk about new things and players can share their experiences.

Gene Brawl APK

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What is the Gene Brawl APK?

Gene Brawl APK is a private server for Brawl Stars fans to enjoy. The original game was loved by many users and its popularity continues to grow. However, during the program’s existence, the game has changed a lot. Developers added new characters,

Great graphics and unique design. Not all participants want listed updates. Many prefer to go back to the old version. Now they have this opportunity. The build of Gene Brawl for Android is based on the old patch 27269 released 2 years ago. Some heroes and their abilities are missing, and the visual design of the levels is very different from the modern version.

The scene takes participants back in time and brings back happy memories. This is not an official client of the original project, so don’t expect regular updates. The new version also has other limitations. For example, users can only play against bots, they don’t have internet mode.

This program is a great option for those who are bored with the currently popular version of the Gene Brawl APK game. It unlocks more features and gives users a 2-year term limit. Players can meet famous characters, visit familiar locations, and complete ancient quests.

Features of Gene Brawl APK

  • Unique Characters:  Gene Brawl features multiple characters with unique genes, each character having their own abilities and traits.
  • Online Multiplayer Battle Arena: Players can compete in online multiplayer tournaments to test their skills against other players from around the world.
  • Various Game Modes: Gene Brawl offers players a variety of game modes from arena mode, and single-player co-op to add more fun and variety to the game.
  • Level and Reward System:  Gene Brawl has a level and reward system that allows players to complete missions and win matches.
  • High-quality graphics and sound: Gene Brawl offers sharp graphics, bright colors, and bright sound, providing a fun gaming experience.
  • Team System and Series Events:  Gene Brawl features a team system and series of events that players can participate in, adding realism and connection to the game’s community.
  • Diverse Genetic Card System: Players can collect and upgrade over 100 different genetic cards, each representing a unique trait or ability, giving players the ability to match them to their strategy.
  • PvP Arena: The game features a player-to-player arena mode that allows players to showcase their skills and compete with other players around the world.
  • Regular Events: The game updates regular events that support players such as special game modes, daily missions, and weekend events to help players earn more rewards.
  • Graphics and Sound: Gene Brawl has amazing graphics that create a colorful and dynamic game space. The sounds of the game are very clear and varied, helping to increase the sense of mystery and drama during the game.

Mod features of Gene Brawl APK

  • Want to use an older version of Gene Brawl? He is there!
  • All fighters and skins from the 27th game series;
  • The game mode was played for the first time;
  • All maps are old Gene Brawl.
  • Adapt old games.
  • Diet is a gift from hot spots, obstacles, and escapes.
  • Unlimited coins, resources, and cards.
  • Jobs and rewards are available from the first season.
  • Bonus boxes are for sale.
  • Gene Brawl Old Skin.
  • High-quality Russian translation.
  • Low computer requirements.
  • Can be played even without an internet connection.
  • Easy installation Gene Brawl.

Gene Brawl APK

Customize the design and user experience in Gene Brawl APK

Gene Brawl APK shines with its intuitive interface and sleek design, ensuring that players of all levels will enjoy an intuitive and accessible user experience.

Easy navigation allows users to easily explore extensive customization options, game modes and events without any hassle. The attention to detail in 3D graphics not only makes the game look better but also increases player immersion and engagement.

Additionally, detailed tutorials and quick system responses ensure that even beginners can take action right away. The combination of these elements makes Gene Brawl APK a perfect example of how careful design improves the gaming experience.


Gene Brawl APK for Android is a unique offering in the mobile gaming landscape, offering the perfect combination of action, strategy, and genetics.

With its deep customization system, stunning graphics, and active community, the game promises hours of entertainment and challenges. Whether you’re interested in biotechnology, online battles, or just looking for an exciting new game, Gene Brawl APK is a must-download.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Gene Brawl APK is the latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 245 MB

Current Version: v54.234

Package Name: com.gene-brawl

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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