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FloodWatch APK



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FloodWatch Apk is popular these days and users love this app so we bring it to you. Floods can have a devastating impact on communities, causing significant damage to infrastructure, homes and deaths.

To reduce this risk, it is important to have an effective flood warning and monitoring system. This paper provides an overview of Floodwatch, an innovative solution designed to monitor and predict floods to help communities better prepare and respond in times of crisis.

The main objective of Floods is real-time monitoring and early warning of potential floods. By analyzing various data sources such as weather patterns, river levels, and rainfall forecasts, FloodWatch App can identify areas at risk of flooding and alert authorities and residents immediately.

This early warning system enables proactive measures such as evacuation and deployment of emergency resources to minimize the impact of flooding on affected areas.

FloodWatch APK

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What is FloodWatch Apk?

FloodWatch Apk gives you all current water levels and forecasts in one app. When the water level reaches a critical level, it reliably warns of an emergency.

The Measurements application enables you to define water level limits that differ from the official limit values for the corresponding water bodies in Europe and America.

Rainfall and water level alerts from over 30,000 measurement points

A large number of measurement points gives you a complete picture of flood conditions. It also directly affects the quality of future water level forecasts. This allows early warning of high water levels, overflowing rivers, and major floods. This way, you will receive emergency alerts and disaster protection with our emergency and water level alert apps.

Notifications when water levels exceed individual warning thresholds

You can easily set one or more alert threshold values for each measurement station in our Emergency Alerts app. By setting alert thresholds for river and flood levels, an alert signal will be sent to your device whenever the level drops above or below the threshold level you set. It allows you to act quickly in emergency situations like rain and flood.

Alerts with the tone, vibration, exit screen, and flashing LED light

You can configure alerts individually. Choose warning signs that can warn you of impending floods and emergencies. Water gauges and emergency utility alerts can help you prepare for a rain or storm disaster. For less important early warnings that do not require immediate attention, the alarm can also be disabled.

Rain Radar

The map in our FloodWatch app has a built-in rain radar that allows you to better assess the current weather conditions. Color-coded areas indicate the location of thunderstorms and showers. The color classification ranges from “light storm” to “strong storm” with yellow, orange, red, and purple.

Action List and Flood Log

It is important to act quickly and correctly, especially in the event of a flood and an immediate emergency. Our action table is the official recommended step-by-step guide Our emergency and river level alert app is the perfect tool to not only warn but to take action.

FloodWatch APK

Features of FloodWatch Apk

Data integration: Floodwatch collects and integrates data from multiple sources, including weather stations, river gauges, and satellite imagery. This comprehensive data integration enables accurate flood monitoring and forecasting.

Advanced Analytics: FloodWatch uses advanced analytics algorithms to process, gather data and generate meaningful depth. By analyzing historical flood patterns, water levels, and rainfall data, the system can predict the likelihood and severity of future flood events.

Real-time Alert: Floodwatch sends real-time alerts to relevant parties including emergency management agencies, local authorities, and residents. These alerts are tailored to the specific location and severity of flood risk, ensuring rapid and targeted response actions.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Integration: FloodWatch integrates with GIS platforms, allowing users to view flood hazard maps, evacuation routes, and other critical information. This integration will improve situational awareness and facilitate decision-making during flood emergencies.

Early Warning and Preparedness: Provides valuable time for communities to prepare and implement measures to reduce flood risk.

Improved decision-making: By providing accurate and up-to-date information, Floodwatch supports emergency management organizations’ decision-making processes, helping them efficiently allocate resources and coordinate response efforts.

Loss and Damage Reduction: Early warning and precautionary measures through flood monitoring can significantly reduce property damage, economic loss, and loss of life during floods.

Enhanced Community Resilience: Flood monitoring helps make communities more resilient to floods by promoting awareness, preparedness, and coordinated response.

FloodWatch APK

Mod Features of FloodWatch Apk

For added protection, we’ve integrated powerful features to help you during a flood:

  • Forecast of water level and tide indicators at selected stations.
  • Receive alert messages in the form of text messages and emails to yourself or your colleagues in the emergency services. Another advantage of text messaging is that you will receive alerts even when there is no internet connection at the moment.
  • You can set unlimited warning thresholds for water and river levels at all available measuring stations.
  • Customize your personal water level alarm tones in our emergency alert app.
  • View historical river water levels and water level indicators.
  • Download the water level history as a CSV file.

FloodWatch App HydroSOS provides flood protection for citizens, firefighters, businesses, and water sports enthusiasts based on freely available data!

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about FloodWatch Apk is the latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 14 MB

Current Version: v1.0

Package Name: com.floodwatch

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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