Erythros APK

Erythros APK

By: keyneed games


Rating: 4.7+  Downloads: 2185+ Size: 75 MB Updated: April 01, 2024,

Erythros APK is a mobile adventure game that stands between reality and fantasy. The game is set on a remote island filled with mystery, danger, and the constant threat of the undead.

This is no ordinary zombie survival game, Erythros APK is a carefully crafted psychological thriller that explores the depths of human fear and resistance, requiring careful planning and unwavering courage.

Erythros APK

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What is Erythros APK?

Embark on a thrilling journey with Erythros APK, a mobile game that combines the fun of solving puzzles with an apocalyptic world full of zombies. Simply put, It is a unique game for Android devices that follows the amazing journey of a little snail by solving various logic puzzles.

This indie game by keyneed games is based on the popular game Unturned. It takes the basic idea and makes it mobile-friendly. Erythros places players in a world full of zombies where they must stay alive to win. Your task is to guide the snail through different environments, overcoming obstacles and completing tasks at each level.

Erythros APK is easy to access so Android users can play the game on their phones. It offers hours of entertainment for puzzle fans, featuring focused puzzles and a visually stunning post-apocalyptic setting.

Android Legacy is optimized for mobile devices.

The indie game Erythros, developed for Android devices, is based on the popular Unturned. With a zombie theme and sandbox genre, this game offers a vast open-world experience that combines survival and horror elements.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies, players must explore different environments, find resources, and fight hordes of the undead.

Attractive graphics and addictive gameplay.

Erythros’s stunning graphics bring to life a vivid and terrifying post-apocalyptic world that captivates players. Get fully immersed in the game that offers a challenging live experience.

Explore different areas, craft weapons, and equipment, build shelters, and interact with survivors in an ever-changing world.

A post-apocalyptic playground.

Plunge into the middle of a post-apocalyptic playground where your only weapon is survival.

Erythros requires players to venture into the unknown, make friends, and face the constant threat of zombies.

Every time you play, a new story begins and every choice you make affects your future.

Erythros APK

Features of  Erythros APK

  • A funny story:

Don’t worry about zombie apocalypse predictions. in the web of mystery and psychological horror in Erythros APK.

Find out what happened to the lost expedition, discover the dark secrets of the island, and face the inner demons of the main characters as the line between health and life becomes increasingly blurred.

  • Creating and managing resources:

Find items, craft weapons, and equipment, and be careful when using your resources. In Erythro’s hostile environment, every pill and patch is precious. As you try to survive against all odds, you have to make tough decisions like fight or flight, hide, or use.

  • Psychological fears that creep under the skin:

Fear and injury aren’t the only things that make Erythros fun. Using atmospheric sensations, subtle psychological tricks, and the constant threat of the unknown, the game manages to make you feel uncomfortable and paranoid.

Prepare to be spooked by strange sound effects, mysterious messages, and the feeling that something is always lurking in the shadows.

  • Outside of the main story:

The game doesn’t end once the main mystery of the island is solved. With tons of achievements, hidden objects, and bonus activities, you can spend hours playing Erythros. Explore every part of the island and complete more challenging missions to test your skills and discover all its hidden secrets.

Erythros APK


In Erythros APK, players live in an apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. They must navigate the difficult terrain, collect resources, and craft items to survive.

The game features a vast open world, giving players the freedom to choose their path and explore different areas. Survival is the key to non-recurring relapse.

Players must manage their health, hunger, and thirst, and ensure they have enough food and water to survive. Crafting is important because it allows players to craft weapons, armor, and survival items.

Top Tips and Tricks for Erythros APK

  • Be quiet, be safe: Making noise can cause zombies to cross your path. Move quietly, avoid using weapons if possible, and use things like rocks to make noise in other areas so zombies go there and can’t get to you.
  • Save your bullets: You won’t find bullets everywhere, so shoot only when necessary. Try to hit zombies with clubs or other weapons you can use in your hands to save bullets if necessary.
  • Be cooperative: play with friends or make new friends in the game. The more people work together, the more they can watch each other’s backs and as a group they can fight the zombies harder.
  • Learn to Craft: Crafting things like bandages, food, and safe places is very useful in the game. Collect everything you find, as it can be useful for vital survival later on.
  • Plan for bad weather: If a thunderstorm is approaching or it’s very cold, seek shelter immediately. Make a fire if you can to stay warm and take a break from the wilderness.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Erythros APK is the latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 75 MB

Current Version: v24.05.04

Package Name: com.keyneed.obsession

Rating – 4.7+

Price – Free


Erythros APK is an amazing game that attracts players with stunning graphics, exciting features, well-thought-out design, and an immersive user experience. It is a testament to the creativity and dedication of the developers that they have created a world where players can easily get lost.

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