Coromon Full Version APK

Coromon Full Version APK

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Rating: 4.7+  Downloads: 7889+ Size: 295 MB Updated: June 10, 2024.

Coromon Full Version APK is a role-playing game where you capture and train as many Coromon as you can to explore the world. Although this RPG is influenced by the classic Pokémon, it has its own personality beyond the usual homages. It is a great game with a unique story and beautiful visuals.

The beginning of Coromon Full Version is reminiscent of the Game Freak blockbuster: you play the role of a young trainer who trains creatures called Coromon in a vast world full of mysteries.

You’ll also need to choose your first Coromon, similar to how players choose their first partner in the Pokemon games. But the game has an interesting story that will pique your curiosity about its world, making it more than just a Pokemon remake.

Combat is a major part of Coromon Full Version APK, consisting of turn-based battles where proper use of class advantages is the key to victory. Of course, fans of the genre will immediately recognize the battle system.

Like any good Coromon trainer, you’ll need to use different creatures in battle depending on your opponent. Not only that, fighting is the main way to get more than 120 Coromon apps in the game.

With addictive gameplay and an engaging story, this quality is hard to stop playing. It’s a very entertaining RPG, with a great soundtrack and a charming pixelated style reminiscent of works like Pokemon, Earthbound, or the recent Undertale.

Coromon Full Version APK

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What is Coromon Full Version APK?

Coromon Full Version APK is a premium adventure title developed by TRAGsoft for PC. It is a monster-catching and collecting game with an emphasis on a turn-based combat system and open-world exploration. In it, players visit various locations to find and capture rare and mysterious creatures.

Like Monster Hunter Stories 2 or Tamtem, Coromon App is about capturing, training, and raising various creatures that can help players in their adventures and battles. This demo version gives players a preview of the monsters and world they can expect when the full game is released.

Coromon Full Version APK is described as a modern take on the classic genre of monster-taming games. In it, you take on the role of a combat researcher working for a research company called Lux Solis. One day, your workplace is attacked by a mysterious force and it’s up to you to uncover the truth behind the threat to the land of Wailua and the various creatures that inhabit it.

You must first build a team of over 100 different types, each with its characteristics, skills, and fundamental similarities. Engage in combat through strategic turn-based combat that uses a stamina-based system where each action has a fixed cost. This combination creates a high level of depth and complexity that you must take into account when making your decisions.

Once you’ve assembled your dream team, test your skills by challenging your friends and other players to duels in online multiplayer mode. As mentioned, this is just a demo version that gives a taste of what the full game has to offer.

Coromon Full Version APK

Features of Coromon Full Version APK:

  • A Battle Dome mode where trainers can pit their Coromon against waves of enemies.
  • Additional story arcs that expand Velua’s story provide more hours of exploration and discovery.
  • Daily challenges with exciting rewards to keep trainers coming back for more.
  • Advanced multiplayer integration for seamless online matches and exchanges.
  • We introduce new exotic species to improve, catch and train Coromon Rooster.
  • Optimized for better performance on a wide range of Android devices.
  • Each update is designed to enrich the world of Coromon, ensuring that newcomers and veterans alike have something exciting to look forward to.


  • Choose your team wisely: It is important to choose Coromon Full Version APK. Each has its strengths and weaknesses that are important in turn-based conflicts. Understand key commonalities and build your team to compensate for potential weaknesses.
  • Explore the world: Wailua is huge and full of secrets. From sunny deserts to tundra, off the beaten path you can find rare Coromon, powerful items, and hidden quests.
  • Customize your trainer: Customization is key. Not only is it fun, some pieces of equipment also offer subtle improvements that can make a difference in close combat.
  • Use the built-in randomizer and nose lock mods: For those looking for a new take on gameplay, these mods redefine the Coromon experience. A randomizer ensures no two rides are the same, while Nuzlock tests your skills with lasting results.
  • Challenge your friends online: the trainer’s real skills are tested compared to others. Participate in online battles to perfect your strategy, explore different play styles, and reach the elite ranks of Coromon.
  • Train and develop your team: Careful training leads to the evolution of your Coromon by unlocking new and more powerful forms. Spend time understanding each creature’s development path to maximize its combat abilities.
  • Master the art of crafting: Gather materials and craft items that can turn the tide of battle. Potions, upgrades, and traps decide between victory and defeat.
  • Stay up to date with game updates: Coromon is constantly evolving. Stay on top of updates as each one can introduce new elements that can revolutionize your strategy.

Master the Battle in Coromon Full Version APK: Tips and Strategies:

Whether you’re facing fearsome enemies or savage creatures, mastering the art of war is essential to becoming a skilled war investigator.

Turn-based tactical battles: every move counts

Coromon Full Version APK’s battle system is a masterpiece of strategy and resource management. To excel in combat, you must understand the mechanics and make every move count:

  • Resource Management: In Coromon, every action consumes resources. Be aware of the energy of your being and use it wisely. Avoid spamming strong moves and focus on efficiency.
  • Skill Selection: Each Coromon has a unique set of skills. Consider the pros and cons of the types when choosing your moves. Sometimes a well-timed positioning effect can be more powerful than a powerful attack.
  • Status Effects: Don’t underestimate the power of status effects like paralysis, poison, and sleep. They can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Learn to use it strategically.

Coromon Full Version APK

Challenge your friends online: Show your skills

Coromon Full Version APK offers an exciting opportunity to challenge your friends in one-on-one battles. To display your score on the leaderboard and show off your skills, consider the following:

  • Continuous improvement: Regularly battle with your friends and fellow trainers to improve your skills. Review your profit and loss to identify areas for improvement.
  • Team Variation: Experiment with different Coromon teams and strategies when competing against friends. Surprise them with unexpected combinations to keep the match exciting.
  • Friendly Competition: Embrace the competitive spirit of Coromon battles. Learning from your friends and sharing their ideas can take your skills to new heights.

Coromon Full Version APK

What’s new?

  • Coromon’s latest update isn’t just a patch: This is a hotfix that brings the game to life with new content and improvements. Here’s what players can do with the latest version:
  • Exciting Gameplay: A new mission system ensures that even the most experienced trainers will find new challenges to test their skills.
  • Customization: Extensive options for Coromon Full Version APK character and appearance, giving players unprecedented control over their visual RPG experience.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Coromon Full Version APK is the latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 295 MB

Current Version: v1.3.1

Package Name: com.tragsoft.coromon

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free


As the story of Wailua unfolds in Coromon Full Version APK, adventurers and strategists discover a world of challenge and intrigue. Downloading Coromon Full Version APK is like entering a world where strategy, customization, and exploration come together, providing a modern tribute to the era of classic RPGs.

Whether it’s the thrill of assembling a competent team or the satisfaction of exploring the depths of its story, Coromon invites players to embark on an adventure reminiscent of the genre’s mainstays and full of innovations for the mobile platform. Accept this mission and start the adventure.

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