Fitia Premium APK

Fitia Premium APK

By: Nutrition Technologies


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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has tremendous benefits for your overall health and fitness. The main thing you should remember is a personalized nutrition plan as well as fitness exercises.

This is where Nutrition Technologies’ Fitia Premium APK comes in handy to provide you with nutrition plans and healthy tips on how to stay healthy. With this amazing app, you will know what diet to follow to lose fat, lose or gain weight, or increase your muscles.

Undoubtedly, Fitia Premium APK takes care of various aspects of your health. For example, the app calculates calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat based on the user’s personal information and their specific goals.

With this, the algorithm automatically selects the best food option for you! The app has an easy-to-use database that provides nutritional information on millions of different foods. You’ll even have a clear grocery shopping list!

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About Fitia Premium APK

With Fitia Premium APK, you can do a whole range of things to make sure your diet stays the best it can be. This is an ideal application for people who want to eat healthy to take care of their body.

It including people who want to lose weight to look better and people who start a new sport, and need to combine nutrition is so that their performance in the game is maintained. Well.. the best. As efficient as possible.

It is not easy to have complete control over the calories we eat and the nutrients we need, that is why this application has a lot of information about the calories of each food and calculates exactly what you eat, there are many tools for control. You can also use this app to determine the duration of your fast, whether it is for health or religious reasons.

Fitia Premium APK Features

  • The Perfect App to Monitor Your Diet: If you want an app in Spanish that allows you to program your diet with incredible precision, this app is perfect for you. This is an App with many functions to accurately calculate the food you will use in your recipes.
  • Measuring calories and nutrients: To identify ideal foods in your diet, this app includes calorie and nutrient measurement tools to help you determine what you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, and stay fit.
  • Thousands of meals and recipes: Based on the recipes you have and the recipes suggested by the app, you can create exquisite recipes thanks to the thousands of recipes registered in this app. Just enter the ingredients and calories you have in mind and the app will suggest meals and desserts you can prepare.
  • Diet plans and shopping lists: With the calendar in this app, you can plan your long-term diet, track your weight, and even create your shopping list to ensure you have all the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy.

Fitia Premium APK

Highlights of Fitia Premium APK:

The best App to help you track what you eat.

If you want an app in Spanish that allows you to plan your diet effectively, this app is perfect for you. This App has several ways to know how much you should eat in one meal.

Counting calories and nutrients.

Fitia Premium APK has calorie and nutrient tracking tools to help you know what to eat to live a healthy life, lose weight, and stay fit. What should you eat regularly?

There are thousands of foods and meals.

With thousands of recipes in this App, you can make delicious meals using the foods you already have and the foods suggested by the app. Just tell the app what ingredients you want to use and how many calories you want to eat, and it will suggest recipes and desserts for you to prepare.

Meal and shopping plans can be set up on the computer.

With this App’s calendar, you’ll be able to plan your diet long-term, track your weight, and even create a shopping list to make sure your body gets what it needs to stay healthy. All essential nutrients are available.

Fitia Premium APK

The ultimate health and fitness App

If you are looking for a great way to track diet and exercise, this is the app to download on your smartphone. Fitia Premium APK has a simple and elegant design that brings out the best in this food and fitness diary app.

Record your physical activities, meals and other health information using the app’s customizable note-style entry feature. So you never miss your workout meal, you can receive push notifications to keep you on track.

The app has multiple viewing options that give you different views of your health and nutrition patterns as well as new updates that allow you to export your monthly plans in PDF format.

This way, it is easy to share or even print a hard copy. Download the Fitia Premium APK now and enjoy the easiest way to track your health and fitness progress!

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Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 89.13 MB

Current Version: v17.2.29

Package Name: com.fitia-premium

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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