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Frog id APP download is Australia’s first national initiative to identify the science of frog citizens – a project led by Australia’s leading natural museums and the Australian Museum in partnership with IBM.

Use the app to create profiles, record frog calls, and match your calls to frog calls on the app. Then upload your records to experts at the Australian Frog Museum for species verification.

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What is Frog id APP download?

With your help, we can put more species of frogs on the map and track their species and habitat changes, thus monitoring the health of our waterways.

FrogID is AM’s flagship civic science project that improves our understanding of the unique frog species for Australia. Please donate to FrogID for the necessary frog research and conservation.

The Department of Herpetology at the Australian Museum is working closely with the Australian Wildlife Health Registry and the Government Biosecurity and Environmental Organization in Australia to understand, investigate, and investigate the possible causes of frog deaths across Australia.

Frog id APP download

Highlights of Frog id APP download

FrogID is Australia’s first national initiative to recognize the civic science frog – a project led by the Australian Museum in partnership with one of Australia’s leading natural history museums, IBM, and Inspirational Australia.

FrogID uses a mobile application to help identify frog species by their calls and geographic location to map the distribution of frog species. Each species of frog has its call. Using the FrogID app to record frog calls can help you identify frogs and their habitat.

How to help Australian frogs?

Recording frog calls with the FrogID app will help you find out which frogs live in your area, which contributes to the survival of frogs in Australia!

Frogs are a sign of a healthy environment, but the number of frogs around Australia is declining and many are endangered. By counting the frogs in Australia, you can learn more about where they are found and how they do it.

There is no way scientists in Australia can measure frogs on their own. The country is just huge and (fortunately) there are a lot of frogs. You come here With FrogID, citizen scientists can help keep Australian frogs on the map.

Frog id APP download

Why frogs are important?

There are more than 240 known species of frogs in Australia, almost all of which are not found anywhere else in the world. Some species grow, such as the leased marsh frog. But there has been a significant decline in others since 1980, with four disappearing.

FrogID is a national civic science project that helps scientists learn more about what is happening to Australian frogs. People across the country are recording frog calls with nothing but smartphones.

The data obtained by FrogID is used to track toads and identify where frogs grow and where they are not. This data helps to link frogs to the climate and habitat, helping to assess how different species of frogs respond to changing environments.

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